"You did not expect that did you?!" Adrian stated as he accurately timed the cooldown of the Tainted Storm Core to match that of the Hell Storm Homunculus Berserk Mode.

The Hell Storm Homunculus no longer has guards that it could command as it fired off spells. Adrian summoned Kimat, Sirius and Kanlaon as all he needs this time is pure combat power. Adrian then changed to his scythe armament and vanished from view.

"Cosmic Cull!" Adrian stated as he performed the skill.

Adrian used the wormhole to immediately appear in front of the Hell Storm Homunculus. He used the first skill of the upgraded scythe armament and cleaved the Hell Storm Homunculus. The Hell Storm Homunculus suddenly felt the sudden loss of its mana as Adrian reaped some of it due to Cosmic Cull.

[You have hit the Hell Storm Homunculus with Cosmic Cull.]

[You have stolen 8% of the Hell Storm Homunculus total mana.]

[The spell that the Hell Storm Homunculus failed to activate because of Cosmic Cull.]

[You have gained 10% of your total mana.]

[Your health is restored since you hit an enemy with Cosmic Cull.]

"I am not finished yet! Anti-Matter!" Adrian shouted as a powerful wave of disturbing energy came out of his body.

The wave of Anti-Matter hit the Hell Storm Homunculus as it could not dodge it directly. The Hell Storm Homunculus was suddenly unable to move as it was stunned. Sirius, Kanlaon and Kimat soon surrounded the Hell Storm Homunculus as they can now focus their attacks on it.

[You have affected the Hell Storm Homunculus.]

[You have stunned the Hell Storm Homunculus for two seconds. The stun duration has been doubled since the Hell Storm Homunculus has been affected by Cosmic Cull.]

Sirius did not wait any longer as it used Realm Ender as per Adrian's command. Kanlaon layered all six elements and also fired off his dragon breath. Kimat called upon every ounce of lightning that is stored in his body.

A powerful slew of attacks and spells covered the Hell Storm Homunculus. Adrian could not see what happened as he was flooded by a powerful light that even he needed to close his eyes. All Adrian could see are the notifications that appeared even if his eyes are closed.

[Your soulbound, Sirius, has dealt devastating damage to the Hell Storm Homunculus.

[Your soulbound, Kanlaon, has dealt great damage to the Hell Storm Homunculus.]

[Your soulbound, Kimat, has dealt immense damage to the Hell Storm Homunculus and absorbed some of its unique Hell Storm Lightning.]

[You have decreased the Hell Storm Homunculus down to 30%.]

[You have unlocked the Hidden Dungeon Mechanic of the Hell Storm Paradise.]

"Huh? What?" Adrian stated as this is not something that he knows of.

[Special cutscene for the Hell Storm Paradise dungeon will now commence.]

[You will be unable to control your avatar while the cutscene is ongoing.]

The Hell Storm Homunculus suddenly started glowing as parts of its red lightning started to fizzle out. The Hell Storm Homunculus released one last powerful wave of red lightning that paralyzed the entire area which made Adrian unable to move. Adrian thought that he would be attacked but he is shocked to see the Hell Storm Homunculus do something that mid bosses do not do.

The Hell Storm Homunculus suddenly conjured up a magic circle that looks like a teleportation formation and escaped. The mid boss actually fled away which blew Adrian's mind as he did not expect that to happen. He thought that the game bugged out but the mid boss that he was fighting turned tail and ran.

[You have activated the Hidden Mechanic by clearing the Hell Storm Paradise with less than five members (Three if there is a summoner in the party.)]

[You have gained the ability to access the Special Hidden Dungeon, Hell Tempest Paradise.]

[You will receive the list of rewards that you can have completed the Hell Tempest Paradise.]

[You will receive the Hell Tempest Paradise Exclusive Hidden Dungeon Quest.]

[You will need the Storm Core in order to access the Hidden Dungeon, Hell Tempest Paradise.]

Quest Name: Hell Tempest Paradise Exclusive Hidden Dungeon Quest

Quest Difficulty: A

Quest Description: You have unlocked the hidden mechanic for the Hell Storm Paradise dungeon and unlocked its hidden dungeon that only those with this quest can access. You will need the to cleanse the Tainted Storm Core in order to get to the hidden dungeon.

Entrance Requirement: Storm Core (Currently owning the Tainted Storm Core)

Clear Condition: Defeat the Hidden Dungeon Boss that will appear once you enter the Hell Tempest Paradise.

Clear Reward: Guaranteed Material Chest Reward (Legendary), +2 Levels to you and your soulbounds

Failure Condition: None

Failure: None

Restriction: Only those that have unlocked the Hidden Mechanic of the Hell Storm Paradise can access this dungeon. Only those with the Storm Core can guarantee entry into the dungeon.

Note: This quest cannot be shared.

[You have unlocked the hidden mechanic of the Hell Storm Paradise dungeon and made the Hell Storm Homunculus flee towards the deepest parts of the dungeon.]

[You have cleared the Hell Storm Paradise dungeon.]

[You will now be sent out of the dungeon.]

[You can enter the Hell Tempest Paradise Dungeon when you have the specific requirements needed.]

Adrian felt a force in his body suddenly sweep him away as a magic circle appeared beneath his feet. He is then sent back to the dungeon entrance and has also been barred entry for the day as he already completed it. He thought it was incredibly strange to have that happen but the things he needed to do is now clear.

"I need to purify this Tainted Storm Core and enter the hidden dungeon. It seems that I am not barred of the entry restrictions when it comes to the hidden dungeon. I need to purify this thing immediately." Adrian stated as he vanished from his location.

Adrian appeared at the location of the Hell Gate where he met with his guild members that are camping outside of the Hell Gate. The guild members that are camping outside of the Hell Gate were the ones that cannot enter Hell due to them being weakened greatly. Levin Cloud was one of them and Adrian asked him if he could purify the Tainted Storm Core.

"I cannot do it. How strange?" Levin Cloud stated as he even used his most powerful purification spell, but the Tainted Storm Core remained the same.

"Why was it not purified?" Adrian muttered but Levin Cloud suddenly thought of something.

"Maybe it is tainted by devil miasma and not evil miasma. Maybe only a devil can purify this by absorbing the devil miasma from it. I have seen items like these that cannot be purified because of the unique mana signature. It helps that we have the Avatar of Dagon on our guild which is why I am familiar with it." Levin Cloud stated.

"It was strange that I got this notification when I managed to unlock the hidden mechanic." Adrian stated as he showed Levin Cloud the specific notification that he tried ignoring.

[You have been invited by the Great Earl of Hell Furfur into his castle as you have something that he finds valuable.]

"It sounds ominous." Levin Cloud stated.

"I know right? It showed up as soon as I unlocked the hidden mechanic. Honestly, I do not want to go to a Devil Earl's own castle, but it seems to be pointing me to that result in the end. Your statement is basically the most convincing thing that only the devil nobility will be able to cleanse the Tainted Storm Core." Adrian stated.

"If you want to clear that Hidden Dungeon quickly then you need to do it quick. There is only three days left before the defense." Levin Cloud stated.

"I will be as quick as I can since the Hidden Dungeon is basically an immediate boss battle once I gain entry." Adrian stated as he bid farewell after inspecting the other guild members.

Adrian teleported back into the Devil Kingdom of Furfur and headed towards the castle which is in the middle of it. Adrian found it stranger this time because all the devils that have the lightning element are looking at him as if they are drawn to him. He could only conclude that they could sense the devil miasma coming from the Tainted Storm Core.

"Let us finish this as soon as possible." Adrian stated as he arrived at the gate of the castle that is not even guarded.

"You may enter, Champion Equinox. I have been expecting you to come to me." A voice that is a bit high in pitch but can send chills down one's spine is heard.

The unmanned gate suddenly started opening as an electric current passed through it. Adrian gulped as he entered the castle and hoped that nothing bad happens to him. He already knows that the devil nobility that rule each kingdom has a devil god counterpart. He just hopes that this one is not easily offended.