[Your soulbound, Kimat, has defeated the floor boss, Hell Storm Moving Golem.]

[You can now proceed to the next floor of the dungeon.]

The battle against Kimat and the Hell Storm Moving Golem took a total of twenty minutes. The Hell Storm Moving Golem tried to retrieve its own electricity back, but it was totally attracted to what Kimat gave out. The only way for the Hell Storm Moving Golem to win is by eliminating Kimat that became a lightning rod.

The Hell Storm Moving Golem tried to attack Kimat physically even if it has weak physical abilities in an attempt to preserve its life. Kimat was already ready for this though as a clone of him appeared from the earth itself and attacked the Hell Storm Moving Golem in turn. The Hell Storm Moving Golem could not deal with two enemies that are the antithesis of it and ran out of fuel in under twenty minutes.

Adrian and the other also took that time to destroy the Hell Storm Moving Cores that were there and the ones that also came. The Hell Storm Moving Cores stopped functioning after the Hell Storm Moving Golem was defeated which made them easier to kill. It seems that the floor boss was the master switch for all of them.

[You have gained Piece of the Storm Core x10]

[You have gained Piece of the Storm Core x15]

Adrian gained ten pieces of the Storm Core from the Hell Storm Moving Golem. He also gained from the Hell Storm Moving Cores that were there and the ones that came. A great harvest for the first floor but still quite far from the number he needs to form one core.

"I might be here for a week in order to get a Storm Core. At least, the way to the next floor opened." Adrian stated as he saw that a magic circle appeared where the Hell Storm Moving Golem was defeated.

"Let us proceed to the next floor." Adrian stated as he called Kimat and Wisteria. Kenos was still sitting on his shoulder as Sirius was already recalled when the fight started.

[Do you wish to proceed to the Hell Storm Paradise BF1?]

"Yes." Adrian stated as a hole suddenly appeared below his feet and darkness suddenly dragged him down.

[You have arrived at Hell Storm Paradise BF1.]

[You can return to the entrance of the dungeon by standing on top of the invocation circle.]

[Do you wish to return to the entrance of the dungeon?]

"No." Adrian replied as the glowing magic circle suddenly became dim.

When Adrian regained his vision, he was in another floor with almost the same composition as the ground level. The only difference is that there are now crystals emitting electricity protruding out of the ground. Adrian tried touching it, but it actually sent a shock to his system and damaged him.

[You have been damaged by the Hell Shockterium.]

[You lost 1000 health due to the sudden electric shock.]

[You have negated the stun effect thanks to your bloodline.]

"Things just suddenly became much more difficult than it seems." Adrian stated as he could see a sizeable number of Hell Shockterium covering the caverns.

"I need to survey the area. Kenos, you need to be inside for a while. Sirius!" Adrian stated as he summoned Sirius.

Adrian put Kenos back for a moment as no monster was in the area. He summoned Sirius so that he could tell the overall layout of the basement floor. If this floor is like the base floor, then they would also need to defeat a floor boss.

"I shall do my best, master." Sirius stated as he dove into the shadows to survey once again.

About half an hour later, Sirius came back and gave Adrian all the information he needs. Adrian did not think that the next level would have a sudden jump of difficulty. This floor was wider than the first one which would take at least him a day to clean up.

If Adrian only wanted to go to the next floor, then he might be able to in under four hours, but he needs pieces of the Storm Core. He would need to defeat every mob in this floor to maximize the value, but he is shocked to see the natural roaming enemies.

The natural roaming enemies are actually the previous floor boss but a bit weaker. The Hell Storm Moving Golem does not have the stats of a boss monster, but it was still not that easy to defeat. It also had five Hell Storm Moving Cores around it to command.

If it took twenty minutes to defeat the Hell Storm Moving Golem (Floor Boss) then it would take at least half of that to defeat a normal one. Adrian could suddenly see that this floor might take at least two days in order to completely clear. He just prays that the drop rates for the pieces of the Storm Core are the same.

"Did you see the floor boss?" Adrian asked.

"I did master but I cannot go too close to it as its lightning was brightening up the entire cavern it was in. My shadows cannot reach it because of its brightness but it looked like a more complete version of the Hell Storm Moving Golem." Sirius stated.

"Noted on that. Thank you for your service. You can now rest for now." Adrian stated as he decided to walk the path that Sirius gave him along with his soulbounds that need to level.

"It seems the devils know of our plans in attacking the Hell Gate. I felt a rather odd sensation that washed over our domain. I exerted some of my power and saw that a seer was involve." Mikhail stated.

"It must have been Purson. That sly devil must have been using his abilities again to predict what will happen." Gabriel stated.

"Such a shame that he became a devil. His abilities would have been much suited serving us." Zadkiel stated.

"Everything is still the same. The future does not need to be foretold on what will happen to the Hell Gate. I assume that everything has already been prepared for the destruction of it. It makes me puke that we are sharing the same air as those filthy devils." Jophiel stated.

"They would not last long in the main world where we already control anyway. We shall be the ones that will control this world for the glory of the Goddess Luminaria!" Mikhail shouted.

"For the light of the Goddess Luminaria!" The other angels shouted in return.