"Who was that…"

The cultivators of the Moon Rebel Hall fell silent but this question instinctively surfaced in their minds.

They all had the answer, but they couldn't believe it.

"Divine Son…" Li Xiaoshan said hoarsely.

"The Divine Son I saw in my era wasn't that terrifying." Divine Sparrow frowned and slowly spoke.

"The feeling he gives me is infinitely close to that of a god."

The surroundings were silent.

This was clearly a victory but the appearance of the blood lake and the Divine Son's hand caused all the living beings here to feel an unprecedented sense of powerlessness. All of them instinctively looked at Xu Qing and Erniu.

However, soon after, disappointment and helplessness appeared in these gazes.

Although the Lords of the Moon Rebel Hall had appeared, these lords… were too weak.

One was a Spirit Repository and the other was a Nascent Soul.

With such a cultivation, how could they become the masters of the Moon Rebel Hall? How could they lead the Moon Rebel Hall cultivators on this heaven-defying path…

Needless to say, the Red Moon Star in the distance had already occupied most of the sky. In a month or two at most, the Crimson Goddess would truly descend.

At that time, when faced with the devouring of the Crimson Goddess, all living beings would only feel bitterness without any hope.

Even though these two Lords of the Moon Rebel had authority, their cultivation levels couldn't convince the masses to genuinely follow them. Gradually, the gazes of the Moon Rebel cultivators shifted away from Xu Qing.

Some looked towards the fourth hall master, some towards the third hall master, some towards Li Xiaoshan, and some gathered around Divine Sparrow.

Among these gazes were the gazes of those heaven's chosens who were unsealed.

Although they were unsealed, they were just as complex in their feelings towards the Moon Rebel Lords and were not entirely convinced. Ultimately, they believed that Xu Qing and the captain lacked the qualifications.

"Thank you, Moon Lord, for allowing me and my subordinates to enter the Moon Rebel Hall at the critical moment. But please dispel the blessing. I intend to return to the northern plains and spend the rest of my remaining time with the people there."

The third hall master looked at Xu Qing and calmly spoke.

Xu Qing remained silent. The fourth hall master frowned and took a few steps forward, speaking in a deep voice.

"Third, Moon Rebel has a master now, this is the time for us to rise. You…"

"Fourth, is there any hope?" The third hall master sighed softly. His face was filled with fatigue as he interrupted the fourth hall master's words.

"With the Moon Lords' cultivation and experience, we can't resist the Red Moon. In fact, I don't even know the origins of this Moon Lord. Perhaps he's not a cultivator of this region."

As soon as he said this, many Moon Rebel cultivators were surprised. The third hall master looked at Xu Qing.

"Moon Lord, please dispel the blessing. If you're unwilling, then seal me."

His words made his attitude clear. He wouldn't resist Xu Qing but he wouldn't follow either.

After the third hall master finished speaking, the tens of thousands of Moon Rebel Hall cultivators behind him lowered their heads. They were the third hall master's subordinates and had followed him all the way. Naturally, they chose the same path as him.

"Me too."

"Moon Lord, since it has come to this point, the resistance no longer makes sense."

Seven to eight of the unsealed cultivators spoke lightly.

Li Xiaoshan wanted to say something. However, he glanced at Xu Qing and Erniu and finally sighed.

Their cultivation levels were too low.

Divine Sparrow was expressionless and didn't speak.

The fourth hall master's breathing was hurried. He looked at Xu Qing and suddenly walked over, standing firmly beside Xu Qing.

Most of the Moon Rebel cultivators didn't move and wanted to observe more before deciding.

Seeing this, the captain raised his brows and was about to speak when Xu Qing took a step forward and looked at the third hall master.

"My cultivation is indeed insufficient and I'm not a cultivator of this region."

As soon as Xu Qing finished speaking, an uproar broke out among the surrounding Moon Rebel cultivators. Towards outsiders becoming the master of Moon Rebel, this in itself was something these Moon Rebel cultivators couldn't accept.

"As expected, you're not from this region." The third hall master looked at Xu Qing and spoke in a deep voice.

"Whether he's a cultivator from our region or not isn't important. He turned the tide at the critical moment, so he is the Moon Lord!" The fourth hall master's expression was solemn and his voice was firm.

The third hall master shook his head.

"I won't argue about this. While it was indeed because of the Moon Lord's help, his qualifications and reputation are insufficient. I am not convinced, my subordinates aren't convinced, and many fellow Daoists of the Moon Rebel Hall aren't convinced either."

"My heart won't allow me to continue like this."

The third hall master shook his head and turned to walk toward the Moon Rebel Hall. He wanted to return.

His subordinates followed. Many of the surrounding Moon Rebel Hall cultivators sighed and silently walked toward the Moon Rebel Hall.

In these final two months, rather than following a hopeless Spirit Repository, it was better to spend the last days of their lives in a quiet place, reflecting on their past.

As for wanting to be sealed within the Moon Rebel Hall to avoid the possible catastrophe, they weren't foolish. They knew it wasn't realistic. Otherwise, why, in this era, was there only one Divine Sparrow clone remaining?

Clearly, this was a qualification that only the Moon Lords possessed.

The atmosphere was oppressive. People walked toward the Moon Rebel Hall one after another.

Among them were some followers of Master Pill Nine. The statue of the neighboring burly man was also among them. They didn't see Master's statue and were grief-stricken. They understood that Master had died, so they didn't have the mind to continue this resistance.

The instant these people started walking toward the Moon Rebel Hall, Xu Qing's voice calmly echoed.

"You say my cultivation is insufficient, I can accept that. But when you say my qualifications are lacking, and my reputation is insufficient… I have a question."

"I unsealed the ruler's heir in the Heavenly Fire Sea and revived Princess Mingmei in the northern icy plains, is that not enough?"

"If not, I helped the heir and Princes Mingmei to unseal the fifth princess at the Black Centipede Mountain and the eighth prince at the Door Race's territory, are these not enough?"

As soon as Xu Qing finished speaking, the hearts of all the cultivators walking toward the Moon Rebel Hall trembled. Their expressions changed rapidly and they turned their heads in unison to look at Xu Qing. At this moment, endless thunder seemed to be rumbling in their minds.

The third hall master also stopped in his tracks and his eyes gleamed as he gazed at Xu Qing.

"I have my own guesses about you appearing in the Bitter Life Mountain Range. Saving the ruler's children is a huge contribution but Moon Lord, your appeal is still insufficient."

Xu Qing was expressionless. He lifted his right hand and waved it. All the disguises on his body dissipated, revealing his true appearance as he calmly spoke.

"Several months ago, in the land of the God Slaying Platform, I agitated the spirit of resistance and called on all living beings not to give up hope, igniting the spark that spread like wildfire, is that not enough?"

After he finished speaking, the sky fluctuated. As light flashed, a vast God Slaying Platform rumbled out and stood behind Xu Qing. Its majestic aura shook the surroundings.

The third hall master's eyes narrowed. The expressions of all the Moon Rebel cultivators here were changing. All of them looked at Xu Qing's face and the God Slaying Platform. The scenes that appeared in their minds several months ago were recalled again.

Exactly the same!

"It's him!!"

"The one who called us was actually the Moon Lord!"

"This… The scene back then allowed us to rise from despair!"

An uproar erupted uncontrollably under the waves of emotions in everyone's hearts.

The captain's words resounded at this moment.

"Interesting, saying that we aren't qualified and our esteem isn't high enough?"

"Based on the fact that I once bit the Crimson Goddess in this region in my previous life, is it not enough?"

"Based on the fact that I was once a Grand Ritual Dancer and betrayed the Red Moon, is that not enough?"

"The Crimson Moon Shrine dismembered my body and are using my organs to support their temples, is that not enough?"

The captain's words, as well as the waves caused by Xu Qing, were like countless thunderbolts that rumbled and echoed in this world.

It shook the souls of all the living beings here, causing the expressions of all the Moon Rebel cultivators to change drastically and their breathing to become hurried.

The third hall master's mind also fluctuated intensely. Li Xiaoshan, Divine Sparrow, and the others who were unsealed were also shocked.

Finally, Xu Qing lifted his head. His gaze swept past the adjacent Moon Rebel Hall cultivators as he spoke softly.

"I snatched a wisp of the Crimson Goddess' Red Moon's origin and turned it into my own strength, is that not enough?"

"Based on the fact that I've refined countless pills for the Moon Rebel cultivators and removed your pain from the curses, is that not enough?"

"Also, you uttered that my esteem isn't high enough… Then, with the fact that I'm Pill Nine, is this status enough?"