My eyes were fixed on the 12-star skill orb【World Alliance ★★★★★★★★★★★★】.

I should return to Asha and others as soon as possible, but I don’t want anyone seeing me “use” this skill orb. It may be better to use it right here.


I carefully checked my surroundings.

The moon was rising. The insects that were silent when the Human Mimic was present, were now croaking again.

After confirming that there was no danger, I pulled out【World Ruler】from my body.

「…Haa, haa…」

My body immediately felt languid and my mind became cloudy.

…Ah, man. I shouldn’t let my body become unable to live without【World Ruler】.

I can now pull out skill orbs even without【World Ruler】. It is the same as practicing magic, so I mastered it after practicing many times.

I had also absorbed【Orb Camouflage】together with【World Ruler】, just in case. And I was able to pull it out without any problem. This skill orb was originally in Asha’s body, and it seems to be a skill orb which can camouflage the skill orbs in your body from being ascertained by a skill like【Orb-See】from the outside. It would be troublesome if people could see through【World Ruler】from the outside, after all.

I put the two skill orbs in my tool bag and looked at【World Alliance】.

I hope it will be fine. Skill orbs of 6-stars and above seem to cause serious damage to the user. And no one can even use 9-stars and above—it holds special power.

「…I have two such skill orbs.」

It’s already terrific just being able to use【World Ruler】, but with【World Alliance】… I can get information related to the Covenant and the origin of this world.

Human Mimic said I should use it. I originally intended to use it, but… now I felt like being pushed into using it. …Well, I have to use it either way.

「Alright! Let’s do it!」

I spoke out to encourage myself.

「Here goes nothing.」

When I imagined absorbing it into my body, the skill orb that I was holding began sinking into my palm.

Nothing happened for a moment.

The next moment, however, a thunderous roar rang in my ears.


I can hear it.

The angry yelling of a giant.

The singing of an angel.

The sobbing of the dead.

The voice of a poet reciting history.

—The heartbeat of the world.


I understand now.

「I see… That is why!」

So that is the mediator’sーthe Vision Ogre’s aim.

It makes sense now.

Why the Human Mimic and the Forest Eater rampaged.

What they tried to do in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.

And why the underground people and the dark elves suddenly discovered skill orbs.


★ Covenant Structure (Librarian / Dragonewt)

・ The Covenant consists of eight articles, including this.

・ The components that make up the Covenant are the “Skill Orb”, the “Pledger”, and the “Mediator”.

★★ Pledger’s Covenant (Beast King Race / Dark Elf)

・ Those who pledge the Covenant are those who stand at the top of the race.

・ They maintain the Covenant.

★★★ World’s Covenant (Gnome / Gnome)

・ The two worlds are the same yet independent.

・ The Covenant is made to separate the two worlds.

★★★★ Skill Orb’s Covenant (High Elf / Elder Hobbit)

・ Do not take too many skill orbs.

・ Skill orbs make up the world.

★★★★★ Mediator’s Covenant (Dwarf / Red-Skin Human)

・ Only mediators have the right to cross and to open the gate.

・ If there is a breach of the Covenant, a mediator can be summoned.

★★★★★★ Covenant for the Covenant (Holy Blue Human/ Underground Human)

・ You can maintain the Covenant by offering the blood of a pure person.

・ The mediator can monitor this, but the mediator cannot be harmed.

★★★★★★★ Revocation of the Covenant (Human/ Dwarf)

・ The revocation of the Covenant is made by declaring it to the mediator.

・ If revoked, the two worlds will become one.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Significance of the Covenant (/)

・ □□□□□□□□ makes the Covenant’s □□ the mediator □□, □□.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, □□□□□□□□ will change □□ to □□.


What flowed into my mind was the information on the Covenant and who it was given to—who was maintaining it. The “Covenant Structure” was given to the elders of the Dragonewt City, and the “Pledger’s Covenant” was given to the Dark Elf chieftain. The images of the elders taking a bath and the chieftain being scolded by Nicky-san on cooking flowed into my mind. It was probably real-time information.

Besides that, I saw an underground woman who was with the man called Marshal. And the Holy Blue Human who was the Holy King of the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.

However, there were many races I didn’t know of.

To my surprise, I saw the representatives of 7 of the 8 Covenants in the “Front World” and the “Back World”, respectively.

「They still exist!」

There are still living people in this world besides the dragonewts, dark elves, and the underground humans.

「They are living in hiding quietly!」

However, there were two problems.

First, the last Covenant was full of holes and I didn’t understand a thing. I am not sure if this skill orb is faulty or it was designed that way. I didn’t even know who held this Covenant.

And the second, “Revocation of the Covenant”.

——If revoked, the two worlds will become one.

The Vision Ogres are probably aiming for this.

If the battle between the underground people and the dark elves intensifies because of the skill orbs, one of them will be destroyed.

The destruction of a race also means that the Covenant cannot be maintained.

——We were born to balance this world… pillars, so to speak.

That’s what the Human Mimic said.

If the giant species are pillars, this world has already lost three pillars.

The balance of this world is out of order.

「Is that why they’re trying to unify the two worlds? What happens when that happens?」

I don’t have enough information to know that.

However, according to the Human Mimic, the giant species, created by the Vision Ogre, are being manipulated by the Vision Ogre to drive the races into extinction. It was probably not for a good reason.

The ability of this skill orb was not limited to just information on the Covenant. In fact, the information that flowed into my mind included routes that connect the two worlds—the routes that were blocked in ancient times.

And some of them have not been blocked yet.

If we go there, we can return to the “Front World”.

We can go home.

「Let’s go tell this to Asha.」

The closest route from here is the center symbol of the Kruvan Holy Kingdom in the “Front World”.

The First Altar.