Vol 5: Chapter 12

The referee led me to the Saint Knight Kingdom’s garrison. As soon as we arrived there, every single knight there – whether they were working, or training – stopped their activity, turned to the referee, and saluted him. The Saint Knight Kingdom’s salute was standing at attention, raising their right elbow to shoulder height, and putting their fist to their right chest.

When the referee said “At ease”, they broke the salute and returned to their original work. But at the same time, they glanced at me with a look which said, “Who is this dirty boy?”

As the name suggests, Saint Knight Kingdom is a country of “knights”. They do not simply hold the title of “Knight”, but a “knight” that actually means “a soldier who can ride a horse”. All civilian employees of the Saint Knight Kingdom must be able to fight on horseback.

Naturally, the knights have their own ranks. I am not familiar with them, but the referee is probably a top-rank knight.

「At ease. At ease.」

While the referee continued to say that, we arrived at a tent which seemed to belong to the referee. It was a plain tent with only 10 chairs around a large table.

I was invited to take a seat on one of the chairs. As soon as I sat down, I felt so tired and wanted to fall asleep on the spot. However, Wilhelm and the others were standing at the entrance of the tent. I couldn’t allow myself to relax.

「Because of the front line, I can’t welcome you properly. Please forgive me, guest-san.」

「I don’t intend to stay long, so it’s okay.」

“You dare decline the referee’s offer?!”, the guys at the entrance shot off that sort of vibe.

…Man, this is really annoying.

「Earl Sillys was given special permission to stay at “Queen of the Night”. So I have sent a messenger. You should wait until a reply arrives.」

「During that time, will I be interrogated here?」

「If you consider having a cup of tea with an old man to be a punishment.」

The referee fetched a pot that seemed to have been boiled with a magic tool, and poured tea from the pot into a cup. I was surprised to see that it was green tea. The aroma was the same as that of Japanese tea.

Above all,【World Ruler】analysed and said that it was Japanese tea.

「It’s different from the tea you drink in the Holy Kingdom, but… our tea is also quite good.」

The green tea was poured into a mismatched teacup and was offered in front of me. Fine tea leaves floated on the surface while steam rose. I swallowed my spit, and accepted the teacup.

「You might think it is weird to drink hot tea on a hot day like this, but drinking hot tea in the shade feels good. –Hmm? Did you like it that much?」

I drank the moderately hot tea all in one go. I felt a cool aroma coming out of my nose. Aaah… it is indeed Japanese green tea. To think that I would come across it at such a place.

「Can I have another cup?」

「Of course.」

After the referee refilled my cup, I drank about half again.

Perhaps because I was desperate to survive, or because I had a tough life, or because I had lived for too long in this world, I didn’t have much nostalgia for Japanese food. But after drinking the green tea, I suddenly started to miss Japanese food.

I heard somewhere that Japanese people’s body odour smells like soy sauce, but I really do want to eat something that tastes like soy sauce …….

「Thank you for the hospitality.」I said.

The referee seemed somewhat relieved as I drank the green tea delightedly. …Tea sure can brighten your mood.

The referee sat down across from me.

「Is Border Earl Mule in good health?」he asked

「He’s so healthy that he wouldn’t die even if you tried. He also said he wanted to come here.」

「You can be honest. What is the difference in power between Wilhelm and the others compared to the Border Earl?」


「You may be as frank as you want. I won’t get offended or break the promise to act as immediary to Earl Sillys.」

「Haa… Well, I’m sorry, but it’s not comparable at all.」


The referee raised his eyebrows and looked surprised, but I felt bloodlust from the people lined up at the entrance of the tent. …I thought you said you wouldn’t be offended.

Then the referee spoke to the guys outside.

「Are you trying to bring shame to me? Displaying that kind of anger towards an opponent you completely lost to is like the barking of a loser dog. –Sorry, Reiji-dono. Although these guys are excellent, they have had almost no experience of fighting with an opponent from outside. This must have been a good lesson to them.」

…That’s good and all, but I have no desire to get involved further in this, okay?

「But you were terrifying, Reiji-dono. You were able to dodge Wilhelm’s thrust.」

「If I didn’t dodge it, I would have died, right?」

「…My voice of restraint was a little delayed. Wilhelm, come here.」

The neutral beauty came in with a sullen face. Even with a sullen face, he looked handsome enough to be made into a portrait. I thought “life is unfair” for the second time (the first time was with Earl Sillys).


「But, referee-sama–」

「Knight! Do not make excuses!!」

The referee stood up and drove his fist onto Wilhelm’s cheek.

Even if he looked like an old man, my eyes won’t be deceived. The referee had steel-like muscles under his clothes. And his fist was huge. Although trained, Wilhelm was still young. He was afloat in midair for a second or two, and then fell to the ground.

Everyone seemed startled by this, but no one moved.

「I-I sincerely apologise…」

「Why are you apologising to me? You should apologise to Reiji-dono.」

「I… apologise.」

While holding his swollen cheek, Wilhelm staggered onto his feet and bowed. Hell-like silence descended and I couldn’t say anything.

…What am I even supposed to say?

「Do you accept the apology?」

「Yes, I accept.」

「Aren’t you glad, Wilhelm? -Stand down.」

Wilhelm walked back unsteadily, and stood at attention at the entrance of the tent again. He did not entreat any medical care. He just stood there.

「Good grief. Even though Reiji-dono held back while fighting, this guy used “Shunpo” with the intention of killing his opponent.」

The guys at the entrance were once again annoyed by the word “held back” that the referee mentioned.

It’s just that I didn’t want to kill or injure them as it could grow into a big problem in the future.

This person is quite strong with his mysterious voice skill and well-trained body. But I should have been able to learn it with【World Ruler】, so let’s test it out later. It seems that it can be used in cases of emergency. And Wilhelm’s… “Shunpo”, was it called?

「But, why did Earl Sillys give up on an escort as exceptional as Reiji-dono? Oh, right. Why don’t you come to the Saint Knight Kingdom, Reiji-dono? I will recommend you, of course. You can get a high position.」

「No, I refuse.」

「Is it because you want to continue adventuring?」


He was surprised when I said that.

「I see. So you are the very same Reiji-dono who was active in the adventurer party Silver Balance.」

The referee continued in a casual manner. However,

「How strange. I heard that the boy from Silver Balance was sucked into the other side of the Red Gate… but he is sitting right in front of me. How is that possible, I wonder?」

He was now using a confident tone.

This person knew from the beginning that I was not the “Border Earl’s messenger” and that I was a member of Silver Balance.

Even Yua-san from the caravan knew that the adventurers who cooperated with Lulusha-san were being pursued. Then it makes sense that everyone here would know that Silver Balance was being pursued by the Lev Magic Empire.

I sensed a different air from the people behind me at the entrance. The kind of risky atmosphere where they would rush in and attack simultaneously if I made any strange movements.

(I knew that the referee was a cunning old man… From the beginning he has been leading the conversation to make me affirm that I was an “adventurer”.)

The old man got me good.

Well, then. How should I answer this?