Vol 5: Chapter 28


We soared into the sky at a tremendous speed. I felt a considerable amount of wind blowing against my body.

I was high above the Lev Magic Empire, about the same level as the Red Gate.

《This is not the time to be enjoying flying.》

「I-I know. Go towards that light!」

I was riding on the back of a dragon. The large creature, which would have no problem carrying about 10 people on its back, flew through the sky steadily.

The solution to close the Red Gate is to stop the function of 3 or 4 of the “Labyrinth of 9 Emotions”. It would be best to shut down the labyrinth with the most energy, so I rode on the dragon’s back towards the “Labyrinth of Fear”.

The red dragon — which seems to be called “Flame Dragon” — readily trusted the solution I proposed.

Two other dragons, blue and green, flew around the Red Gate, shooting magic at the crack. The blue dragon, called “Sea Dragon”, was a user of【Water Magic】, and the green dragon, called “Tree dragon”, was a user of【Flower Magic】. The scale of their magic was bound and leaps greater than the ones invoked by humans, such as large pillars of ice and large tree trunks. The dragons used those attacks like a battering ram against Lost Jewel and succeeded in stopping its advance.

The two purple dragons, called “Shadow Dragons”, were heading towards the labyrinths I directed them to – the “Labyrinth of Love” and the “Labyrinth of Worship”. There they will have to destroy the control room-like space in the center of the labyrinth.

「Right here!」

Although the “Labyrinth of Fear” was closest in terms of walking distance, we reached even faster by flying through the air. After finding the entrance to the labyrinth on the cliff, I jumped off the dragon’s back. By using【Wind Magic】, I will be able to reach the entrance without any problems.

《I shall head for the one called the “Labyrinth of Grief”.》

「Thank you.」

The labyrinths that have already been captured by the Empire had sucked in so much emotional energy. So if we crush these four, we will surely be able to close the Red Gate.

《I don’t need your gratitude. From the start, this was a problem between mediators… However…》

The dragon flapped its wings and remained afloat in the air, hesitant to say something.

「However what?」

《No… it is nothing. Go, Child of Disaster. We and you are contradictory existences.》


The flapping of his wings became stronger, causing a strong wind to blow on me as well.

「Excuse me! Just what is a “Child of Disaster”!?」

《—Put your hand on your chest.》


The dragon then flew toward the “Labyrinth of Grief”.

「Put my hand on my chest?」

I put my right hand on my chest, but it felt just as usual. I have no idea what the dragon meant.

What if… I had another previous life other than my life in Japan? I thought about that, and tried to take in【World Ruler】while【World Alliance】was still in my body, but it didn’t work. Which means my skill holder is 12 or more but definitely less than 22. In other words, combining my previous life and the current life, it is almost confirmed that I have 16 skill holders.

「I have no idea what you meant, dragon!」

I entered the “Labyrinth of Fear”, and took a shortcut straight to the control room.

** Lark **

「That boy! Just what is he doing!?」

Lark reflexively raised her voice. Five dragons suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The dragon she saw in the Achenbach Dukedom was so ferocious that she imagined the whole Lev Magic Empire would turn into a wasteland if five of them attacked together.

However, the dragons began to attack the Red Gate instead. And one of them took off with her younger brother on its back.


She heard a jarring sound of metal colliding with metal right next to her. Turning around, she saw Dante using his large shield to block the mediator’s attack.

「D-Don’t look away, Black Sky Pirate! I’m worried about the dragons too, but this guy comes first!」

Compared to End Fang, fighting the mediator was easier. But he wasn’t an opponent you can win with half-hearted measures, either. Furthermore, the knights and soldiers were disordered, and as the mediator moved in between them, there was a lot of friendly fire occurring.

The mediator seems to have decided to crush the strongest person first. And so, Lark was targeted.

「My bad! And also, it’s Lark.」


「My name is Lark! Didn’t you hear my little brother!?」

「—I understand, Lark.」

Dante nodded, but titled his neck inwardly asking, “Little brother?”

Lark and Dante stood side by side.

The mediator slipped into the soldiers’ ranks, slashing here and there and sowing confusion. It was a nasty way of fighting.

「I think it would be better if the soldiers retreated.」Dante said.

「I agree. But who has the right of command?」Lark asked.

「—I do.」

「—It’s me.」

The ones who answered were the tall knight of the Saint Knight Kingdom, Friedrich, and Grenjido of Kruvan Holy Kingdom.

「Knights other than myself will retreat. I will go one-on-one with that guy. You are fine with that right, former Holy King?」

「Like hell! That is my prey. That’s the culprit that messed up my home. You should be the one to step back.」


「You got a problem?」

Friedrich furrowed his brows while Grenjido glared with his arms folded. Grenjido was also a large man, but he was about 10 centimeters shorter than Friedrich.

Dante immediately realized that they were nobles and said–

「P-Please, we should stop fighting amongst ourselves…」

「You two ossans are pretty lively, aren’t you? Just do it together. It doesn’t matter as long as you defeat him.」

「Lark!?」Dante exclaimed.

Although Dante was an adventurer, he understood his social status in society. So he was surprised at Lark’s remark.

Friedrich and Grenjido looked at Lark, and then looked at each other.

「Fuh… Children’s words always pierce with truth.」

「A joint front isn’t a bad idea, I suppose.」

The two of them then turned to the front.

「Heed me, knights!! I, Friedrich Berger, shall strike down the enemy with my sword! Everyone else, retreat!」

「Holy King’s Knights Order! Retreat! This is my command!!」

The two loud voices echoed throughout the battlefield. And the knights of the two countries began to retreat at once. When that happened, the remaining Keith Gran Federation soldiers also retreated.

The only person left in the center was the mediator. Observing Friedrich and Grenjido approaching him calmly with their weapons.

「Let’s go, former Holy King.」

「Let’s do it, tall guy.」

At the same time, the two started running towards the mediator.