"We already defeated about thirty of these Hell Storm Moving Core, but we only got ten more pieces. The drop rates are horrible and tis dungeon is spacey to the point that one might get lost inside of it." Adrian stated as he felt frustration from only getting eleven pieces for a day.

Adrian has already used a day of wandering about inside the dungeon. He wanted to reach the second floor as this dungeon has a unique system that allows the player to transfer from floor to floor as long as they can find the entrance to the next floor. Adrian, who was waiting for information, finally saw Sirius come out of the shadows.

"Master, there are no stairs or any way down in this cavern." Sirius stated which shocked Adrian.

"If there is no way to the next floor then how are we supposed to advance?" Adrian muttered.

"I did not see any way down or stairs, but I did see a larger version of that shiny monster that Kimat likes. It was in a more spacious room and is roaming about along with ten other smaller beings like it." Sirius stated.

"Good job, Sirius. This dungeon might only show the way down when a monster is destroyed. The fact that the first floor already has a boss is alarming, but it is of no problem. Lead the way!" Adrian commanded as Sirius showed the way.

Along the way to the monster that Sirius has spotted, the group also killed twenty Hell Storm Moving Cores. It was a lot but not much of a problem, but Adrian did not like that he only got five pieces of the Storm Core. He still liked his chances as his luck seemed to have affected the drop rate or else it might have been abysmally low.

"That is the larger monster that I told you about, master." Sirius stated as they spotted an odd Hell Storm Moving Core because it was five cores being connected by electricity.

Monster Name: Hell Storm Moving Golem (Floor Boss)

Monster Type: Living Plasma

Monster Level: 305

HP: 100% / 100%

MP: 100% / 100%

Description: When Hell Storm Moving Cores gain a bit of sentience, it devours others like it to create a more solid form that can manipulate the energies in its body much better. It has a more physical body compared to its base form, but it also has a malleable body. It can easily mitigate the physical damage of any attack just by using its fluid like body.


[You have discovered the First Floor Boss of Hell Storm Paradise.]

[Defeat the floor boss, Hell Storm Moving Golem, in order to advance into the next floor of the dungeon.]

"As expected, I did not think that it would be this type of dungeon but that means that the difficulty just went up." Adrian stated.

A dungeon that needs or has a floor boss means that the final boss of this dungeon is a raid worthy boss. The final boss of this dungeon would need at least ten people to defeat it, but Adrian cannot be sure since he has yet to reach the final boss. He decided to focus on the floor boss first since any guess would be meaningless if they do not defeat it.

"Kimat, test the floor boss out. I and the other will deal with the Hell Storm Moving Cores." Adrian commanded as Kimat bravely charged towards the Hell Storm Moving Golem.

Adrian commanded Wisteria to hold all of the other mobs as it seems that having ten Hell Storm Moving Cores with the Hell Storm Moving Golem is not a coincidence. Wisteria nodded as she slammed her feet on the ground to produce vines that suddenly grabbed at each of the Hell Storm Moving Cores.

The Hell Storm Moving Golem noticed that its underlings were trapped by an unknown thing and attempted to destroy the vines, but Kimat suddenly pounced on it. Kimat is already wrapped in his silver armor when he collided with the Hell Storm Moving Golem. The floor boss would have easily made the physical body of Kimat pass through, but it was unable to.

Kimat has been absorbing the electricity that is running inside the bodies of the Hell Storm Moving Cores for quite some time. It might not look like Kimat is intelligent, but it is very instinctive when it is regarding the lightning element. Kimat reversed the charge that the Hell Storm Moving Cores used so that it could physically hold them.

This in turn made Kimat able to ram his whole body into the Hell Storm Moving Golem. The Hell Storm Moving Golem also seemed to gained intelligence, but it took quite some time to process what happened. Kimat slashed at the floor boss and its fluid like body could be seen to have been damage, but it was repaired in just a few seconds.


The Hell Storm Moving Golem started emitting a sound as if it was relaying a message, but it noticed that its underlings were not responding. The Hell Storm Moving Golem looked at its underlings and all of them are now buried on the ground and cannot move. With a mighty roar, Kimat summoned lightning from its own body to hit the Hell Storm Moving Golem.

[Your soulbound, Kimat, has dealt great damage to the Hell Storm Moving Golem.]

The Hell Storm Moving Golem is suddenly hit by a charge of lightning that is opposite its own. The Hell Storm Moving Golem felt great power from that as it was something it could absorb since opposite charges attract. What the Hell Storm Moving Golem did not know is that its own energy would be the own being extracted from it.

Kimat actually linked the energy of both of them and begun to pull in the lightning element of the Hell Storm Moving Golem. The floor boss that is powered by that very same energy suddenly felt danger to its life as its own life source is being taken away from it.