[You have received great piercing damage from the Angel Jorikiel.]

[The Mark of the Seven Original Sins activated as you dropped below 50% health.]

Adrian is suddenly enveloped in a powerful aura that came from the mark on his left hand. Saena immediately healed his master which is boosted by the mark. It did not take long for Adrian to get healed back to full health, but it also meant that he needed to be careful.

"As expected of a demon, your tenacity is unmatched, but you are still weak! I have the blessing of the Goddess of Light with me! You will perish today, demon!" Jorikiel stated as if it was a fact.

Jorikiel might not show it, but he is amazed that Adrian was still standing because that attack was one of his most powerful abilities. He thought that he would just need a small follow up to kill Adrian after the latter was hit but it only dropped him to half his health. The Angel Jorikiel did not want to charge blindly since it is not wise for a warrior to do so.

"The Goddess is watching me. I must do my best and not be careless. There is still a beast that deals with shadows lurking around the demon. He also has that sacred bird that grants him healing. I must deal with all of them in order to easily kill him." The Angel Jorikiel thought.

"Heavenly Sweep!" The Angel Jorikiel shouted as he spun in a full circle and released a sharp light elemental energy wave.

The beings that were hiding in the shadows that were about to attack him are suddenly pushed back and greatly damaged. The shadow unit of the Pantheon guild were suddenly blown way and coughed blood as they were greatly damaged. Awraka was the one that was damaged the most as she was being from the shadow realm which hates light.

"Thank you for the support, everyone. I can do this now as I managed to recover. Help deal with the army that is currently fighting the others. You must assassinate the enemy general if you have to. I will deal with the angel." Adrian commanded as he needed to deal with Jorikiel.

Adrian was not the only one that is having a difficult time as even the other guild masters were fighting angels with four wings. Since the devil side army was on the lesser side, no one can easily help one another because another enemy will fight them when they defeat the previous one. If not for the devils coming out of the Hell Gate, then they would have been overrun by now.

"Do not be conceited, demon! You shall die here, and I will present your head to the goddess." Jorikiel stated as he also waited for the cooldown of his Holy Javelin skill.

"I am not conceited. I am just confident that I can handle you on my own. You are not the first four-winged angel that I killed after all." Adrian declared as released his limits.

[You have activated Limit Break: Summoner.]

[You have summoned all of your soulbounds.]

Kanlaon, Kimat, Dodu, Wisteria and even Kenos came out of their respective magic circles. The Angel Jorikiel thought that he would be overrun by the soulbounds as he was rather apprehensive about the dragon, but he is shocked. Kanlaon flew past him and wreaked havoc on the other side of the battle where the human army was.

Kimat also did the same and pounced to the other side where Kanlaon was not. Dodu transformed into Adrian as it transformed to his mirror demon form. Wisteria seeped into the ground as she transformed the barren soil into grasslands. Kenos vanished somewhere one cannot see.

[Wisteria has used Fairy Grass Terrain.]

[All allies will heal 5% of their maximum health every 30 seconds.]

[All allies will have their health regeneration increase by 50%.]

[All allies will be cleansed of their status ailment or status reduction every ten seconds.]

[All allies will have Bramble Armor that blocks 3% of the damage that they receive.]

[Your soulbound, Wisteria, will not be able to move or attack when using this skill.]

"It seems that you have lost your mind. You sent your dragon to the other side of the battle when you could have used it to defeat me." Jorikiel stated.

"You see. I got an interesting skill when I fused two skills that I rarely used. Did you know that I used to summon one of your angelic leaders to create disasters? He no longer responds to my call though which led that skill transforming into something new.

Still, that transformed skill is not something that I want to use anymore. I managed to get a great item when I conquered a hidden dungeon, and it can fuse two different abilities. It also helped that it gave birth to a Mythical Tier spell that I shall show you today." Adrian stated as he suddenly vanished into a wormhole along with Dodu.

"When Light meets Dark and Dark Conquers! The Sun shall hide under the great darkness that hides in the abyss. I summon, the Black Sun!" Adrian and Dodu chanted simultaneously as the whole area are suddenly covered in great darkness.

Skill Name: Black Sun

Skill Tier: Mythical

Skill Type: Summoning


- Summon the great cataclysm: The Black Sun.

- Absorbs all light in the area and deal 10, 000% of your magic damage to all enemies in the area. (Damaged is increased by 50% for beings that are afraid of darkness.)

- Debuffs all enemies in the area by lowering their stats by 10% for 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 2 hours

Mana Cost: 50, 000 Mana Points

Cast Time: 1 minute

Two gigantic black suns suddenly appeared in the sky which made the angels weaker while the demons became stronger. The only beings that can be seen are the angels that emitted light from their bodies but even that light is being sucked inside of the two black suns.