"Thank you for the information that you have given me. Now… can you please take out the devil miasma in this item." Adrian stated as he presented the Tainted Storm Core.

The Great Earl of Hell Furfur suddenly burst out laughing as he did not expect that Adrian would just cut off their conversation there. The Great Earl of Hell Furfur was about to bait Adrian into doing something for him, but he no longer has a chance to do so. Adrian immediately cut off that conversation because he knew that something troublesome was about to come out of the Great Earl of Hell Furfur mouth.

"I have dealt with a lot of gods to fall for these tricks each and every time." Adrian thought to himself as he must stop being curious in order to save him the hassle.

Adrian has to evolve Kimat and he still has that mission to find the angel lover turned traitor of that deceased Asmodian. He does not have the time to cater to the whims of a devil just yet. Still, Adrian believes that clearing all seventy-two dungeons would be something that is good for him as long as he has the time.

"You really do not waste time. Then again, I know what you are urgent about anyways. The angel army is about to attack the Hell Gate. It does not concern me too much, but I do not want the luxuries of the human world to no longer reach my gates." The Great Earl of Hell Furfur stated as he made the Tainted Storm Core float.

The Tainted Storm Core floated above Adrian as the Great Earl of Hell Furfur started to draw upon the devil miasma within the item. The Tainted Storm Core is a blue crystal with red lightning inside of it. The red lightning that was inside of the item is what the Great Earl of Hell Furfur is pulling out.

The red lightning is the devil miasma that is keeping the Tainted Storm Core from being purified. The moment that the Great Earl of Hell Furfur started extracting the red lightning, a powerful blast of lightning energy came out of it that was directed towards the devil earl. The Great Earl of Hell Furfur had to turn back into his true form as he cannot handle that powerful of an elemental attack with his restricted form.

The antlers that were on top of his head suddenly acted light lightning rods as the Great Earl of Hell Furfur absorbed the red lightning that came out. The Great Earl of Hell Furfur laughed out loud as he never felt so refreshed in such a long time due to not having enough lightning in Hell to absorb. Adrian could see the Great Earl of Hell Furfur' power level rising as he absorbed the red lightning completely.

"Ah! What did you do to invoke such powerful hatred from your opponent. This lightning could kill anyone of your current power in just a few seconds." The Great Earl of Hell Furfur stated as he already absorbed every bit of the red lightning.

The Tainted Storm Core that was blue with red lightning inside suddenly changed to a blue core with white lightning instead. Adrian could no longer feel the oppressive energy that was once inside of it. Adrian could more or less guess that the Tainted Storm Core became like that due to the lightning that was used in creating it.

"It now has a different description." Adrian stated as he looked at the new purified item.

Item Name: Storm Core

Item Rank: Legendary

Item Type: Elemental Core / Material


- Able to absorb an attack from the wind or lightning element that is Legendary tier or below. (Cooldown: 30 minutes)

- Gives the item holder 10% increase in Wind Resistance.

- Negates the stun status ailment that is produced by wind element or lightning element spells. (Cooldown: 1 hour)

- Can be fused with another material to create the Tempest Core. (Need to fuse it with the Gale Lightning Core).

Description: An elemental core that was tainted with devil miasma but has been purified by the Great Earl of Hell Furfur. It is said to be created when powerful blasts of lightning have been absorbed by the ground to create a unique crystal. It is also used a token to enter the Hell Tempest Paradise Hidden Dungeon.

"Gale Lightning Core!" Adrian is shocked because that was one of the guaranteed materials that can be chosen when one clears the Hell Tempest Paradise hidden dungeon.

Adrian is extremely relieved that he could get the Tempest Core as long as he is able to conquer the hidden dungeon. Adrian thanked the Great Earl of Hell Furfur for his help and the information as well. The Great Earl of Hell Furfur wanted to say something, but Adrian told him that he needs to be on his way as there are only two and a half days left before the angels arrive.

"You are such an impatient being and I am the devil that controls lightning. I should be the impatient one. Haha! Nevertheless, you shall come back to me if you wish to challenge me after all. The blessing of a devil god is not something even the Champion of the Twin Gods can refuse." The Great Earl of Hell Furfur stated as he opened the gates to his castle once more to let Adrian leave.

Adrian left the castle as soon as he could because the Great Earl of Hell Furfur has taken too much of an interest in him. He does not want to become trapped in a battle of words as well. He needed all his attention on the upcoming hidden dungeon that he is about to conquer. Adrian left a message to the guild that he might be a bit late to the defend mission, but he will arrive.

[You have the Storm Core in your inventory.]

[You have all the requirements needed to enter the Hell Tempest Paradise hidden dungeon.]

[Do you wish to enter?]

"Yes." Adrian stated as he was suddenly struck by lightning and disappeared from the entrance of the dungeon.

Some players saw what happened and they thought that a poor player was suddenly killed by a rogue lightning bolt. Others posted it on their stories on how they feel pity for that unlucky player. Little did they know that it was actually the Demon that they witnessed and that he entered a hidden dungeon.

[You have entered the Hell Tempest Paradise Hidden Dungeon.]

[Cutscene will now play.]

[You are unable to move and also unbale to take damage when the cutscene is playing.]

Adrian's vision suddenly changed or rather his body moved on his own. He was currently chasing the Hell Storm Homunculus into the depths of the dungeon. He only stopped when he was now before the boss monster that looked like a gigantic storm cloud with one large red eye.

Adrian was suddenly struck with red lightning by the gigantic red eyed storm cloud when he saw the Hell Storm Homunculus do something crazy. The Hell Storm Homunculus that is supposed to be the mid boss of the dungeon suddenly went to the middle of the gigantic red eyed storm cloud and stole its core. The boss of the Hell Storm Paradise dungeon became flustered as its own mid boss betrayed it.

The gigantic red eyed storm cloud suddenly started attacking the Hell Storm Homunculus. The gigantic red eyed cloud wanted to attack but its life is now at the hands of the assailant. If the core is destroyed, then it will also be destroyed along with the Hell Storm Homunculus.

[The Hell Storm Homunculus is now assimilating the core of the Hell Storm.]

[The Hell Storm Homunculus is now evolving.]

Notifications appeared before Adrian's screen as he is given the situation. Adrian did not expect that a mid-boss would be able to kill a dungeon boss by assimilating it. The Hell Storm looked like it wanted to leave but it could not as the Hell Storm Homunculus absorbed its core to its chest.

The core of the Hell Storm could be seen attached to the chest of the Hell Storm Homunculus. The large storm cloud boss suddenly started to get sucked inside of its own core as its will is no longer its own. The Hell Storm Homunculus also started to change in shape and size as it has successfully predated on the dungeon boss.

The Hell Storm Homunculus changed to become more human like in appearance or rather more human devil like in appearance. The face that was previously featureless started to grow features to that of a beautiful female devil. It now has beautiful pale green eyes with a pointed nose and beautiful featured face.

The Hell Storm Homunculus also gained a more stable body as it looks like it is now made in living flesh. The only thing that can make anyone say that it is not truly living is the core embedded on its chest.

[The Hell Storm Devil Diva has appeared.]