Time had flown by.

Two years had passed since Xu Qing, the captain, and the others stepped into this Spirit Enclosure.

Many things had happened in the past two years, both for Xu Qing and this region.

Few people expected that the Nascent Soul cultivator who came ashore two years ago would unleash such an unprecedented storm in the Moon Worship Region.

This storm had first formed in the Heavenly Fire Sea.

In the storm, the two nonhuman kingdoms in the Heavenly Fire Sea collapsed. After that, this storm swept through the north. It brought drastic changes on its path. After that, the storm shook the god's dream in the Heavenly Bull Mountain Range, and then shocked the whole region when it arrived in the desert and Bitter Life Mountain Range.

During this time, Pill Nine of the Moon Rebel Hall became famous and the God Slaying Platform ignited a spark.

Finally, after two years of preparations and hard work, this storm blew out of the gate of the highest hall of the Moon Rebel Hall.

It erupted completely.

At this moment, the weather in the Moon Worship Region changed. The mountains and rivers trembled, and the wind and clouds surged.

The will of revival rose from the hearts of all living beings.

This opened gate existed both in the world and in the hearts of all living beings.

Similar to the principle that affected everyone and brought forth the scene of the God Slaying Platform, this moment, the gate of the highest hall of the Moon Rebel Hall was also manifesting in the minds of all living beings.

The moment it was opened, endless light spread out from the gate, illuminating the hearts of every lifeform, dispelling despair and penetrating the void, reviving the will of hope and reigniting the spark.

Eastern region, outside the Heavenly Fire Sea.

The holy city which Xu Qing had helped the human race occupy had now turned into ruins. Beneath these ruins was an underground cavern where Duanmu Zang and the remaining citizens were hiding.

The entire cavern was shrouded in silence, numbness, and despair. Duanmu Zang lay there on the verge of death, awaiting the arrival of his demise. The aura of the curse on his body was incomparably dense, and visible signs of decay could be seen on his body.

However, at this moment, his eyes suddenly opened. The expressions of all the humans in the cavern changed drastically and cries of surprise echoed. They all saw the scene in their minds!

Duanmu Zang's breathing was hurried. He was a cultivator of the Moon Rebel Hall to begin with, so he immediately understood the meaning of the bronze gate's appearance. This originally shocked him to the extreme, but what made him even more incredulous was the two figures revealed after the gate appeared in his mind.

One of them gave him an extremely familiar feeling.

"Xu Qing!"

At the same time, in the northern part of the Moon Worship Region, upon endless glaciers, a vast array enveloped the area, with an enormous range.

This array formation focused on sealing and trapping. Countless Red Moon cultivators surrounded the array formation and were reinforcing it, sealing everything.

Inside the array formation, there were hundreds of thousands of rebels. The leader was the third hall master of the Moon Rebel Hall who had the same status as the fourth hall master!

After the first hall master and fifth hall master betrayed, the army that was still persisting in the rebellion, other than in the Bitter Life Mountain Range, was here.

The hundreds of thousands of rebels here were already at the end of their rope. As the Moon Rebel Hall was sealed, they lost their connection with the outside world and had no way out. They could not escape the trap and could only wait for the arrival of the Red Moon Star.

Originally, they were about to lose their fighting spirit and their fatigue surpassed their desire to survive. However, at this moment, as the scene in their minds appeared, the hundreds of thousands of rebels here were all shocked and clamored.

The third hall master, who was a middle-aged man, suddenly stood up and exclaimed.

"Moon Rebel's gate!!"

The same scene was happening in the western and southern areas of the Moon Worship Region.

Countless resisting cultivators who had hidden themselves or were scattered were in turmoil.

Their numbers surpassed the resistance army that had gathered at the Bitter Life and the glaciers.

After all, the Moon Worship Region was too large. Moreover, the Red Moon Shrine didn't chase after these fleeing and scattered cultivators out of consideration for losing too many sacrifices.

These cultivators were from various races. Among them, there were also some cultivators Xu Qing and the others had encountered before. For example, Yunxia, who appreciated Wu Jianwu.

However, regardless of whether they were cultivators from the Moon Rebel Hall or not, their minds rumbled at this instant.

This was because this was the first time the highest hall of the Moon Rebel Hall had been opened in this era!

Especially at this critical moment, its opening was like sunlight piercing through the dark clouds, bringing light to the darkness!

At that moment, in the Bitter Life Mountain Range that was covered by Crimson Goddess' mortal skin, a resplendent light shone in all directions. All the cultivators here were shaken, especially the cultivators from the Moon Rebel Hall. They instinctively knelt down.

Even the fourth hall master's breathing was hurried. He looked at the bronze gate and his heart was in turmoil.

However, the people who were even more shocked than them were Ning Yan, Wu Jianwu, Li Youfei, and Ancestor Mogui. They looked at the two figures who had appeared behind the bronze gate in a daze.

As for Nether Fairy, she frowned and looked at Erniu with disgust. She hadn't seen the other party during this period of time and her mood had been very calm, but now, her frustration rose again.

What made her even more frustrated was Erniu's voice from inside the bronze gate.

"Haha, we came at the right time."

The bronze gate in the sky had completely opened. Under the light, Xu Qing and the captain walked out. The instant they walked out, the captain's words had just echoed when Xu Qing's expression changed.

He felt an enhancement.

This enhancement came from the Moon Rebel Hall. An astonishing power was emitted from the Moon Rebel Hall which surged into his body through the opened gate and nourished his entire body.

This power was extremely majestic, as though it had accumulated for endless years. It also contained the power of faith and karma.

In an instant, Xu Qing understood.

This was the Moon Rebel Hall reciprocating, an infusion of power for the one who became the Lord of the Moon Rebel Hall!

He could accept it or reject it.

However, if he accepted it, he would have to bear the karma of the Moon Rebel Hall, shoulder its mission, and take on the responsibility of the Moon Worship Region.

After sensing these, Xu Qing stopped in his tracks. The captain also instantly sensed it. A strange glint emerged in his eyes and he also stopped in his tracks.

The two of them looked at each other.

"Accept or not?" The captain's eyes gleamed.

"Accept!" Xu Qing nodded.

The captain laughed loudly. Together with Xu Qing, he bore this great karma at this moment.

The instant they agreed to shoulder this karma, this nourishing power surged into the two of them.

Xu Qing's entire body trembled, and in an instant, a heat surged through his body. The accumulated endless years of nourishment from the Moon Rebel Hall directly surged into his Golden Crow Nascent Soul.

The Golden Crow manifested and let out a loud cry. The tails on its back increased one after another and finally reached 1,000. It broke through from the fourth tribulation and directly reached the peak of the fifth tribulation, the perfected Nascent Soul.

The black spear manifested in its body, emitting a terrifying aura that carried the power to destroy the world. It was like a scorching sun that burned everything.

Xu Qing's overall aura suddenly increased, becoming stronger and stronger.

His breakthrough wasn't over. At the next instant, his Ghost Emperor Mountain appeared. This mountain was huge and ten thousand feet tall. It stood in the void and when it unlocked its eyes, it emitted the fluctuations of a perfected Nascent Soul, and gave off a profound sense of weight of the earth.

Next was D132. At this moment, under the nourishment of the Moon Rebel Hall, it also broke through. The sealing power inside became terrifying, and the domain of forgetfulness was even more obvious. At the same time, the prisoners in D132 also underwent changes.

They can be said to be the only living beings among all the nascent souls of Xu Qing, possessing the essence of life.

Xu Qing's combat strength rose rapidly.

After that, a roar rang out. The mosasaur rushed out of Xu Qing's body and swam in the air, dancing with the Golden Crow. The fluctuations of the Heavenly Dao caused the surroundings to sway.

It also broke through and the nomological laws manifested outside its body.

The nourishing power that possessed accumulated for countless years was still incomparably majestic. Even the Poison Restriction Nascent Soul was nourished.

Hence, very soon, Xu Qing's eyes turned pitch-black. The power of the Poison Restriction Nascent Soul spread out, breaking through the fourth tribulation and stepping into the perfected fifth tribulation. It became a black curtain, shrouding over Xu Qing's head, spreading out like the sky.

The nascent soul formed by the morning glow followed closely behind. Its transformations were endless, as though all things and spells were instantly circulating in it.

There was also an illusory stream of time that circled around Xu Qing, breaking through on its own.

Xu Qing's Sundial life lanterns also appeared at this instant. The gnomon needle on them rotated and augmented them. The aura of a great circle of perfection erupted powerfully.

Finally, his Purple Moon transformed into a sea of blood. The Red Moon inside rose and fell, becoming increasingly real.

All of this caused Xu Qing's aura to soar explosively, reaching an astonishing level. Coupled with the enhancement from the Moon Rebel Hall, it actually made everyone here feel as though they couldn't look at him directly.

What was even more terrifying was that an illusory secret repository phantom gradually appeared behind Xu Qing!

This secret repository absorbed the most nourishment. It was like a huge vortex that was spinning with rumbling sounds.

The aura emanating from it surpassed everything, reaching a terrifying level. Although it emerged blurry, the internal structure was enough to astound the world, truly extraordinary.

Within, the Golden Crow in the sky represented the sun, and the Rising Purple Moon symbolized the moon.

The Poison Restriction transformed into clouds in the sky, and the Ghost Emperor Mountain shaped the earth.

The stream of time flowed like water, and the Heavenly Dao Mosasaur inhaled and exhaled the laws.

The morning glow shone brightly, and D132 transformed into living beings.

The Sundials rotated, causing everything within the secret repository to flow, displaying the alternation of day and night, the changes of wind and clouds, and the panorama of the ever-changing world.

Although everything was still illusory, the layout of this secret repository was extremely vast, resembling a world in itself.

This was the first secret repository Xu Qing possessed prepared for himself, and it was also his intrinsic secret repository!

Although the prototype was blurry now, one could imagine that if it completely formed, it would definitely shake the world.

Such a secret repository naturally required terrifying nutrients.

Xu Qing wasn't the only one who rose in strength; the captain, too, underwent a noticeable transformation as he got the nourishment from the Moon Rebel Hall. With a hearty laugh, he tore apart two seals, and his aura skyrocketed to the level of the Perfected Nascent Soul Realm.

In fact, he even tore apart half of the third seal, causing the aura of Spirit Repository to faintly spread from his body.

At this point, the nourishment ended!

It wasn't that the Moon Rebel Hall didn't have enough accumulation; rather, the profound foundation of these two individuals required nourishment far beyond the ordinary. The nourishment energy couldn't be monotonous; otherwise, it would be difficult for Xu Qing's secret repository to be formed and the captain's seals couldn't continue to be undone.

They needed diverse energies, so excessive absorption from the Moon Rebel Hall was not beneficial.

Following this, under the gazes of everyone, a tribulation cloud actually formed within the Crimson Goddess' mortal skin, and thunderous roars echoed in all directions.

In fact, it was the same outside as well. Vast expanses of tribulation clouds emerged in the sky.

The last tribulation of the Nascent Soul realm possessed arrived.

Once he passed it, Xu Qing would completely stabilize his footing at the Perfected Nascent Soul realm. Also, because of the appearance of his illusory secret repository, he would cross the stage of Dao Nurturing and directly step into the realm of Spirit Repository!