"Sorry for keeping you guys waiting." Adrian stated as he descended to the village.

The people in the village were not wary of Adrian or the others as they have already been seeing demons fly all over the place. The people in this village are those that did not want to be under other kingdoms because they were exiled for having relationships with other than humans. Adrian did not tell them to go away as he does not have ownership of the place and they are good neighbors.

The influx of players to Avalon is also what makes the nearby built villages safe. Some players even became village chiefs due to having great relations with the aboriginals. The monsters around the area of Avalon also became weaker due to the fact that players and even the demons drove the powerful monsters away from Avalon.

"Wow! You look so cool!" Tala stated as she saw Adrian's form inside the game.

"You really have this aura that makes one shiver." Maya stated as she could feel some sort of power from Adrian.

"Sorry that I am not cool enough or look cool enough." Apolaki stated as he dropped down from Kanlaon.

"I also came with them." Solstice stated as she was covered in her golden armor since it was still early out.

"A dragon! Cool!" Tala stated as she suddenly charged towards Kanlaon and gave him a hug.

"Do not hug the giant dragon suddenly! You might get burnt to a crisp! I am not yet strong enough to defeat one." Bunn Bunn stated as he tried stopping Tala, but she was actually stronger than him.

"Did she choose to become a summoner?" Adrian asked as he saw another monster with Tala, but he was even more shocked that the monster could speak.

"That is not the case. I think I need to tell you all about it once we leave here. A crowd is already starting to form." Maya stated as she could see that every citizen started to gather.

"Okay then. Tala, you can ride Kanlaon. We will now go back to my territory." Adrian stated but an old man suddenly clutched his hand or rather tried to.

"Do you need something?" Adrian stated as he felt the presence of the old man who looks like a normal human, but he actually has small dragon wings behind his back.

"Lord of Avalon… can you hear this old one's request?" The old man stated.

"I think we should at least hear him out since there is a commotion that we have created here. It would be rude." Solstice stated.

"Please state what you want to say then." Adrian stated as he agreed with what his sister said as well.

"There has been some strange activity in the forest near us. The strong monsters started to roam much closer than before as if they are getting pushed out. The townspeople are not yet injured or attacked as they have become stronger in order to defend themselves, but I do not want for the worse to happen. I wish that you can investigate for me as we do not have people that is good at that skill set." The old man stated.

"Since we are basically neighbors, I should also look into it as well. Stronger monsters suddenly coming near villages usually meant that they are getting pushed by something far stronger than them." Adrian stated.

"Thank you very much. Your assurance to investigate is something that would give us some peace as well. Can I ask when you will send your investigation squad so that we can at least accommodate them in our village for helping?" The old man asked.

"No need because I will investigate it right now with my cousins. I will need to look at it since I am already here." Adrian stated as two magic circles suddenly appeared behind him.

"You have called, master." Sirius and Dodu stated as they appeared from their magic circles.

"Doggy! And a bean bag!" Tala stated as she ran towards Sirius and Dodu.

"Investigate the forest that surround us. We shall be following you once you see something strange." Adrian stated.

"As you will, master." Sirius stated as he suddenly entered the shadow realm and Tala became a bit upset because she was hugging him.

Dodu suddenly started to split up into numerous smaller slimes, but one was left. Tala saw this and immediately hugged the remaining small Dodu. The next thing that they need to do was wait but Maya and Tala were still low leveled which is why they need to start combat.

"Thank you very much. I will prepare a reasonable compensation that might be useful to Lord Equinox." The old man stated as he almost cried and immediately called the villagers to see what they can give Adrian.

"Since we suddenly got an impromptu quest, shall we head to a field that both of you can start leveling up for the moment?" Adrian stated as Kanlaon reduced his size to coil around Adrian's arm.

The cousins then started to walk to the field as they waited for Adrian's soulbounds reports. Maya also told them what happened to them while they were in the starting village. She told them that she received a necklace from a weird colored elf while Tala went to a special area in the starting village.

Adrian also checked if Tala and Bunn Bunn are indeed connected to each other, and they were. They share one soul despite having two different bodies. It was very world shocking that it was one of their cousins to unlock such a feature.

"Still, you must be careful. If either one of you dies, then the other shall die as well since both of you share one soul." Adrian stated which shocked Tala and Bunn Bunn.

"Do not worry as I shall make sure that both of us are safe since we share the same soul." Bunn Bunn stated as if he was a knight taking a pledge.