Other than the meeting that he had with the entirety of the Heavenly Strength Society, the Heavenly Demon additionally had an enclosed one between him and the Four Pillars…

Just like he said before he went out with style, he mentioned that something wrong could happen. The fact that the invasion that could take centuries before occurring had come about in his era could be considered as ominous as it was a very rare experience, so it was normal to expect that things wouldn't go smoothly.

However, even when they were told to take the probability into account, the Four Pillars were still stunned by the Heavenly Demon's death!

Within the four of them, two had entered the Society alongside him, being from the same generation, and another was his junior with whom he kept a good relationship. Other than the Absolute Spear who was a maverick unattached to generations, the rest were closely tied to him.

The fact that his death wasn't the result of his loss was even more depressing. Everyone had no other choice but to see him fade away due to his opponent's fraudulent ability.

From Leo's perspective, the Demon Lord had the classic main character template. Tragic past, oppressed by the world, anti-hero character development… Everything checked out. He was the Demon World's protagonist that was given one of the strongest plot armors, semi-immortality.

Unfortunately, he wasn't this specific story's protagonist, what made him different from Geochin was that he could die. Even then, his death didn't come cheap, he just had to take down the biggest obstacle in his fellow protagonist's path.

"Does anyone have anything to say before we start on the main topic?"

Regardless, as much as they couldn't accept the situation, life always went on, never stopping for the sake of one person. They didn't necessarily have to come up with a choice during the very first meeting, but the Scarlet Sky Summit had to at least start up the discussion about the Society Leader's successor.

"Yeah, I was going to wait for a better time to say this, but it would only make this more complicated, so let's just get this over with… I'm leaving."

The audience's eyes widened as they heard what the speaker had to say. Not only was his announcement a complete surprise, but it also seemed to be completely out of place.

"Hwa-Bi? What do you mean by leaving?"

The Fist Lord spoke as the one who was most familiar with the current center of attention. For some reason, the Inescapable Arrow was claiming that he would bail on the Heavenly Strength Society!

"It's simple, leaving means leaving. You of all people should know why I'm doing this, Sun. Unlike the rest of you, the one I truly owe was Madang. Since he selfishly decided to leave without even saying goodbye, I don't see a reason to remain within the Society."

The core of the Heavenly Strength Society was all made of the orphans the group of orphans picked at once. After a patch had been enlisted into the Heavenly Furnace, there would usually be no additional enlistment until the next generation of entrants. With the state that Murim was in, there was no way that the Society's members could pick each and every orphan that they would come upon…

However, there could always be exceptions depending on the person who was pushing for it. Unlike Cheon Sun who entered at the same time as the Heavenly Demon, the Inescapable Arrow was someone that Cheon Madang had personally picked up on his first outing.

Although it had been allowed only thanks to the incredible talent that the future Heavenly Demon had shown, their first impression was that he was just being kind by giving a chance to the orphan who was bullied for having the looks of a blond foreigner, but they were quickly proven wrong when Cheon Hwa-Bi showed his talent in the rare archer path!

As such, despite having risen to the ranks of the Four Pillars, the Inescapable Arrow was like the Heavenly Demon's shadow. His benefactor's interest was the same as his, all of the assassinations he had carried out so far had been requests from Cheon Madang!

Other members may be a different story, but once someone had risen to the ranks of the Four Pillars, they would basically get their freedom back. They could choose to ignore some orders or wander off Mount Heaven unless the Society Leader instructed against it and had the ability to stop them. In the current state of the Society, all Four Pillars were practically free to go.

"I understand, but can't you at least wait till the new Leader fully takes position? I'm sure no one would stop you from leaving then either."

Let alone Cheon Sun, even those that had a shallow acquaintance with Cheon Hwa-Bi quickly understood his decision and were no longer surprised. However, everyone hoped they would stay united to make the most suitable decision.

One pillar might not make a difference in the past, but without the Society Leader in place, the situation wasn't too good. There were already less than 30 members at this meeting and losing one of the top ones didn't sound good, especially when they didn't know if the Murim Alliance would still band together to attack them.

"As Madang had once said, only those who are destined would stand where he stood, so I don't think my decision has any importance. Also… I wouldn't be much of a help as things are."

Cheon Sun, Cheon Jeong, and Cheon Chang stared into Cheon Hwa-Bi's eyes, noticing that something was wrong. It seemed like he was hiding something.

"See you then, I wish you luck on making a choice."

Hwa-Bi's arms twitched as he slipped out of the Internal Meeting Hall. he was able to skillfully conceal it, but the battle had taken a toll on him. With the energy output that he had to put into each arrow, specifically, the one he aimed at the Demon Lord, both his Dantian and Energy Channels were in rough shape.

As someone who only fired his arrows every once in a while, it was only normal that he required a period of recovery if he didn't want to aggravate his condition, but he knew he would be more of a burden if he stayed around like that. Since he couldn't contribute much, he believed that he had no right to decide the future of the Society…