"During the time we haven't met, I dreamt of your fragrance several times. It's truly haunting. With such cultivation, and still maintaining the original yang essence, it's indeed rare in the world."

"It's a pity that you are young and don't know how to appreciate the charm of a big sister. You mistook the little snake for a treasure, breaking Sister[1]'s heart."

The woman covered her perky bosom, her voice coquettish with a sweet and mellow tone, like a valley's warbling or a tinkling spring, reminiscent and delightful.

When it landed in Xu Qing's ears, it seeped into his mind, causing his breathing to become hurried again. He instinctively moved away a little and turned his head to look at the woman behind him.

"Don't run, brother. Sister forgives you."

"Who asked you to be so tempting? Sister's really happy to see you."

The clay fox's beautiful eyes were filled with anticipation. Her fiery gaze seemed to be able to see Xu Qing clearly from the inside out. There was also a wanton smile on her beautiful face as she puffed out her chest and moved closer to Xu Qing.

"Have you finally opened up or come to a realization this time? You even came to find me secretly all by yourself."

Xu Qing instinctively retreated. However, when he took a step back, the clay fox took a step forward. The red veil on her body looked like it was about to slip.

This scene was like an impatient bully seeing a young girl waiting in her room. He pressed on while taking off her clothes one by one.

In the end, Xu Qing had nowhere to retreat. He took a deep breath and kept his face expressionless as he spoke.

"Senior, I came here this time to discuss the kidney from last time."

The clay fox licked her lips and smiled, waving her hand.

"That's a small matter. It's just a kidney. Let's not waste time. Come, sit at Big Sister's house for a while. Later, Big Sister will personally cook and stew that kidney for you."

As she spoke, she was about to bring Xu Qing to the inverted temple in the air.

"Don't worry, Sister will be very gentle."

Xu Qing's scalp went numb. He circulated all his cultivation and spoke in a low voice.

"Senior, that's not what I meant. I wanted to…"

Before Xu Qing could finish speaking, the clay fox smiled lightly. With a raise of her hand, a crescent-shaped golden kidney appeared out of thin air on her jade hand. The kidney emitted golden light that illuminated the surroundings.

There were also astonishing energy fluctuations spreading out from the kidney, emitting an ancient aura.

Back then, Xu Qing's cultivation and horizons were limited, but now that he saw the kidney again, his eyes revealed a strange glint. He could vaguely tell that there was indeed a trace of the captain's aura on it.

"Is it this?" A hint of joy appeared in the clay fox's eyes.

Xu Qing nodded.

"Junior wants to buy this kidney."

The clay fox's watery eyes became even more charming. A layer of mysterious fog seemed to spread out from her eyes, dyeing the surroundings pink.

"Why, little brother, do you have to be so straightforward? It takes away all the fun. Just follow big sister, and not only will you get one kidney, but I'll make sure to get you another one."

"This was originally what I promised you back then to nourish your body. However… what do you want to exchange for it?"

"Your yang essence?"

At the mention of the yang essence, the fervor in the clay fox's eyes grew even more intense. She bit her red lips and looked at Xu Qing as though she was looking at a treasure.

Even her voice became much sweeter than before, as though it was soaked in honey.

Although Xu Qing was prepared before he came here, such a gaze still instinctively made him feel uneasy.

"Senior, all six of my masters have given me similar advice… I may not be able to fulfill this request, but I have a senior disciple who can surely satisfy you."

"I joined the sect later, but my Eldest Senior Brother entered many years earlier than me. He also cultivates the same cultivation art and also has a body of yang essence. Senior, you can pluck it whenever you want."

Xu Qing's expression was serious and honest as he looked at the clay fox.

The clay fox's eyes lit up.

"Let me see what he looks like."

Xu Qing immediately took out a jade slip and manifested his eldest senior brother's appearance. He also adjusted it to make him even more handsome.

However, when the clay fox swept her gaze over, she curled her lips in disdain.

"Too ugly! So ugly. No matter how thick his yang essence is, I won't be able to stomach it."

Xu Qing fell silent and was about to speak when the clay fox casually waved her hand and tossed the golden kidney to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing was stunned and immediately caught it.

The clay fox lifted her head and glanced at the pitch-black world above. She then smiled nonchalantly and looked at Xu Qing.

"You don't have to rack your brains to think about how to trade."

"You, this little brother, always know how to refuse me. Actually, think about it, as my companion, who would dare to provoke you in the future? Just serve me obediently, isn't that better?"

"However, Sister's not someone who takes advantage of others. You are the one who will suffer a huge loss if you trade your yang essence for this kidney. It's no wonder you won't agree.

"Forget it, forget it. Who asked you to be so tempting? I'll give you this kidney as a deposit. I'll trade for your yang essence when I find a better treasure."

"As for now, do me a favor and accompany me somewhere. Use your yang essence to pave the way for me."

With that, the clay fox waved her jade-like hand forward. Immediately, ripples appeared in front of her and the void tore apart on its own, transforming into a huge gap that looked like a passageway.

This gap was unstable, sometimes opening and sometimes closing, as if there was a struggle between two opposing forces within.

As for the interior, it was pitch black, with faint roars that sent shivers down the spine, emitting a terrifying aura and a boundless chill. Ordinary cultivators, with just a slight touch, would surely have their body and soul shattered.

However, in this cavern, this coldness was clearly suppressed and couldn't spread much.

"Let's go." The clay fox smiled and turned around. Her figure swayed slightly and she moved with graceful steps. Her alluring figure, which was covered in veil, swayed as she walked into the gap.

She didn't go deep. Instead, she stood there and turned to look at Xu Qing with a smile.

Xu Qing lowered his head and silently looked at the kidney in his hand. He then looked at the clay fox in the gap. He pondered for a while.

Finally, determination appeared in his eyes as he walked forward.

The cold wind blew his clothes. Xu Qing stepped into the gap and walked into the darkness with the clay fox.

As Xu Qing entered, the gap quickly disappeared.

The pressure inside the cavern also disappeared at this instant. A long time later, fluctuations appeared here and two figures appeared.

They were the heir and Princess Mingmei.

Xu Qing naturally wouldn't rashly barge in alone. When he arrived, he had already asked the heir for advice. Hence, on the way, the heir and Princess Mingmei were actually secretly following him.

At that moment, they looked at the spot where the gap disappeared with solemn expressions.

"This kid's judgment isn't wrong. It's indeed a god. She sensed us but didn't mind and allowed us to peep."

"However, I can sense that She doesn't have any ill intentions toward Xu Qing… Moreover, the one who came wasn't Her main body but a wisp of divine sense. As for Her origin, I'm unable to determine it for the time being."

"Her motive is also unknown."

"I originally planned to stop Her just now, but why did you stop me?"

The heir looked at his third sister beside him.

Princess Mingmei was silent for a while before speaking.

"The high gods of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race are divided into the sun, moon, and star. Among them, the Sun God is in a deep sleep, the Moon God is active, and the Star God is shrouded in mystery… The layout of this place should be somewhat related to that mysterious Star Flame High God."

"This is also the reason why I stopped you. I can roughly guess her motive. This is Xu Qing's opportunity."

When the heir heard this, he fell into profound thought.

At that moment, Xu Qing and the clay fox were moving forward in the gap.

The clay fox held a lantern in her hand which emitted a gentle light.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that the light of this lantern came from Xu Qing.

Countless fine light spots drifted out of Xu Qing's body. They were guided by the clay fox and fused into the lantern, forming a source of light.

Outside the light source, it was pitch-black like the abyss. There was no path at all, only endless cold wind, accompanied by waves of shocking roars and wails.

However, it was obvious that the light of this lantern possessed a suppressive force. Even though the roars in the surroundings grew increasingly intense, no existence dared to approach. As the two of them moved forward, the darkness split apart like ink.

Looking at all of this, Xu Qing followed silently and cautiously. He didn't know what this place was but he could sense dense anomalous substances outside the range of the light.

Moreover, it wasn't just one type but multiple.

Xu Qing fell into deep thought. After that, he looked at the lantern in the clay fox's hand.

He could already tell that what seemed to be the light of the lantern suppressing this place was actually… the lantern itself.

The function of light was more to guide the way.

As they moved forward, the light from the lantern seemed to resonate with a certain destination.

"This yang essence is really pure."

While Xu Qing was observing, the clay fox let out a soft cry. Her voice was very beautiful, causing one to feel comfortable and relaxed in this void-like world.

Xu Qing retracted his gaze from the lantern and suddenly spoke.

"Senior, the yang essence shouldn't be necessary to enter this place, right? With Senior's ability, you can easily enter any place."

The clay fox turned her head and looked at Xu Qing with her beautiful eyes, revealing a hint of admiration.

"Stinky brother's reaction is quite fast."

"That's right. The effect of your yang essence is to guide the way. This is because the place we're going to is one you've been to before."

When Xu Qing heard this, his gaze froze.

At this moment, the light of the lantern in front of him suddenly intensified. Under the brightness, it dispersed the darkness in the distant void, revealing the mouth of a gap.

"We're here." The clay fox's expression was saturated with anticipation, her enchanting eyes sparkling, and her voluptuous chest undulating with excitement. In the midst of the surging movement, the thin veil also slightly slipped.

"I've finally found you."

The clay fox instantly walked a few steps and resided beside the gap, looking inside.

Xu Qing's heart was also solemn as he looked at the gap.

It was saturated with gray light, as though there was a sandstorm inside. In the depths resided an primordial wooden door that was faintly discernible in the wind.

On the wooden door, one could vaguely see shocking scratches… They exuded bizarreness, desolation, and gloom.

When Xu Qing saw this, his core trembled.

He had been here before.

[1] She is referring to herself as big sister. It doesn't mean siblings.