Vol 5: Chapter 45

Although born in the High Elf royal family, Asha was sent to the Lev Magic Empire as an “equivalent value” for a magic airship as fire magic, which elves hate, naturally manifests around her when she produces voice.

In the Empire, Asha was treated as an “art piece” who attended official events and functions and simply sat there.

However, her constitution was found to be controllable, and Asha has been able to speak and use magic freely since. She displayed enough of that in the “Back World”.

「But, if that’s the case, why did you reveal that you had cured Her Highness’ voice, Reiji-kun?」

When I made that “wish” to the Emperor, I also explained about Asha’s throat and voice. WelI, I didn’t say that I sneaked into her room, of course.

Which would in turn increase Asha’s “value” and the Empire wouldn’t want to let her go.

「I just… didn’t want her long sought freedom to be shadowed by secrets.」


Mimino-san looked at me with a worried look.

…Whenever I see Mimino-san make this kind of face, I am reminded that she is older than me. She usually feels like a child to me.

Mimino-san must have noticed the things I didn’t say.

It was because my own “freedom” was shadowed by “secrets”. Being released from the mine was an irregular occurrence as a contract slave. And to hide Lark from the Keith Gran Federation, I sneaked out of the country with Zerry-san.

That is why I didn’t want Asha to have to hide her voice to be free. Knowing full well that the Emperor might not want to let go of Asha if he knew that her voice has been cured.

「Don’t worry, Mimino-san. I can take care of myself now.」

Thanks to【World Ruler】, my fighting ability has improved, and above all, I am quite confident about my ability to escape from any situation. I won’t be caught by the Keith Gran Federation.

「Moreover, because of this present that everyone gave me, I am no longer at a disadvantage being black-haired and black-eyed.」

I took out the ID card issued by the Lev Magic Empire from my tool bag.

「I won’t forgive anyone who bullies you! And if you want, I would follow you anywhere, Reiji-kun!」

「Thank you, Mimino-san. That’s reassuring.」

「You should rely on me more!」

Mimino-san puffed her chest with pride. She once again started looking like a child to me.


A warship powered by a magic engine was a ship that could accommodate more than 100 people. However, Umibozu seems to be a monster which requires at least an entire warship, it seems.

Non-san and Dante-san joined up with us. Zerry-san was already drunk when we met up, so we threw her aboard on the deck and got on the ship.

「—In short, the Adventurer’s Guild has known about Umibozu’s existence for hundreds of years, but has almost no information on it?」

I said, after hearing the report from Dante-san.

As the ship sailed away from the port into the open sea, there was a lot of swaying. But once inside the cabin, there was no wind.

「Just so. They’ve tried to form a subjugation team several times in the past, but after repeated annihilations of the teams, they decided to “let sleeping dogs lie”. In fact, it only appears for a few months at the longest, and then disappears and reappears decades later.」Dante-san said.

「–But, you see, leader of Silver Balance, Dante-dono… It is also a fact that many can’t make a living and some also die in those several months.」

Why did the mayor come along? And the mayor also seems to have heard of Silver Balance. He looked at Dante-san with a gaze of respect, not caring about positions such as knight and adventurer. No, he didn’t look at Mimino-san… so maybe he just likes macho people like Friedrich.

「Was the effect really that great? –Forgive me, I didn’t mean to doubt your words.」Dante-san said.

「Dante-dono, you can treat me as a fellow adventurer. Casually, frankly, and openly.」


「It is quite alright, I say.」

Dante-san looked at me, as if seeking for help, but I gave him a “give up” look. The other knights in the room nod gave a “sorry” look, and Zerry-san was loudly vomiting over the deck.

「O-Okay, I’ll speak casually…」

「Thank you, Dante-dono.」

And Zerry-san loudly sent another volley of vomit into the sea.

「So, people die on land because of Umibozu?」

「Yes… it is unfortunate, but fishermen who make a living by sailing into the open sea inevitably hit rock bottom. The town supports people who are in need, but those who borrow a lot of money and become unable to pay them back, sometimes choose to end their own life.」


「For that reason, I want to see if there is a way to chase off Umibozu, even if we can’t subjugate it.」

I looked at the nautical chart spread out on the table. The sighting points of Umibozu were color-coded and marked with an “X”.

The locations where it was sighted were scattered, but it always appears a certain distance away from the embankments and land—it feels like you could get a straight line if you connected the dots.

Maybe that line is another coastline?

No, surely everyone else has considered that possibility, right?


「What’s wrong, Reiji? If you have any ideas, please share it with us.」Dante-san said.

「Ah, uhmm… everyone has probably already thought about it.」

I pointed to the “x” marks.

「Umm… maybe there’s something like a continental shelf around here?」