Vol 5: Chapter 2

As I passed through the long, long passage that connected the worlds, dazzling light and lush greenery enveloped my view. The smell of dirt and soil filled my nostrils.

Wind blew, and the leaves on the trees rustled. Sunlight filtering through the canopy warmed my face. I was in a forest.

「Eh…? Forest?」

I was surprised because I thought the exit would be at the “First Altar” in the Holy City.



Knock-san and the Hundredman chief came out at the same time. And they were equally shocked.

「Ah, I thought the exit would lead to another place. Sorry, I don’t know where we are…」I said.



「How… wonderful…」Knock-san muttered, as if in amazement.

「We… have truly crossed worlds, haven’t we… What is this forest… It is overflowing with vitality…」the Hundredman Chief was also in amazement.

I realized that the two who came from the “Back World” were astonished by the vitality of the “Front World”.

After that, we moved away from that place and decided to rest nearby a streamlet. I checked the surroundings carefully for any signs of the mediator, but there were no such indications. The mediator might not be able to come to this world unless it is related to the Covenant.

I inquired Knock-san and the Hundredman chief while taking a break. It seems that the passage was long for the both of them too, and they also recalled memories of childhood that they had long forgotten.

「Well, then. What are we to do now? We now know that the passage can be used to cross between worlds, but we can’t go back, as that monster might still be waiting on the other side.」

The Hundredman chief posed a reasonable question.

「I have an idea.」I said.

First of all, I don’t think the mediator will be waiting for us on the other side even if we return through that passage. There are two reasons for that. First, the number of mediators is limited, so they won’t be chasing after me forever. Second, the mediator probably wouldn’t expect us to return so soon after crossing between worlds. It wouldn’t make sense to go back there after “escaping”.

「However, the mediator seems to be obsessed with me.」

It’s because I am a black-haired, black-eyed “Child of Disaster”, but I haven’t talked to the both of them about this yet.

「Therefore, the mediator may have some way to detect me when I return to that world.」I said.

「Hmm… that is possible. Otherwise, they couldn’t have ambushed us like that.」Knock-san nodded.

「Well, what about our friends? If we don’t return, they’ll think we’re dead.」the Hundredman chief said.

「I am sorry, but… could the both of you go without me?」

I feel sorry for Asha, but if my return would bring danger, it would be better for me to remain in this world. As long as the dark elves and underground people don’t do anything out of the ordinary, the mediator won’t pay any attention to them.

Though, I can’t say for certain since the Vision Ogre is manipulating the giants to attack the settlements in the Back World.

「…I see, it’s a hard choice for you too. If that’s the case, leave it to us.」

The Hundredman chief nodded and tapped Knock-san’s arm.

「Right, Reiji-dono. We will bring everyone here.」Knock-san said.

「Thank you. I will make sure that everyone is welcomed when they come here.」I bowed.


After resting for a whole day, Knock-san and the Hundredman Chief returned to their original world through the passage. They took back a handful of fruits as souvenirs.

Knock-san said it would help convince everyone if they brought back fruits that are not seen in the Back World.

The passage on this side was like a crack which ran through the mountain. There were no structures such as ruins or temples at all.

(…This is not the Holy City. Is it a mountain near the Holy City? For the time being, I have to confirm where this place is.)

After seeing off Knock-san and the Hundredman chief, I soared into the sky using【Fire Magic】while prepared for some recoil damage. In the distance, I saw a town at the foot of the mountain. Although it was small, I confirmed the presence of humans.

「Oh, I should go over there–wait, what is that?」

I saw smoke in the distance.

Through【Eyesight Enhancement】and【World Ruler】, I confirmed that it was because of a battle taking place.

There was a huge scorpion in the middle of the smoke.

Why is there a scorpion in such a place? No, more importantly, that scorpion has broken the outer wall of the town and was rampaging.

There were already many victims.

「One thing after another… I can’t catch a break!」

I dashed through the forest and headed for the town.

It was a little later after I defeated the scorpion that I learned that the town was the border territory governed by the Border Earl in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.

Furthermore, it was even later that I realized that the scorpion that had been hibernating for a long time had awakened due to a change in the mountains caused by the use of the passage. That ancient passage seems to have been forced to make a hole in the mountain rather than following through the originally established passage.