As soon as the word 'redeem' was spoken, dozens of these chicks quickly flapped their wings and jumped up while clucking, their eyes revealing endless desire.

They were going crazy.

In fact, in order to snatch this opportunity, after leaping, they ended up grappling with each other, scattering chicken feathers all around.

Xu Qing frowned.

Immediately, these chicks fell silent. No matter what cultivation they had previously, after they knew their situation and understood that there were four Soul Accumulation cultivators here, they didn't dare to be arrogant at all.

Although the grief and indignation were also intense, if they wanted to live, they could only lower their heads.

Seeing that they had quietened down, Xu Qing lifted his hand and pointed a few times. He chose more than 30 chicks from the 100-odd chicks.

"Which one of you is the fastest?"

Xu Qing asked.

Immediately, one of the chicks jumped up fiercely, its clucking sounds filled with desire.

Xu Qing nodded and took out the jade token that the heir had given him to control the chicks. He performed a series of hand seals and pointed. Immediately, a white light flew out of the jade token and headed straight for the chick.

At the next instant, the little chick trembled all over and its form changed. Instead of turning into a humanoid cultivator, its chicken body expanded to a size of 100 feet, turning into a giant chick.

Its cultivation base also recovered. Immediately, a second stage Nihility fluctuation erupted from its body and the power of the Crimson Goddess spread out. This person… was none other than the divine envoy of the Red Moon Shrine.

A strange look appeared in Xu Qing's eyes. However, when he thought about how it was Fifth Grandma who was raising them, he wasn't surprised. Hence, his body swayed and he directly stood on the back of the large chick.

"All of you, follow behind." Xu Qing calmly issued a decree after he spoke to the other little chicks and unlocked some seals for them.

"Let's go!"

The second stage Nihility chick didn't dare to resist. Fifth Grandma's restrictions made it so that he would wish he was dead if he showed even a trace of rebelling. He hurriedly nodded and leaped up.

He headed straight for the sky.

As for the other little chicks, all of them rushed out rapidly and followed behind.

Just like that, the group of little chicks sped all the way. Amidst the gray storm, a whistling sound rang out as they flew toward the edge of the desert.

Their speed was so fast that they seemed to be shuttling through the void.

In just a few hours, they flew from the Bitter Life Mountain Range to the edge of the desert.

From afar, one could see a large number of makeshift sand houses being constructed on the outskirts of the desert. Those stationed here were desert cultivators, numbering nearly ten thousand, with Ancestor Mogui as their leader.

After noticing a group of chicks flying over, the cultivators here were all surprised. Ancestor Mogui was the first to rush out.

He knew these chicks. After he flew into the air and saw Xu Qing's figure clearly, Ancestor Mogui's heart trembled.

"It's this young master!"

As a staff member of the apothecary, he naturally knew Xu Qing's status in the apothecary. He had also seen the crown prince guide him many times. Hence, he was fully aware that this person was the owner of the apothecary and was like a disciple to the crown prince.

He hurriedly spoke loudly.

"Greetings, Young Master!"

Ancestor Mogui cupped his fists and bowed in the air.

Xu Qing nodded and similarly cupped his fists in return.

"Greetings, Senior."

Although the other party's identity was a staff member of the apothecary, Xu Qing knew that all of this was because of the heir and not him. Moreover, compared to those little chicks, there must be a reason why Ancestor Mogui was let off by the heir.

Facing Xu Qing's return greeting, Ancestor Mogui sighed with emotion. He could be shameless in the apothecary but there were so many people here now and most of them were his subordinates, so he wanted to maintain some dignity.

Xu Qing's return greeting made him feel very comfortable. Naturally, he felt a little closer to him.

"Young Master, what's your motive for coming here this time?"

"The heir ordered me to come and receive the cultivators from the Moon Rebel Hall."

Xu Qing looked up into the distance. Beyond the gray wind, the sky and earth were dyed in a blood-red hue, as if soaked in blood. In this blood-colored world, numerous black dots appeared on the horizon.

They were rushing over.

Those small black dots were flying ships.

They were the ships of the fourth hall master and his subordinates who had fled all the way under the pursuit of the Red Moon Shrine.

Most of the thousand flying ships had some degrees of damage. The cultivators inside were even weaker than half a month ago. It was the same for their fatigue. The eruption of their injuries and the anxiety in their hearts caused everyone to be exhausted.

Behind them was a sky filled with red lights.

As for the fourth hall master at the front of the team, his face was pale and his injuries were serious. The auras of the Nihility subordinates behind him had also reached the critical point.

"Fourth Hall Master, this is the last curse subduing pill. Although Master Pill Nine's pills are provided for free, there are too many people who need them and the number is limited. I'm ultimately inferior to Master Pill Nine. Even if he gave me the prescription, I cannot produce it."

Behind the fourth hall master, a middle-aged man at the first stage of Nihility took out a pill bottle and handed it over.

When the fourth hall master heard this, he looked at the medicinal pill and let out a low voice.

"Shengluo, you've done your best."

"You guys can split it up and consume it. I can still hold on."

That first stage Nihility middle-aged man was none other than Master Shengluo.

Hearing the fourth hall master's words, Shengluo lowered his head.

The fourth hall master patted his shoulder and looked at the distant desert, at the gray storm that blotted out the sky.

Due to the obstruction of the storm, he couldn't see Xu Qing and the others. What he saw was a vast expanse. Hence, he communicated softly.

"Master Pill Nine didn't reply to any of my messages. I think it's inconvenient for him to reveal his identity. I hope he's fine…"

Shengluo nodded with a complicated expression.

"There are rumors that Master Pill Nine is in the desert ahead… Fourth Hall Master, the news from the Desert Holy Land has also been transmitted through the Master Pill Nine. They allow us to enter, and the designated entry point is here."

"But behind us…" Shengluo turned his head and looked behind him.

Behind them, the redness of the world was like viscous blood that was constantly churning over. One could vaguely see many huge organs in this red world.

On the way, they encountered several interceptions from the Red Moon Shrine. Every time, it was a bitter battle and there were more and more casualties. This was also the reason why everyone's injuries were getting more serious.

Every time they shook them off, it wouldn't be long before the Red Moon Shrine caught up to them again.

At that moment, the pursuers from the Red Moon Shrine emerged again.

"It's fine. To the Red Moon Shrine, this suppression isn't very important. After all, the Crimson Goddess will descend in less than ten months. If too many of us die, more Red Moon dependent forces will have to fill this gap."

The fourth hall master's voice was filled with fatigue as he slowly spoke.

"So, the internal situation of the Red Moon Shrine is actually quite chaotic. The wills are not unified; some take this as a game, some are blatantly neglecting the orders, and some emphasize suppression."

"And if you carefully recall this trip, we're only being chased away."

The fourth hall master sneered.

"There are some forces in the Red Moon Shrine who hope that we can survive until the Crimson Goddess descends."

"There are also some forces that adhere to the concepts of the previous eras in this large region. They think that delicious food needs to move around more. Only when it's active will it be more aesthetically pleasing. The more it struggles, the more delicious it will be."

"To us, it's a life-and-death resistance. To the higher-ups of the Red Moon Shrine, this might just be a game."

"However, because of the appearance of the heir, some of the forces in the temple have become vigilant. They are the ones who launched the suppression."

Shengluo fell silent. He had also observed this phenomenon along the way. Not only him, but the Nihility cultivators of the various races on the flying ships also sensed it. However, it was now exposed by the fourth hall master.

"Don't dwell on it too much. Regardless of what happens ten months from now, at least… we are living for freedom now."

The fourth hall master took a deep breath and waved his hand. Immediately, the speed of all the flying ships soared and they headed straight for the desert storm in front of them, getting closer and closer.

However, at this moment, the blood light behind them suddenly flickered and expanded. At the same time, it transformed into a large blood-colored hand that blotted out the sky and earth as it grabbed at them.

A cold glint flashed in the fourth hall master's eyes and his cultivation base erupted. Immediately, the color of the sky changed and illusory small worlds appeared in the sky. After they fused together, they formed an illusory large world.

This was the sign of a fourth stage Nihility cultivator!

Although the great world was illusory, it was astonishingly majestic. It blocked the incoming blood-colored hand.

At the same time, all the cultivators on the flying ship also acted, forming tens of thousands of spells that gathered together, adding color to the large world and making it look even more real.

The dozen or so Nihility cultivators spread out their cultivation bases, forming the pillars of the great world.

The thunderous sound erupted in an instant, deafening and overwhelming. A tremendous force surged, creating waves that spread in all directions, causing the blood-colored hand to shatter into fragments.

However, the fourth hall master's illusory great world also collapsed and everyone spat out blood, but their flying ships, propelled by the impact, accelerated even more. Like celestial maidens scattering flowers, they rushed towards the storm in the desert.

Meanwhile, the storm connecting the heavens and the earth in the desert, amidst the endless howling, suddenly cracked open. It was as if two massive curtains were moving apart, revealing a widening gap that resembled the opening of a door.

Inside the door, one could see Ancestor Mogui, Xu Qing, and tens of thousands of cultivators from the desert.

Both sides gazed at each other. Just as the fourth hall master's side was about to rush in, the red light in the distance erupted again. The temples carried by dozens of lumps of flesh didn't get close but stopped. However, they each emitted a rich blood glow, transforming into a massive face in the sky.

This face gazed like the face of a nonhuman that was covered in scales. It coldly gazed at the desert, charging directly as if to follow the flying ships and enter the desert together.

However, at this moment, Xu Qing patted the giant chick under him.

The large chick trembled and cautiously hurried out, carrying Xu Qing into the air. Ignoring the passing flying ships from the fourth hall master's side, Xu Qing raised his right hand, palm facing the huge face outside the storm.

He had a jade token in his hand.

At this moment, he ruthlessly squeezed.

The jade token instantly shattered and an energy fluctuation of Soul Accumulation erupted from within, forming a huge vortex in front of Xu Qing.

As it rumbled, bolts of lightning swam inside. After that, an earth-shattering huge finger stretched out from the vortex.

Countless flashes of lightning accompanied its movement, and surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars, it emerged as if a meteoric shower, carrying the overwhelming aura of Soul Accumulation, was sweeping across.

From a distance, it seemed like fragmented stones piercing through the void, waves crashing on the shore. The finger, with its majestic energy, aimed towards the approaching face.