"Please just die. Not only for the sake of Murim but also for your very own sake. Let me stop you from straying further so I can set things back to their proper course."

Even as he said such harsh words, Leo couldn't help feeling some form of pity when he saw the incomprehensible expression on Geochin's face.

He hadn't stopped. If words would have been that effective on him, then Geochin would have crumbled long ago. Still, he was caught in a momentary reflection of everything that he had done that his mind froze.

"N-No… It's not over. This is not how it's supposed to end..."

Naturally, the psychotic break he was suffering from was largely affected by the sight of his disintegrating army, as well as the pressure that his body was increasingly feeling.

The world was turning foggy, and Geochin found himself wondering if he should really let himself go. Wouldn't all of his and this world's worries vanish with his timely death? Should he have not tried to put his hands where he didn't belong…?

<Geochin! Snap out of it!>

"I… -You, what have you done?!"

All of the sudden, the stuttering Geochin's voice overlapped much older than his own. Leo wasn't entirely sure, but it seemed like he was somehow directly listening to the Murim Lord thanks to Geochin's current mental state.

"I have done nothing but what needs to be done. I know you require his help to roam the Murim once more. However, if you truly care about him as his ancestor, you would know that this is the best for him. He is only living in continuous agony to seek a nonexistent end, Geochin deserves an early rest. Either way…"

Geochin had almost completely lost control of his body and everything, even the saving grace of Namgung Geom's control had become undeniably sluggish. Despite all of that, Leo didn't grow careless as he laid out his last card.

"I will do what I have set out to do whether you agree or not."


Leo's True Internal Fire spread out into a circle to surround the Telekinetic Field that he had set up, closing all possible exits as the Field went into hyperdrive. It was now or never!

"How can this be? Just how can you maintain this?!"

No matter how mighty the old Murim Lord had been, he was only a shadow of what he once was. Not to mention that Geochin's body was a poor conductor of his experience, his distracted self could have never imagined the trap he had fallen into.

For a moment, he forgot to be shocked about the fact that Leo also knew about him just like he knew a lot about Geochin.

"Does this look familiar to you? I imagine you were the one who advised him to try and obtain it."

The unfortunate reality was that even Leo's over 170 years of Internal Energy was still not enough to support the consumption that he placed upon himself by making this trap of Telekinesis and Fire, but he just happened to have what could solve that problem for him!

Leo put his hand into his internal pocket to take out a pearl-like object shining in illustrious purple…

It was the Violet Plum Core!

"I made sure to fill it up throughout the last few months aside from the energy that it naturally produced. I expected that I would need something like this if I were to deal with a special duo like you."

"I… See."

Upon receiving the answer to his question that Leo was kind enough to give, only a hint of doubt emerged before being submerged by a wave of deep concession.

"So there was someone like you that was specifically preparing to deal with the both of us…"

Geochin's body was still on the move, trying its best to keep alive, yet it was as if the Murim Lord was somehow accepting the situation that he ended up in. An elaborate plan was set up just for the disposal of both himself and his descendant.

"In all honesty, I wasn't sure if what he decided to invest his life into was the right thing or not, but there was nothing that I could do other than supporting him. He would still have walked the same path whether I helped him or not."


The Blue Dragon barely held on as Namgung Geom spoke out his last words. It wasn't as if he was trying to spark some feelings of pity from Leo, rather, it was more like a rant. He was letting out his feelings for one last time through the window that Geochin had enabled him.


Like a mountain that was slowly tumbling down, Geochin was pushed back, receiving one strike after the other. Despite everything being sealed with only one possible conclusion, whoever was in control was still trying his best.

"I do not regret that I won't be able to see the world through his eyes again. Still, don't expect me to go down willingly."

The Murim Lord, The Sword Emperor! The Blue Flash Swordsman, The Murim League, and The Liberation Army's Leader!

The identities that this crumbling entity presented were that of warriors with a cause, they couldn't be denied an honorable death!

"Without a doubt, a surrender after all of the effort that I spent preparing for this would be an insult for me as well."

Although Leo had already gotten to experience a battle to the death with a protagonist, a proper ending was definitely in order. Both he and his opponent deserved closure, and so did this Finale!

"Goodbye, Kim Geochin."

Klang! Klang! Swish!

A bloody string appeared on Geochin's neck as Leo grew ever so closer to achieving his final objective.

"Goodbye, Namgung Geom."

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Blue Dragon could no longer keep up with the ferocious White Tiger as it went directly for its enemy's body, and before long…


An unassuming head was sent flying.

[ Plot Change Confirmed. Legendary Event Occurrence has been detected. ]

[ Main Quest Accomplished: … ]