Adrian cleared a quarter of the Hell Storm Legion with his attack. The clone also charged towards the enemy lines and used another of Adrian's skill with him. Adrian used the second skill called Power Orbit of the axe armament.

Adrian and his clone suddenly sun like two tops around the enemies and destroyed them instantly. Adrian and his clone also released energy blades that spread towards the enemies which increased the casualty rate. The Hell Storm Devil Diva could see that her army was getting decimated by Adrian and started to cast her spell.

[The Hell Storm Devil Diva is now activating Hell Storm Arc.]

[Defend yourself.]

Adrian could see the notification even if he was still spinning but he was not afraid because he already planned on what he would do if the enemy boss started to counterattack. Sirius immediately created a powerful haze around the area that created numerous clones of Adrian that are purely an illusion. Even if some of them are an illusion, it is enough to fool the Hell Storm Devil Diva because she cannot pinpoint the real one.

Adrian's attack dealt a great deal of damage in a large area which means that any enemy would have difficult time knowing the real one if numerous illusions of him are in the area. A lot of spinning Adrian could be seen that is also releasing energy blades. The Hell Storm Devil Diva could not verify which of the enemy should she target.

To make matters a bit more troublesome for the Hell Storm Devil Diva, Adrian also has a real clone that copies his abilities perfectly. The Hell Storm Devil Diva now has a fifty percent chance of not dealing real damage to Adrian should she be able to pinpoint the source of the attacks. The Hell Storm Devil Diva could not choose which is why she just released the skill to a direction.

Red lightning started to come out of the Hell Storm Devil Diva's hands as it crawled to the ground. All the Hell Storm Legion that got hit by her spell acted like a pathway that connected all of them in the area. The small range of the spell suddenly got exponentially bigger because of the Hell Storm Legion acting as conductors.

Numerous illusions shattered because of the attack but the Hell Storm Devil Diva did not hit Adrian or his clone. She became furious at this fact and started to cast another spell to release at another direction, but she suddenly felt a sharp pain behind her. Sirius, who was unable to reach the Hell Storm Devil Diva, suddenly arrived behind her.

Sirius used the shadow cast but the lightning attack to creep his way up to the Hell Storm Devil Diva's shadow. With a powerful slash of his claws, Sirius was able to deal a decent amount of damage to the Hell Storm Devil Diva. Seeing her suddenly becoming vulnerable, the Hell Storm Devil Diva released a flash of lightning to destroy any shadow that is near her.

Sirius was ejected out of the shadow realm as he did not have a shadow to clung onto. The Hell Storm Devil Diva saw her assailant and fired off a powerful lightning attack on his way. Just before the attack reaches Sirius, an axe charged with lightning suddenly slammed down in front of him.

The axe acted like a lightning rod and directed the lightning to the ground before him. Sirius still got damaged due to rogue electricity, but it was not as great if he would get hit by the attack. Adrian threw his weapon through a wormhole that Kenos created to make sure that his axe arrives on time.

Kenos could be seen stuck on Adrian's back as it is acting like a transporter for its master since that is the only way it can contribute. Sirius immediately used the wormhole that was created and retreated back to Adrian's side. Adrian just recalled the axe armament back to his hands which increased the rage that the Hell Storm Devil Diva is currently feeling.

"Wisteria!" Adrian shouted as the area was now perfect.

Wisteria in her Aether Form has already activated Flower Gift to recall the Leaf Blizzard skill. She released numerous leaves from the jade like tree on her back and hit all of the enemies. All the Hell Storm Legion could be seen becoming smoke as her skill destroyed all of the durability that they have.

As soon as the Hell Storm Legion that was guarding the Hell Storm Devil Diva were destroyed, Adrian executed the next plan. Charon immediately raised all the chains that he was hiding via an illusion that is propagated by Sirius. All the chains suddenly created snake like forms that plunged itself on the Hell Storm cores that were scattered in the area.

All the Hell Storm Cores suddenly broke as loud cracks could be heard. The Hell Storm that generated the minions of the Hell Storm Devil Diva suddenly got destroyed easily. The Hell Storm Devil Diva immediately recalled as much energy as she could in order to make sure that she can still recreate the Hell Storm.

[You have destroyed the Hell Storm Cores.]

[The Hell Storm Devil Diva will not be able to create another one within 10 minutes.]

"Only ten minutes? No wonder that is a semi-mythical rank boss monster." Adrian stated as he needed to be quick in killing the boss or else, he will die from severe tiredness.

To fight against horde of monsters is not easy even for a summoner. If the monster horde actually made Adrian level up, then it would have been great but all of them were just pawns created to make the Hell Storm Devil Diva more powerful. The Hell Storm Devil Diva managed to recall some of the energy she used to create the Hell Storm.

[The Hell Storm Devil Diva is now entering Diva Combat Mode.]

[Prepare for combat against it.]