Regardless of whether it was the captain's proud voice or Xu Qing's words, they were at an elevated level, floating in the sky and not resonating with the ground.

Whether it was biting the Crimson Goddess, plundering the Red Moon's origin, or even rescuing the children of the ruler, all of these, for the ordinary cultivators of the Moon Rebel Hall, were awe-inspiring for sure, but not intimately related to their own existence.

Regardless of what the other party did, it was the business of the big shots. While it was inspiring and exciting, this feeling ultimately lacked the direct impact on their minds.

This was a characteristic of human nature. People tended to only care about their own safety and the things that were closest to them.

Just like back then, the people of Fenghai County didn't care much about who was the county governor. What they cared about was their poisoning. Back then, Xu Qing had used this point to gather the fortune of the people in Fenghai County's capital.

The situation was the same now.

Hence, when Xu Qing revealed his Pill Nine identity, it was a much bigger shocking revelation.

The commotion surpassed everything before it. Almost all the Moon Rebel cultivators were shaken and waves of emotions surged in their hearts as they looked at Xu Qing in disbelief.

The name Pill Nine was too significant to the Moon Rebel cultivators.

His appearance a year ago allowed the Moon Rebel cultivators to see hope.

He had single-handedly changed the structure of the curse-resolving pills, causing the curse-resolving pill, which was originally ridiculously expensive to the point where it was difficult to obtain a single pill, to become a pill that everyone could afford. The price had fallen by dozens or hundreds of times.

This act was filled with endless merit and caused a huge commotion, allowing a large number of cultivators who were under the curse to relieve the pain that was tormenting their bodies and minds. They were sincerely thankful to Pill Nine.

Everyone in the Moon Rebel Hall, from the deputy hall masters to the ordinary cultivators, respected Pill Nine.

Even the third hall master, who had questioned Xu Qing, had looked for Master Pill Nine many times. He had even left messages in Pill Nine's temple, begging Pill Nine to join his side many times.

There was even less of a need to talk about the others. Almost 60% of the Moon Rebel Hall cultivators who had survived had taken Pill Nine's pills.

The curse subduing pills created by Master Pill Nine had shaken the entire Moon Rebel Hall back then like lightning. It was a medicinal pill that could truly reduce the curse.

As soon as this pill had appeared, it instantly pushed Pill Nine's reputation to the extreme. As for the saying that Master Pill Nine was virtuous and kind, not only did it spread in the Moon Rebel Hall, but even the cultivators in the outside world knew and heard about it.

Even the Red Moon Shrine attached great importance to him.

Hence, as Xu Qing's words echoed, cries of surprise and exclamations echoed in the area.

"Master Pill Nine!"

"Moon Lord… is actually Master Pill Nine!"

"This matter is too big. Is this true?! If it's true, then we do have hope!"

"If Moon Lord is Master Pill Nine, I'll fully support the Moon Lord. My life was saved by Master Pill Nine's medicinal pills!"

"I support him too!"

At this moment, the hearts of all the cultivators in the surroundings rumbled and they instinctively moved closer to Xu Qing. The heart of the fourth hall master also fluctuated. He looked at Xu Qing and was extremely shaken.

The third hall master was completely stunned. To him, this news was extremely impactful

His subordinates also wavered and stopped walking toward the Moon Rebel Hall.

There were also some people in the crowd whose excitement surpassed that of the others. At that moment, their bodies were even trembling. The gazes they used to look at Xu Qing revealed intense light.

Among them, the most excited was none other than Xu Qing's neighbor. This burly statue was actually Pill Nine's first follower, and she looked at Xu Qing in disbelief.

She remembered that not long ago, the other party had asked her a question. If she saw Pill Nine, would she recognize him?

She still remembered her answer. From what she could see now, although Xu Qing hadn't taken out any evidence, she instinctively felt that the other party… was really Master Pill Nine she followed.

"My judgment isn't wrong. There's a white wind in the desert, so Master must be here!"

"The reason why we didn't find him previously and the reason why the statue of Master didn't appear was because… Master has another identity!"

The crowd was shocked, and exclamations and murmurs echoed, but inevitably, there were still some hesitations and doubts. After all, anyone could speak words, and the truth was the most important.

Xu Qing naturally knew this. Hence, with a wave of his right hand, a piece of flesh flew out. Accompanied by a large number of medicinal herbs, Xu Qing performed alchemy on the spot in front of everyone.

As he waved his hands, the curse subduing pill rapidly took shape in front of him.

Xu Qing had refined this pill too many times and was already familiar with the process. Soon, nine medicinal pills were formed. Under Xu Qing's Poison Restriction Eye, the structure inside instantly changed.

This was no longer a medicinal pill that reduced the curse by 50%. As Xu Qing's cultivation level increased and the secret repository was formed, Xu Qing had new ideas about reducing the curse further. What he refined now were pills that reduced the curse by 70%.

As soon as the nine pills appeared, the sky changed color and the wind blew.

Xu Qing took a step forward. He changed into the statue of Pill Nine. With a flick of his sleeve, nine medicinal pills instantly flew out. One flew toward Li Xiaoshan and the other flew toward Divine Sparrow.

The third one flew toward the third hall master, the fourth one to the fourth hall master, and two more landed in the crowd. The rest… flew toward his followers.

The burly neighbor also obtained one.

With just the appearance of the pills and their auras, the surroundings were affected, causing the curses in the bodies of the Moon Rebel cultivators in this area to lose a certain degree of activity.

In fact, they didn't even need to take the pill to verify its authenticity. The loss of the curse's activity caused all the Moon Rebel cultivators here to breathe unprecedentedly rapidly.

As for everyone who had obtained the medicinal pills, their expressions were even more solemn. They didn't hesitate and immediately ate them. After that, their auras instantly soared as the curse power visibly decreased!

The third hall master fell silent. Divine Sparrow's eyes revealed a strange glint. The most astonished person was Li Xiaoshan. As his curse decreased, the aura of the Soul Accumulation rose from his body.

This scene caused Li Xiaoshan's expression to change. Back then, the main reason why he failed to step into the Soul Accumulation realm was the curse in his body. At this moment, he clearly felt that… he still seemed to have a chance to break through again.

"The curse is reduced by 70%…"

His hoarse voice echoed, completely igniting the hearts of the people here. Xu Qing's neighbor, the burly dude, was the first to rush out. She bowed to Xu Qing and greeted loudly.

"Greetings, Master!"

After her, the other followers also greeted excitedly. It was the same for all the surrounding Moon Rebel Hall cultivators. In an instant, the voices of tens of thousands of people transformed into waves that echoed through the sky.

"Greetings, Master!"

Li Xiaoshan took a deep breath and stared at Xu Qing. He then lowered his head and bowed.

Divine Sparrow nodded slightly in approval.

Some of the people in the crowd who greeted Xu Qing were the subordinates of the third hall master. As for the third hall master himself, there were endless waves in his heart. He stared at Xu Qing in a daze and wanted to say something, but he couldn't say a word.

The other party had enough qualifications.

And his reputation had already reached the peak.

The third hall master fell silent for a few breaths. He took a few steps forward and spoke in a low voice.

"Moon Lord, you said before that you plundered the Red Moon's origin…"

Xu Qing nodded. With a wave of his hand, the secret repository behind him appeared. The Purple Moon inside shone and the blood formed by the Red Moon's authority erupted around Xu Qing.

The captain sneered and spoke proudly.

"Do you see it? This is the reason why my junior brother is able to refine pills that can truly reduce the curse. He plundered the divine source, so he can neutralize the curse of the Crimson Goddess!"

The third hall master stared at the Purple Moon in the secret repository and an intense glint appeared in his eyes. His emotions fluctuated but he suppressed it and spoke again.

"The Red Moon Star is about to arrive. How are we going to face it? We don't even need to think about Crimson Goddess, just the Red Moon Shrine is already beyond us. That Divine Son is already close to a god…"

Xu Qing didn't speak. The captain sneered and a cold glint appeared in his eyes.

"What if the Red Moon Shrine no longer exists!"

As he spoke, the captain lifted his hand and a strand of white hair appeared in his hand. As soon as this strand of hair appeared, a god's aura erupted from it.

"We also have a god. This is a token. I can open the door at any time and ask the god to take action!"

The cultivators of the Moon Rebel Hall instantly fell silent. Li Xiaoshan and Divine Sparrow's pupils also contracted.

The third hall master's breathing was hurried and the fluctuations in his heart became even more intense. He forcefully endured it and questioned again.

"How are we going to fight when the Crimson Goddess arrives?"

The captain raised his brows and was about to answer when Xu Qing sighed softly and spoke in a deep voice.

"What was your initial purpose in joining the Moon Rebel Hall? Wasn't it to resist and give it your all? Now that there's an opportunity, even as an outsider, I'm willing to risk my life for it. Why are you still so hesitant?"

"If your hearts aren't firm, you can leave."

Xu Qing's words directly struck the minds of those who were hesitating. The third hall master clenched his fists and determination emerged in his eyes. He bowed to Xu Qing and was about to speak.

However, at this moment, the sky rumbled and a thunderous sound exploded.

"The moment the Crimson Goddess descends, my father will rise!"

As the voice rang out, a huge face suddenly appeared in the sky.

The face belonged to a young man with an extraordinary temperament, and his long hair flowed like snakes, continuously spreading. It was the true appearance of the crown prince.

Beside him was Princess Mingmei clad in battle armor, standing there with the river of time flowing beneath her feet, emitting an awe-inspiring aura.

At the side was the fifth princess, though she emerged elderly, the energy fluctuations from her body were extremely mysterious.

As for Old Eighth, his violent power spread out, affecting all living beings.

Finally, there was one more.

There was also a young man in a black robe, resembling the crown prince. He stood between heaven and earth, his eyes seemed to contain the destruction of the sun and moon, and an unparalleled baleful aura emanated from his entire body.

The strength of this baleful aura, even standing alone, seemed to surpass all the brothers and sisters.

His appearance caused even the crimson sky to dim a little.

He was Old Ninth!

The arrival and words of these children of the ruler immediately caused the cultivators of the Moon Rebel Hall below to tremble. They lowered their heads in unison. Li Xiaoshan and Divine Sparrow's hearts shook as they lowered their heads.

Only Xu Qing stepped forward and bowed.

"Greetings, First Grandpa, Third Grandma, Fifth Grandma, Eighth Grandpa, Ninth Grandpa."

Princess Mingmei nodded, Grandma Five smiled, and Old Eighth laughed loudly. Old Ninth's gaze landed on Xu Qing.

As for the heir, his gaze was filled with admiration. After that, he stared at the cultivators below and voiced solemnly.

"Your ancestors were all my father's people. They fought alongside my father until the calamity descended. For countless years and eras, you guys… have suffered."

"This time around, Xu Qing's appearance gave us hope."

"Let us end this fate and this painful cycle. We are all together."

As the crown prince's voice echoed, the hearts of the cultivators from the Moon Rebel Hall were filled with excitement. After experiencing the series of events here, determination emerged in their eyes.

"Xu Qing, tell us about your senior brother and your master's plan!"

The heir stared at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing nodded and stared at the captain. The two of them looked at each other and saw the determination and madness in each other's eyes.

"Destroy the shrine, revive the ruler, confront the adversaries fearlessly, and devour the Crimson Goddess!"

"Now, let's complete the first step and destroy the shrine!"

As the words were uttered, the sky roared, and a murderous intent emanated.

Mountains and rivers echoed, and the earth emitted a killing intent, with all kinds of experts rising from everywhere.

The Moon Rebel cultivators, with violent killing intent, unleashed their fury, prompting the heavens and earth to reverberate in response.

At that moment, the killing intent of the sky, the earth, and all living beings gathered and rose from all directions, locking onto… the Repentance Plain!

It locked onto the shrine's headquarters!