Vol 5: Chapter 48

After【Dark Magic】absorbed the laser, Umibozu’s face reappeared again.

As long as we have Mimino-san’s Dupe Potion, we can take on this monster no matter how many times it comes at us.

「Reiji-kun! That was the last Dupe Potion!」Mimino-san’s voice echoed.

O-Oh, right… It costs a lot to make the Dupe Potion!

Umibozu’s hill-like size started shrinking. Wrinkles and crumples seemed to appear on the wet, slimy surface.

Did it shrink because of the laser light? Does that mean it can’t shoot that magic continuously?

「If so, it’s my turn to counterattack!」

Even now, the tentacles were still attacking, so I tried to counterattack while tearing apart the tentacles with【Wind Magic】. Furthermore, it was difficult to maintain my balance due to the magic ship moving forward at full speed while swaying.

However, I’m lucky that the enemy’s body was big.


I launched three【Fire Magic】. The basketball-sized fireballs spun around like a cannon and landed directly on Umibozu’s face.

Splashes of water shot up. The seawater evaporated due to high heat.

As the green body burned and melted away, the green flesh underneath was exposed.

Green body fluid spurted out.

「Gya! Gross!」

Zerry-san screamed from the nearby warship.

「Reiji! There’s almost nothing we can do to help, but we have your back! Just focus on that monster.」

「Reiji-dono! We, knights, will not abandon you!」

Unusually, Dante-san was wielding a longsword. As tentacles rained down on the warship from above, he dexterously slashed and cut them apart. …This person is truly unbelievable!

Thanks to the tentacles being forced to separate, the attacks focused on me were lessened.

That is good enough, Dante-san.

And thank you for your help too, mayor.

「Mimino-san! Please give me all the poison you have!」


「That is a living creature. Poison should be effective!」

「I-I understand.」

Mimino-san took out a lot of bottles from her tool bag. …S-She was carrying that much poison? Does she usually walk around with that much poison while travelling?

Zerry-san carried all those bottles and jumped onto the magic ship when the distance shortened. Her leaping distance is almost the same as when she is on land.

「Bocchan, I’ve brought it all here– Bocchan?」

「Ah, uh… no, nothing.」

If I told her that I was impressed by her amazing motor nerves, this cat beastman would definitely grow more stuck up. So I decided to keep quiet.

I spread a towel and wrapped all the poison bottles in it. The bottles were clanking against each other, threatening to break, but it was only temporary, so it should be okay.

「Zerry-san, can you swim?」

「Do you even know what you’re asking me, bocchan? I was called the “Mermaid Princess of the Dark Fang Mercenary Group”, you know? I can swim even in a storm. In fact, there was a time I jumped into a large river during a storm while running away from a debt collector and successfully escaped, you know?」

That’s… not really something to brag about, but whatever.

「Then, please come pick me up when I fall into the sea.」

「Of course, just leave it to me — Wait, what? What do you mean? Bocchan? Bocchan!」

I carried the tucked poison bottles with both hands and jumped up. Using【Fire Magic】and【Wind Magic】, I steadily approached Umibozu.

I was unsure of my remaining mana. I had used quite a bit to offset the laser light.

But it should be okay. Information analysis by【World Ruler】has already been completed.

There was no poison in any other part except for the tentacles. And as a living thing, its mouth was probably below. The mouth was open under the sea.

In other words, this thing was a huge jellyfish.

Since it can use magic and body fluid flows out like blood when harmed, it is not exactly a jellyfish. But there is no doubt it is part of the jellyfish family.

「As expected… this is pretty much all empty, isn’t it?」

There was no tentacle trying to capture me as I rushed towards Umibozu.

In order to bring out the tentacles from the sea to the surface of the sea, it is necessary to stretch them out from the outside of the umbrella. In other words, the closer you get to the centre of the umbrella, the harder it will be for the tentacles to reach you.

However, the hollow “eyes” of the mound gleamed, and suddenly shot a light.


It was a thin laser. I twisted my body to dodge the laser, but my clothes were burned.

That was dangerous… it seems to be squeezing out what little mana it has.

「But this is the end for you!」

I swooped down towards the green mound.


I used most of my remaining mana to activate【Wind Magic】. Power rapidly flowed out of my body.

I tore the umbrella with a huge wind blade. A large amount of body fluid spurted out. As I landed on the place where I cut through the mound, a large amount of body fluid spurted on me, and I started smelling kinda fishy. I heard Zerry-san almost vomiting due to the strong smell.

While reminding myself that the body fluid is harmless, I thrusted the poison bottles wrapped in the towel into Umibozu. Cool temperature was transmitted through my skin as it came into contact with the slimy surface.

Umibozu’s body started trembling, Probably because a foreign object entered its body.

But honestly, I couldn’t think of any other method to defeat it.

The vitality of a jellyfish is not to be underestimated.

Even if I cut the tentacles and umbrella in half, I have a feeling that it will still survive.

As time passes, Umibozu will recover its mana and shoot that huge laser light again.

「…I’m sorry to poison you like this.」

I pulled out my arm and jumped back. While keeping a distance with【Wind Magic】, I shot【Earth Magic】.

The rock I shot with the last remaining residue of my mana splendidly pierced the towel and broke the bottles into smithereens.

My body fell into the sea.

Umibozu’s umbrella can be seen changing rapidly from green to blue, from blue to white, and from white to green.

Ah, the poison worked… Well, it was Mimino-san’s poison, after all.

……Mimino-san will surely get angry at me because of this plan.

My body floated on the surface of the sea as I thought about it.