Vol 5: Chapter 37

The Duke’s words were short and too abstract from the common sense I knew. Despite being an undisputed existence in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom, the Holy King had to conduct all political matters with the Six Great Dukes. Thanks to the existence of the First Altar the Holy Kingdom was prosperous and wealthy, but on the other hand, a tremendous number of immigrants flowed in from other countries. The rising population caused rapid increase in various problems, various factions, various forces, etc.

Among them, the “Holy Blue” of the Holy King was particularly special, and that was also the authority of Duke Grenjido. He absolutely loved all his children, who also possess the “Holy Blue”.

「I think it’s true that my judgement as the Holy King grew blunt due to the love for my children. I had to sacrifice Kluvshrat, but I couldn’t… I felt relieved when Louis of House Rozier raised his hand to be the substitute.」

I guessed that Louis was trying to look good in front of the young lady. If it wasn’t for the “Magic Eye of Inspire”, Louis wouldn’t have dared to question the Holy King.

But I think it was all just one misfortune which led to another misfortune.

I believed so. So it would be meaningless to tell Duke Grenjido about the magic eyes.

「I……」Duke Grenjido muttered, looking up at the sky dyed by the evening glow. Madder red clouds hung in the sky, making you feel the arrival of autumn. The night breeze felt cool.

「…Your Excellency.」

Dante-san, who had been silent until then, called out.

「I am not too knowledgeable about nobles or the Court, but I do have a daughter, and I know I would do anything to protect her. So… I can understand what you had to do.」

Duke Grenjido turned his gaze to Dante-san.

「I see…」

「Yes… Though, I’m not sure if it would be of any comfort.」

「No, that’s not the case… I’m sorry.」

The tensed duke seemed like he relaxed just a bit.

「I have received a lot of reports, Reiji. You not only protected the nobles of the Holy Kingdom from the mediator, but you also subsequently subjugated Ouroboros, it seems.」

「Ah, no… that was because Dante-san and the others were there.」

「I will definitely reward you, so why don’t you come to the Holy City?」

I was startled.

I had spent four years in the Holy City with House Sillys.

And also the place where I said goodbye to the young lady.

「But I…」

「Whether you’re the “Child of Disaster” or not, none can complain if it’s my invitation. I can even make you a ward of my Duke House.」

「Your Excellency, that’s overkill.」

「I don’t think it is, considering everything you’ve done for us… I feel sick at the thought that you would never return to the Holy City.」

The duke’s face distorted. He looked like a child who was about to start crying. …Man, adults can make a face like that even at this age, huh.

I’m sure what the duke is really thinking about is Louis. Because Louis will never return.

He is not a man who would think of saving only his own child, after all.

「Okay. I’ll visit the Holy City someday if I’m in the vicinity. I think it will be okay since the Lev Magic Empire will guarantee my identity.」


I told Duke Grenjido about the plate issued by the Empire. And also that I have to go to the Saint Knight Kingdom.

「The Empire beat us to it, huh…」

The duke said in a regretful tone.

「Alright, be sure to visit the Holy City. Don’t forget, okay?」

「Yes… I will.」

「And I won’t forget about the rewards too. If there is something you want, just say it. Oh right, Victor’s daughter, Eva. If you want to marry that girl, I’ll be your backing.」

「Wha!? No, that isn’t the relationship I have with the young lady!」

「Just leave it to me.」

「It isn’t like that!」

While talking about such things, we returned to Lulusha-san’s tent. In the end, I let the Duke Grenjido carry my baggage.

「See you!」

Duke Grenjido said, raising his hand just like adventurers do.


「Fuu… I’m spent.」

「I guess dealing with nobles really is your weakness huh, Dante-san…」

「I can handle it if it’s about once a week, but it’s too much if it’s in quick succession. Leaving that aside, so you do have that sort of relationship with that noble lady huh, Reiji.」

「Absolutely not! Don’t you start with this too, Dante-san. We only had an employer-escort relationship with each other… That is all.」

Though, the fact that I crushed slave business together with the young lady, and her sacrificing her own sleep to nurse me back to health, may have deviated slightly from the employer-escort relationship.

Anyhow, Dante-san and I entered the tent with our baggage.


「Ouh, Dante-san. Please don’t stop suddenly.」

Dante-san, who was walking in front of me, stopped all of a sudden, and I almost ran into his back.

「What’s the matter–」

I took a peek in front of him.

The empty tent was dim at dusk, but there stood a giant body that surpassed Dante-san, looking down at him—the eyes were gleaming in the darkness.


「…It is I.」

「It talkeeeed!!」

Dante-san and I reflexively dropped our baggage.

「Reiji-dono… Isn’t that reaction a bit too much?」

A man popped out of the shadow of the giant. It was Wilhelm, the neutral handsome knight of the Saint Knight Kingdom.

Which means, this large man is…

「I apologise for the sudden visit, but I heard that you will be leaving tomorrow.」

It was Friedrich, the supreme commander of the Saint Knight Kingdom.

Another big-shot, Dante-san whispered as such in a lamenting voice.