"The demon is dead!" The human army shouted in cheers as Adrian died and their morale increased even more.

The resentment and anger of the human army and the angels was more prevalent for Adrian as he was able to subdue them for a few seconds. The fact that a few seconds of intense pressure was able to give them such hatred meant that they do not like being on the weaker side. The human army is cheering but the players that are present there are not.

"Fools! He can revive! He can only truly die when we kill him and that priest!" One of the players shouted as they pointed to Levin Cloud.

"Festival of Life! Grand Revival!" Levin Cloud chanted as he smiled.

Roots suddenly came out of Levin Cloud's feet as all the players that died in battle are revived as large trees. The trees would then recreate the bodies of the fallen players that are on their side. Even Adrian is revived in the image of a floating tree.

"Took you long enough." Adrian stated as he was revived fully with his health.

[You have revived all allies that died in battle within an hour.]

The mythical revival spell Festival of Life: Grand Revival is something that Levin Cloud obtained when he managed to clear quests that the Church of Life has given him. He has yet to acquire the mythical counterpart of the skill from the Church of Death because he has yet to use the Festival of Life: Grand Revival to revive a million souls.

"A couple hundred thousand is not a bad number for starters but it would take another large-scale war for me to get the other skill." Levin Cloud stated as he retreated back to Kabrakan.

[You have used Festival of Life: Grand Revival.]

[You will be weakened for 10 minutes.]

[All stats have dropped by 50%.]

[All healing that you cast will be reduced by 50% for an hour.]

The mythical tier skill Festival of Life: Grand Revival might be incredibly broken because it can revive the dead in such a large area, but it also comes with the great repercussion of becoming weakened. Kabrakan needs to hide behind a trustworthy tank each and every time he uses it or else, he might get instantly assassinated.

Adrian smiled as he did not need to use his own revival due to his best friend's intervention. Since he was helped by Levin Cloud, Adrian made sure to have paid it in return. He suddenly appeared next to Levin Cloud and used one of his most treasured spells on him.

"Rewind!" Adrian casted.

[You have used the Rewind Spell on the individual named Levin Cloud.]

[All of his stats and cooldowns will be reverted to what it was 10 minutes ago.]

[Rewind spell is not powerful enough to counteract some of the penalties that has afflicted the target.]

[All cooldowns for the target have been refreshed from what he used in the last 10 minutes.]

[All debuff that is applied on the target will be reduced by 50% instead.]

[Your target, Levin Cloud, will only be weakened for five minutes.]

[Your target, Levin Cloud, will only have his stats drop by 25% instead.]

[Your target, Levin Cloud, will only have his healing factor reduced by 25% for 30 minutes.]

"Sorry that I could not reverse all of it." Adrian stated.

"That is plenty enough as it is. No one would complain with them having to only suffer for half the backlash." Levin Cloud stated as he still needed Kabrakan to shield him just to be safe.

With the grand revival spell that Levin Cloud casted, he now became priority number one for the whole enemy army. Adrian, who was the primary target, suddenly became demoted to the second spot. The angels are now staring at Levin Cloud as if he was the most disgusting being in the whole world.

"Great Beauty Jophiel, the enemy priest managed to use a grand revival spell that is only spoke about in the legends. The fighting force that we were culling earlier have all been revived as if we did nothing at all. What are your next commands?" One of the angels asked as they knew that the morale boost that their side got earlier was suddenly squashed like a fantasy.

"Not only did we use the power accumulated to destroy the black sun, but we also lost one of my favorite generals. We must not let the descendants of the Asmodians run loose any longer. We must exterminate them from the roots. Activate the Castle of Beauty: Assault Mode." Jophiel commanded.

"As you wish!" The angel stated as all the angels suddenly touched the walls of the floating castle.

Just as the devil side army was celebrating their sudden revival from death, the floating castle of the enemy that was inactive suddenly started to move once more. The stationary floating castle suddenly started to break off into sections. The floating castle started to break into seven smaller castles with one being at the center.

[The Castle of Beaty has entered Assault Mode.]


The floating castle split up into seven with one being at the center and is also the largest one. The largest castle at the center looked like the face of a beautiful man or maiden that has its eyes closed. The six other sections that detached looked like white wings that serves as the actual wings of the face in the middle.

Adrian looked at the Castle of Beauty and saw that it was all connected despite all sections being separated from one another. The seven sections were actually connected by an invisible line of light elemental mana. The angels that were in battle smiled as they know that only complete annihilation is to be given to their enemies.

The beautiful face that is in the center of the separated floating castle suddenly opened its eyes. The eyes that resembled a void of darkness could be seen which terrified all those that gazed upon it. The face suddenly opened its mouth as it actually started absorbing the mana from the surroundings.

The six wings that accompanied it also became stationary and manifested the invisible connection that they have with the center section. The invisible connection actually manifested like a huge light elemental magic circle. A voice suddenly came out of the Castle of Beauty.

"Take a gaze at true beauty as this will be your last!" The voice that actually came from Jophiel reverberated in the area as the attack that has been charging up is released.

All the light elemental mana that was absorbed in a vast quantity is then blasted off by the opened mouth of the Castle of Beauty. The beam of light was perfectly calibrated to hit not just Levin Cloud but also the Hell Gate that was behind him. This was the attack that needed to be defended with all their might as they might lose if they do not stop it.

"Stop it at all costs!" The guild masters shouted as all the mages that are under them casted barriers with all their might.

Thousands of barriers came up but not one of them stood a chance at the strength of the attack. All the mages that actually used mana barriers were suddenly hit with dizziness as they lost all of their mana. Adrian tried to also soften the blow by using his Potential Barrier that blocks magical spells but even that was not enough.

The devils also participated as they created barriers with the darkness element which actually held out more. Still, that was not enough to fully defend against the beam of light. Adrian had no choice but to transport every ally that was on the path of the beam of light.

Numerous mirrors manifested and sent all the players that were supposed to get hit. The beam of light did not kill anyone, but it still headed straight towards the Hell Gate. Adrian appeared before the Hell Gate and fused all of his mirrors together to create an incredibly large one.

Adrian attempted to absorb the remaining power that the beam of light had but it was still too much for his current abilities to bear. In the end, his mirror cracked, and he had to teleport away or else he might be killed. The devil nobility that guarding the Hell Gate used all they had but still perished as a result.

[The Hell Gate has been damaged and its durability has been reduced by 20%.]

The notification that arrived was not something that the devil side army wanted to see. A part of the Hell Gate could be seen crumbling while numerous devil nobility turned into ashes. To make matters worse, the Castle of Beauty that they thought would need to recharge after releasing that kind of attack is once again charging its light beam attack.

"Are you kidding me?!" Adrian thought as he now knows why powerful buffs were given to the devil side army to contend against the angel army.