Vol 5: Chapter 34

Lady Eva had grown even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. Dante-san’s eyes widened, Non-san gulped loudly, while Mimino-san’s mouth was almost agape.

It has been, at most, two months since I parted with the young lady. I don’t know how much a person can change within the time it takes for early summer to change into late summer – but I certainly felt a change in the young lady.

The young lady was about to rush up to me, but she stopped herself. And then she perfectly bowed before me in a way befitting a full-fledged Lady of a noble house.

「It has been a long time, Reiji. The situation at the Red Gate was a huge disaster, but I had full faith that you would surely find a solution.」she said, a smile blooming on her face like a flower.

As expected, the young lady has grown beyond my expectations.

——My lady… This is where we say goodbye.

The night I left Earl Sillys residence. I parted ways with the young lady and forced her to return to the mansion.

——Reiji, I, I…, I want to be with you all the time! Why must you go!?

There were many reasons. I, being the “Child of Disaster,” could no longer live in the Holy Kingdom. And the Earl couldn’t protect me anymore.

Above all, I didn’t want to get the young lady involved in my troubles.

——Really? …This isn’t the last farewell?

The young lady must have thought I would never return.

However, she still accepted my selfish wishes.

From that point on, I don’t know how the young lady’s feelings have changed. I don’t know how the relationship between the father and daughter has developed.

However, Earl Sillys, standing behind the young lady, was still the same person who employed my services, so I think the relationship between the young lady and him should be favorable. That alone is worth my selfish wishes that day.

「Lady Eva Sillys, it has been a while. I am currently working as an adventurer.」

I knelt down and bowed to her. At that time, I noticed the young lady’s expression distorted slightly as if in pain, but soon she regained her original perfect smile.

There was a distance between us as I was no longer a member of House Sillys. In fact, the young lady could be accused and criticized of having a close connection with the “Child of Disaster” in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom. Both the young lady and the Earl spoke to me in a formal manner with a thorough understanding of it. And this distance also protects me.

If it was discovered that there is a connection, the Earl would be forced to declare me an enemy to protect the young lady. That was an outcome I want to avoid, especially now that my identity has been guaranteed by the Lev Magic Empire. We can only meet and speak in a formal manner from now on.

「Why are you here, Reiji?」

「I heard that you have been healing Lark with the “Magic Eye of Inspire”, my lady. I sincerely thank you.」

「Hmm? Why do you have to thank me for it?」

「Lark… is my sister.」


It was no wonder that the young lady was surprised. Lark and I don’t look similar at all.

「Not by blood, though.」I said.

「I… see.」

I didn’t tell the young lady about the days I spent with Lark at the Sixth Mine. The young lady seems to have assumed that it was before I arrived at the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.

「My lady, I see that you have become able to use the “Magic Eye of Inspire” freely… You must have given it your all.」


For the young lady, “Magic Eye of Inspire” was a contraindication of contraindications.

Immediately after she was born, the young lady’s magic eyes influenced her biological mother to lose control of herself, causing her to die in despair.

The eyes also caused a friend of hers, Louis, to lose control, and caused his death as a result of taking an 8-star skill orb into his body.

But I told the young lady not to loathe her magic eyes.

The “Magic Eye of Inquire” that is used by her father, the Earl, can check whether the target is lying or not, which is extremely useful in the noble society. However, the young lady’s “Magic Eye of Inspire” can be used to help others.

That was why I wanted the young lady to master her magic eyes. Which would help the young lady overcome her own past.

As a result of her unyielding spirit, the young lady learned of another latent power of her magic eyes – the power to restore a person’s vitality.

「Yes… I did my best.」the young lady said.

「You did great.」

「Do you really think so?」

「Of course. I am very proud that you have grown so much in this short amount of time.」

「Fufu… you can praise me even more, Reiji.」

The young lady’s tone became softer. The tears forming in the corner of eyes signified how hard she worked to overcome and master her magic eyes.

「By the way… I heard that Lark-sama was gone.」

Perhaps unable to suppress her feelings anymore, the young lady turned her gaze away from me and looked at Lark’s bed, changing the subject.

「Yes. She had to escape due to circumstances.」

「I see…. Was Lark-sama the reason you left the Holy Kingdom?」

Before we parted, I told the young lady that I would tell her the reason why I had to leave the Holy Kingdom the next time we met – not the reason why I had to run away, but the reason why I had to leave eventually someday.

「No, I met Lark by coincidence. To tell you the truth, I came to the Lev Magic Empire to meet with the granddaughter of my benefactor…」

After I talked a little about Lulusha-san, the young lady nodded in an understanding manner.

「I suppose you have always had a strong sense of duty, Reiji.」

The young lady laughed a little, returning to the perfect noble Lady.

「Are you going to look for Lark-sama?」

「Indeed, I am.」


I wonder what the young lady thought about during that brief pause?

「…I still haven’t chosen a skill orb to present to you yet, Reiji.」

「I’m always waiting.」

「But I wouldn’t know where you are.」

「Well… adventurers are always on the move.」

Right then, Earl Sillys clapped his hands and interrupted.

「Oh, I just came up with a good idea. Reiji-san, why don’t you write to the Sillys residence on a regular basis? It would also make it easier to contact you.」

「Eh… But having contact with me might cause problems in the Holy Kingdom. I’m the Child of Disaster, after all.」

「We have amassed enough power that letters wouldn’t cause a problem. What do you think, Eva?」

「That is a great idea. Thank you for the good suggestion, father.」

It somehow felt like the Sillys father and daughter were attaching a collar around my neck.

Well… it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

The young lady is most likely always worrying about me. If my letters could help give her peace of mind, it’s not too much work for me. Moreover, I feel like even the Earl is genuinely worried about me.

「It’s about time for me to leave. I want to start looking for Lark before the trail goes cold.」I said, standing up.

「I understand…. Reiji, once things have settled down, will you come back to—」

The young lady tried to say something, but she shook her head instead, as if getting rid of the thought.

「…I will be waiting for your letter.」she said.

「I will be sure to send it through the Adventurer’s Guild.」

「You promise?」

The young lady crossed the index finger and middle finger of her right hand and presented it to me. I approached the young lady and gently grasped her hand.

「Seems like our promises are increasing.」I said.

「I want even more promises.」

The young lady whispered in a lovely selfish manner.