Adrian did not think that just one boss monster would be that difficult to defeat. He is thankful that he managed to defeat it with just one of his domains, but he did use the domains of his other soulbounds as well. He is thankful that there are still a day and a half before the defense which means his skills will no longer be on cooldown.

[Please choose the reward that you wish to get in order to exit the dungeon.]

Adrian immediately chose the Gale Lightning Orb as this was the item that is needed in order to create the Tempest Core. He is extremely glad that one of the needed items for Kimat's evolution will now be granted. A powerful green orb that is crackling with lightning could be seen floating in front of Adrian.

Item Name: Gale Lightning Orb

Item Rank: Legendary

Item Type: Elemental Core / Material


- Able to absorb withstand any knockback effect from any wind elemental spell, attack or ability (Cooldown: 20 minutes)

- Gives the item holder 10% increase in Wind Resistance.

- Negates the stun status ailment that is produced by wind element or lightning element spells. (Cooldown: 1 hour)

- Increases wind elemental damage by 20%.

- Can be fused with another material to create the Tempest Core.

Description: An elemental orb that is said to be infused with the power of the great winds that carry lightning. It is a powerful item to hold as it gives anyone mastery over the wind element. It is said that people who happens upon them were the first people to fly in the sky.

The Gale Lightning Orb looked incredibly powerful just by the energy it contains. It is definitely a legendary item that is fitting to evolve a monster to a divine beast level entity. Before Adrian could put it inside of his inventory, notifications suddenly started to pop up.

[The Gale Lightning Orb and the Storm Core are reacting to one another.]

[Do you wish to let the two get fused upon their reaction?]

"Yes." Adrian stated as he knew that it would be better to fuse the two items while he was still in the dungeon.

A powerful wind that is in the level of a great tornado suddenly started to circle the area as the Gale Lightning Orb reacted strongly to the Storm Core. The Storm Core, on the other hand, created dark clouds that crackled powerful lightning that made the entire area rumble. If this happened outside, then Adrian would have taken a lot of attention.

"Good thing I can fuse it inside of the dungeon. Otherwise, there would be lots of devils that may attempt to take this item or even players. Hell is not a great area to handle all your precious stuff after all." Adrian thought as he read that one of the ways to ensure that you do not get robbed in Hell is to save all your items in a bank and only carry essentials.

The Gale Lightning Orb and the Storm Core slowly fused together as their crystals touched. One would think that the two precious items would destroy one another but they were actually slowly melting into each other. The Gale Lightning Orb and the Storm Core fused together wonderfully as if they were one item to begin with.

Item Name: Tempest Core

Item Rank: Mythical

Item Type: Supreme Elemental Core / Material


- Able to absorb withstand any knockback effect from any wind elemental spell, attack or ability (Cooldown: 20 minutes)

- Gives the item holder 30% increase in Wind Resistance.

- Negates the stun status ailment that is produced by wind element or lightning element spells. (Cooldown: 30 minutes)

- Increases wind elemental damage by 50%.

- Able to absorb an attack from the wind or lightning element that is Legendary tier or below. (Cooldown: 30 minutes)

- Able to cast the spell Tempest that summons a powerful mega storm cyclone in the area that deals 5000% wind elemental magic damage. (Cooldown: 7 days)

- A special item that is said to induce evolution on monsters that are compatible with it.

Description: A special item that is said to have been created when the first Wind Elemental King was born into the world. It is said that it contains the power of a Wind Elemental King or is said to be the seed on which a Wind Elemental King is to be born. This item is a very valuable piece of elemental core that a Wind Elemental King will easily offer their contract if you offer this item to them.

This item is said to be a powerful item that can even make Wind Elemental Kings bow down to you once you master it. It is only rumors, but it is said that a Wind Elemental King can become a god if they consume ten of these cores. This item gives its holder the ability to sense upcoming storms or wind calamities.

The Tempest Core is surprisingly quite small in size compared to the grandeur it exudes. It is only the size of a basketball, but it has incredible power gushing out of it even though it is not being used. It is an orb that has ten cyclones inside that has black storm clouds exuding lightning.

Kimat, who was in his Soul Chamber, suddenly went out as it strongly reacted to the Tempest Core. It was as if the Tempest Core was calling upon Kimat. Even though the Tempest Core was calling for Kimat, he was still patient and respectful enough to look at his master.

Kimat looked like a sweet cat that was waiting for its master to say that it can eat. Adrian chuckled upon seeing Kimat with his ears down and tail coiling up while in a sitting position. When Adrian was satisfied and even took a photo, he gave the signal to Kimat that he can now start to absorb the Tempest Core.

Kimat roared happily as its eyes could be seen glued to the Tempest Core since it was something to marvel for. Kimat took out his silver armor and created sparks of lightning from his body which he connected to the Tempest Core. The lightning sparks that came out of Kimat's body suddenly connected with the Tempest Core's lightning sparks.

Kimat and the Tempest Core looked like they are communicating with each other as they seemed to have reached a state of resonance. When Kimat has stabilized the rowdy lightning sparks that came out of the Tempest Core and has fully calmed it down, the Tempest Core could be seen slowly becoming storm clouds.

The storm clouds that was the Tempest Core is fusing with Kimat in real time which amazed Adrian. Kimat's aura that was fierce like a raging thunderstorm suddenly became tranquil as if everything inside of him has become fully controlled. Adrian knows that this is just a state of what he can describe as the calm before the storm.

If Kimat would go into battle, the tranquil energy inside of him will become a powerful thunderstorm that will blow any enemy away. There is also a slight difference in Kimat's body as his metallic fur started to become more lustrous than before. Kimat looked fluffier than before, but Adrian controlled himself since the dungeon is starting to get destroyed.

"Let us go." Adrian stated as he went outside the dungeon with his soulbounds.

All of his soulbounds along with him activated the magic circle that appeared and were teleported outside of a dungeon. They were transported by getting hit by a bolt of lightning and they were also sent back out just the same. The players that were just outside the dungeon area of the Hell Storm Paradise suddenly saw a powerful lightning bolt appear in the area which made them panic.

Adrian immediately teleported away from the scene as soon as they arrived outside since he knows that his appearance would gather attention. What Adrian did not know is that there have been some with keen eyes that saw him materializing from the lightning strike. Seeing a player materialize from lightning made others curious on how that happened but the person in question also vanished which led them to question no one.

"All the items that were dropped are good, but I cannot use them. I should have Piggy Bank sell them so that I can earn more. What I do not like is the thing that I received when I cleared the Hidden Dungeon." Adrian stated as he stared at a sigil that he did not want to use.

Item Name: Furfur Challenge Request Sigil

Item Rank: Unique

Item Type: Quest Item


- Gives the holder the ability to activate the Challenge the Great Earl of Hell Furfur quest.

- This item cannot be traded.

- This item is bound to the user.

Description: An item that allows anyone that possesses it to challenge one of the Seventy Devil Nobilities in Hell. This sigil lets the holder challenge the Great Earl of Hell Furfur into combat. Winning against hik will give great rewards.