'There can't be a proper epilogue without a big finale, but…'


'Couldn't it be a bit more peaceful?'

Considering that the time he had left in this world was reduced to nothing but mere months, Leo firmly believed that this was crunch time.

Not only was this the best time to learn everything that the environment made easy or convenient to learn, but it was also a great chance to roam the world once more with the family that he would soon say goodbye to while picking up all kinds of valuable materials that would have great worth back on Earth.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

However, since this novel was far from ending peacefully just as was the case with his first one, Leo was stuck in the training room instead, trying to improve his ability with his life on the line!

"What are you so distracted for?"

"Sorry, senior brother. My greed… No, it's nothing."

Although Leo knew that the essential hidden pieces or opportunities had already been picked up by either himself or Geochin, he couldn't help getting lost in thought as he considered the possible valuables that he could pick up by venturing into a few danger zones with his current strength. He was having trouble keeping his greed in check.

'I do have more than three times the points of last time, but I doubt I will be able to take everything back.'

In the end, even if the situation was different and he had the chance to collect freebies, the chances that he could exchange them through his 'realization' was slim. In fact, Leo would do away with all of that for just a bit of hope to take his current strength with him… But even that wasn't a realistic request either.

"I will concentrate my focus once more."

"By any chance, is it that you think you can relax now that we stand at the same level?"

Despite being known as the peak of spears, possessing a level of skill beyond any other, Cheon Chang was undoubtedly still an Unrestrained Martial Artist. Naturally, there was a difference between him and Leo as someone who reached the extreme limit of that stage, but he still didn't possess the ability to contend with someone at the Profound stage.


Regardless, he had been strangely restless these days for some reason unknown to Leo. In Cheon Chang's eyes, Leo's lack of focus felt extremely unfamiliar.

Starting from the very beginning, even when he was just getting beaten up, Leo had always given it his all to strike back despite knowing it was impossible, trying his best to slowly climb the wall that the Absolute Spear presented.

Yet now that they could finally train as equals to some extent, his focus appeared to be always scattered. As if at the end of the rope, he was caught up thinking of what he could do before he had to let go.

Of course, even while absentminded, the skill that Leo had shown through instinct and muscle memory was still comparable to other well-known Unrestrained powerhouses. However…

'This won't do, I need to push him further.'

"Just like always, you may have become one, but you still don't know how to fight as an Unrestrained Martial Artist."

Many would become satisfied with just having the ability to handle a few moves from the Absolute Spear let alone stand their ground against him as Leo was able to, but that wasn't what should be expected from the Heavenly Strength Society's latest Unrestrained Powerhouse, at least not one of the students of the Sword Spear Unity Heavenly Demon!


All of the sudden, Leo's spear came to a halt as an incredible amount of pressure overcame his whole body. It was as heavy as a mountain!

'This is…'

The body that had executed countless complicated movements just by memory was frozen in place, incapable of reacting as it intended.

'This is the way an Unrestrained fights?'

Thanks to how less detailed 'Murim Supremacy' had become as it sped up towards the end, Leo barely knew anything about the battle style of Unrestrained Martial Artists as their fights were usually compressed to a simple 'level' comparison.

He might have had some ideas, but he didn't expect it to be that brash!

Compared to the changes he had to apply to his battle style as he advanced stages before this, it was like equipping a whole new arsenal. It was mainly because he had just stepped into the stage and had no chance to experiment with his new 'tool' while immersed in brainstorming, but Leo couldn't help being amazed!

'This gives a whole new definition to the battle of psychics!'

Unlike a few seconds earlier, Leo's aura surged as his body suddenly broke out of its captor even as his brain operated at a heightened speed. Yes, this was precisely why he was spending the little precious time he had left in this gloomy training hall!

"Would you have taken me in if my thinking was truly that shallow, senior brother?"

"Then show me what you got!"

Looking back, perhaps he did already get everything he needed if not what he wanted. If anything, the chance to spar against the Absolute Spear was likely the most valuable resource he could obtain in this little time.

It was only that it didn't feel that way to Leo earlier since he was used to having Cheon Chang by his side, it was all a matter of relativity and subjectivity.

But now that his time here was getting even more and more scarce?


The clash that seemed easy at first yet completely impossible a few seconds earlier was one more achieved by Leo. All he needed was to have a single taste of that carefully intended 'move' to understand what he had to do!

"Just like that…"

Although this was the first training session of many, Leo had already started to understand the practical application of his new strength. This was the true character of the one he had chosen to inherit his master's path!