Vol 5: Chapter 36


「Bocchan, it’s been 3 days. How is everyone else doing?」

「Oh, Zerry. I asked you to gather adventurers, but it seems to have been in vain.」Dante-san called out.

「Ah, but Zerry-san was getting drunk– mogu?!」

「N-Nahaha… I have something very important to discuss with bocchan, so it’s alright to temporarily delay my welcome party.」

Zerry-san blocked my mouth, put an arm around my shoulder and dragged me outside.

「Bocchan! What were you trying to say about me?! You make it sound as if I was idling by without carrying out my mission.」

「That is the truth, though…」

「No, no, no. It is too much to ask of a general combat power girl like me to fight on such a hell-like battlefield.」

What the heck is a general combat power girl?

「Dante-san was fighting on the front line, though…」I said.

「Look here, bocchan. Dante-san is terrifying, okay? He has already exceeded the limit of a human.」


「Have you not noticed it? That person is not an average human. I doubted my ears when I heard that he was a “Silver-rank adventurer” the first time you introduced him. It wouldn’t be strange if he was suddenly promoted to “Gold-rank” or “Platinum-rank”. Even “Mithril-rank” wouldn’t be strange at all.」

「Certainly, Dante-san is quite amazing.」

There have been many times I wondered how he could block such powerful attacks during the battles in our journey. And he could perform insane acrobatic movements while carrying a thick, large shield. That is not normal for a person who is about to turn 40.

「I see……」

「What do you mean “I see”? The most terrifying of everyone else is you yourself, bocchan?」


Somehow, the topic was directed at me.

「Even that terrifying Dante-san sometimes says, “Reiji is extraordinary”.」

「Eh. That’s the first time I’m hearing that.」

「That you immediately absorb whatever you’re taught.」


That is all thanks to World Ruler-sama.

「I don’t know what kind of skill you’re using, but if Dante-san is not a normal human, then you, bocchan, are not even human anymore.」

This cat lady….

「I don’t want to get involved in a battle where even two such superhumans have to struggle. Non-san and Mimino-san are fine because they provide logistical support, but if I try to join you guys, I’ll die… I’ll die instantly, no doubt. What I’m good at is gathering information and contacting people. Please don’t compare me to your superhuman standards.」

「…I am sorry.」

「As long as you understand.」

Zerry-san struck my back a few times, and let me go.

Wait a minute… Why was I the one scolded instead?

「Have you finished talking?」

Dante-san came out of the tent.

「Ah, yes, it’s over. …Well, I just so happened to overhear everyone’s conversation, and you are apparently looking for the Black Sky Pirate. On the way here with Yua-san, I came across several people who seemed to be the Black Sky Pirate.」


「In fact, when they found out that we were a caravan group, they approached us and asked to buy a carriage. Since they were offering a lot of money, Yua-san sold them one of her carriages.」

「You sold it!?」

「Well, I didn’t know that you were looking for the Black Sky Pirate at the time, bocchan. And Yua-san is also a merchant, after all. However, they did ask for directions from Yua-san and she explained it in detail to them.」

Zerry-san entered the tent and pointed to a point on the map.

「There is no doubt that they’re headed to the Saint Knight Kingdom.」


Abba-san brought a certificate of my identity that night. I didn’t know how effective this ID was in this world, but rather than its effect, I was more glad that everyone in Silver Balance did it for me. I felt grateful to receive the certificate.

It was a 15 cm square steel plate with an elegant pattern engraved on it, and a magic gem embedded in it.

『The Lev Magic Empire permanently guarantees the bearer’s identity. And if the bearer so desires, he may live out the rest of his life in the Empire.』

I heard that it can be used as an ID card like the guild certificate of the Adventurer’s Guild, but I hope that there will not come a day where I would have to use it at all.

We were busy all day long until late at night.

Dante-san and I left the tent to procure supplies for long-distance travelling, which I expected to be quite difficult as the Empire was currently half-destroyed.

But everywhere we went, many Levs called out to us, such as “Greatshield! You saved my life on the battlefield!”, “Is it true that you discovered Heroic Gear?”, etc. And they shared what little supplies they had with us.

「I guess it isn’t so bad to receive favours huh, Reiji.」

Dante-san said while carrying the baggages on the way back, as the sun set and bonfires were lit here and there in the Lev Magic Empire

He must be recalling the incident at the Achenbach dukedom. I heard that Dante-san and the others were treated as overnight heroes for repelling the dragon.


We have been through a lot of hardship. But I’m glad that everyone was able to make it.

Although many people lost their family and friends, the people of this country are still delighted that the Red Gate was closed and they were able to regain their homeland.

「Oh, so you were in such a place, huh.」

A large man appeared from the side. He reached out his hand, and carried one of my baggage from me.

「Ah… Duke Grenjido!?」

「!?」Dante-san was greatly taken aback.

The former Holy King, Duke Grenjido, appeared before us with not a single attendant in sight.

「Yo, there’s no need for formalities right now.」

The duke smiled and stopped me from trying to kneel.

「I heard from the Earl that you’re about to leave soon. So, well, I came to see you.」

「…Reiji, His Excellency seems to have something to discuss with you, so I’ll go ahead first.」

「No, please stay.」I said.

Dante-san, who has had his fill of nobles after today’s audience, tried to escape, but I stopped him. He looked like a scolded child.

「Aren’t you the adventurer with the greatshield? You’re quite skilled, aren’t you? Why don’t you come to the Holy Kingdom and teach my knights? What do you say?」

「Eh, ah!? No, um…」

Oh, man. Dante-san is losing his cool!

「Duke, please stop joking around. Dante-san is our leader. We’d be in trouble without him. Also, please let me carry my own baggage.」

「I am not joking, but if it would trouble your party, then it can’t be helped.」

He seemed to have understood that trying to solicit Dante-san is useless, but he didn’t return my baggage.

…If the Earl saw this scene, it’s not hard to imagine he would say something like “As expected of Reiji-san, you made the former Holy King carry your baggage for you” or something like that.

「Well, Reiji. I wanted to apologise to you.」

Duke Grenjido said, sighingly.