With the conclusion of the meeting's main agenda, it quickly came to a light close with the council members silently leaving after paying respect to the new Heavenly Demon.

'The Leader has left the Society in good hands.'

Considering that the Scarlet Sky Council would have likely decided on a not-so-different course of action if Yeon had been unsure of what to do, albeit slower, this meeting wasn't as necessary as they made it to be, nor was its result that groundbreaking.

However, its real value was the confirmation that the new Head was not only of outstanding quality but also perfectly fitting for the tough body known as the Heavenly Strength Society.

"Department Head Jing, deliver these to the Beast Rearing Cave on your way out."

As the Head of the Intelligence department, Cheon Jing was also responsible for handling most logistics using the information he had, so he was the ideal candidate to ensure that Yeon's other plans would be smoothly carried out.

"As the Leader wishes."

Although a flash of surprise momentarily appeared on his face, Cheon Jing respectfully received the letters floating in front of him without even checking their details. The Society Leader's response wasn't restricted to the norms! Making additional preparations made her an even better leader!

It didn't even matter if these preparations were helpful or not, just the fact that Yeon didn't let time take its course and tried to use the available resources to gain advantage was something to be elated about. This was exactly the perfect mindset that a leader of a rich behemoth like the Heavenly Strength Society needed to have!

'They should arrive on time if things aren't accelerated because of me.'

In order to deliver the letters that would be crucial for the final outcome, using normal Martial Artists wasn't an option. Thankfully, that wasn't the only delivery system that the Society had, the silent infiltration letters were more about intimidation than being quick.

Despite lacking the impact to stand out from those following the conventional path, Martial Artists that used their Internal Energy to tame True Beasts did exist, it was just that their path was much harder and too time-consuming to practice that only those passionate about it would care to tread it.

Naturally, as was the case with most prominent organizations, a few such 'weirdos' existed in the Heavenly Strength Society with a whole side cave within mount Heaven assigned to them. The flying beasts of the Beast Rearing Cave were one of the fastest creatures in Murim.

With the delivery details that Yeon added at the back of each letter, all the Beast Tamers had to do was to assign the beasts' destinations and they were guaranteed to reach their targets with more than enough time to make a move before it was too late!

'Though there is no guarantee that things will play out our way.'

Just like the Heavenly Strength Society was in a much better state than it was in the novel, Geochin could act even faster beyond Leo's expectations. In addition, handing out letters didn't mean that everyone would accept the 'invitation'.

'But that's as far as our preparations can go.'

Crying about it or overthinking the endless possibilities couldn't provide any help either, and all that could be done was already in motion, the only thing that Leo and Yeon could do at this moment was to better control their new strength as the main players of the decided training plan!

'We should…'

Just as Leo was debating how he would go with this final round of training, the figures of two Scarlet Sky Warriors that had been hidden behind the others suddenly came into Leo's sight when everyone else was gone as one of them stormed towards Yeon!

"You really went and became the Society Leader, Unnie!"

After maintaining her silence for the whole meeting, Cheon Sohee gave no regard to Yeon's fearsome new authority as she pulled her older sister into a passionate hug. She had missed her!

Yeon's eyes hardened at first before quickly turning soft as she wrapped her arms around Sohee in return. A Heavenly Demon had to maintain a dignified image, but it was also their right to be willful. While the experience she inherited was immensely helpful, it made her feel a little lonely deep inside.

"Sorry, we made you wait..."

Leaving the sisters to catch up, Leo exchanged awkward but understanding glances with Cheon Yong. Barely that much time had passed for him, but they had disappeared as soon as they returned from the war...

Even when seclusion training was a common thing, the four of them had recently spent all of their time together that their sudden separation made one feel that something just wasn't right.

'Right, there are two more that I will have to eventually forget.'

Leo's fate was already entangled with Yeon's as soon as he arrived in the world of 'Murim Supremacy', but these two weren't just passersby either.

Planned or not, they had become a part of his family. However, just like Crane, Rain, Ria, and the kids, he would have to say goodbye to them soon. In just a few months, he had to leave this world or die trying…

Although he had some confidence in reuniting with Yeon at one point with how his ability is gradually evolving, hoping to get in touch with his Senior brother and the others wasn't a realistic demand.

In the end, they were people that he had no choice but to leave behind, looking back at them from the window of pages.

"Baekho Orabeoni has also become a Pillar!"

Breaking free from the hug that she had initiated, Cheon Sohee wholeheartedly congratulated Leo on his advancement.

In reality, considering how close they were to Yeon, it wouldn't be off if either she or Yong would have felt like they lost their chance to Leo, but neither of them seemed to think so.

They were truthfully happy for both Yeon and Leo's jump in strength and status without any shred of envy!

'We have some catching up to do.'

The training was essential, but Leo planned to lightheartedly spend a day or two with his family here before he would come to regret it...