Vol 5: Chapter 54

Beads of sweat formed on Yago-san’s forehead.

「Yes. I reaffirmed that you are amazingly strong. I can see the powerful aura that is emitted by Reiji-dono.」

「You’re exaggerating. By the way, I only have physical enhancement skills, and I don’t have any magic skills other than【Mana Quantity Increase】.」


What I said should have been exactly the same as what Yago-san “saw”.

As I casually talked about my skills, the people in the surroundings started becoming noisy.

「Does that mean he is using magic without magic skill orbs?」

「Why… I have heard that some masters of magic remove their skill orbs to use magic naturally.」

「What an extraordinary talent to be able to use such magic at this age.」

I simply smiled at those exchanges.

(Haha, not really.)

I stuck out my tongue inwardly.

Because I don’t have any of those skill orbs.

I have only two skill orbs in my body at the moment.

One is【World Ruler ★★★★★★★★★★】.

The other is –【Orb Camouflage ★★★】.

It was originally in Asha’s body. And thanks to absorbing it, it doesn’t matter who tries to see my skill orbs.

(Even so, that was【Orb-See】, huh. I wonder if I learned it through【World Ruler】?)

I couldn’t help but want to try it. I decided to try it out when I have a chance. It seems that you can’t use it unless you shake hands, and it’s a bad habit to snoop on other people’s skills, so I don’t have many chances to use it.

「Oh right, mayor. Do you know anything about the sage who lives on an island in the open sea?」

「Ah, you mean the “Sage of Medicine”? Yes, I have heard of him. He lives in a difficult to reach area of the sea, which can only be reached by a fairly skilled captain.」

「Is that so?」

Is it difficult to reach him, after all?

In the worst case, I would have to sail close and fly through the sky, I guess. It puts a lot of strain on my body, but if it is only temporary, I just have to do my best.

「—Though, that is an old story.」


Suddenly the mayor’s tone changed.

「Even if the tides are fast, we have magic ships now. With magic ships, we can easily reach the island without any problems.」


Wow! The progress of science is amazing!

Science is progressing steadily in a world of all-purpose magic!

「For our “Hero” Reiji-dono, I shall prepare our army’s magic ship–」

「Wait a moment, mayor. I volunteer my magic ship.」

The mayor’s older brother cut into the conversation.

「No! By all means, we will prepare our company’s ship.」

This time, it was Yago-san who volunteered. …To be honest, I don’t want to get on this person’s ship, though.


A dignified voice—even Asha joined in.

「I will carry him on the elves’ magic airship! It is Reiji-san’s request, after all!」

「…Your Highness, the personal use of “Owl Wings” is strictly prohibited. Even Your Highness is not allowed to make that decision.」


Asha turned bright red and after being turned down by Polina-san.

She looked like an enthusiastic child who failed, and the adults were watching over with a smile (including me).

「Thank you, Asha. I appreciate the thought.」

「…Uh, but I couldn’t be of help to you…」

「You killed one of the Umibozu. Things would have turned ugly if you weren’t there.」

For some reason, the adults also joined in and praised her, saying, “That’s right” and “Your Highness Anastasia is amazing”. As expected, this is a picture of adults trying to encourage a child.

「Alright, then. Let’s decide with a card who will send Reiji-done to the sage’s island!」


「I’m up for it.」

「Let me join too.」

「Me too.」

Adults rushed into the premises to join the card game suggested by the mayor. The number of magic ship owners joining the game had increased to 10 before I realised.

「I-Is this really okay?」

I didn’t know how much it would cost to use a magic ship.

As I was slightly shook up at how smoothly things were progressing,

「Reiji-san is very popular. I am feeling a little… lonely.」Asha said, sighingly


「When we were in the Back World, I was the only one with Reiji-san, but before I knew it, more people gathered around you, and when we returned back to this world and I took my eyes off of you for a short while, even more people gathered around you.」

「There are many people who are cooperating with me, but only a few who will stay in the future.」

「Is that… so?」

「Yes, I understand that my value to people will not always be the same.」

I recalled what Asha said.

——I want to be with Reiji-san…… forever !!

That certainly touched my heart.

「…I was very happy when you said you wanted to go on adventures with me, Asha.」

Asha blinked her eyes and exhaled a little, as if wanting to say “you clueless guy”.

「Did I say something strange?」

「No. It’s fine for now. It is always I who receives something from you… but that is only until now.」


「That’s right… I have a gift for you, Reiji-san.」

Polina-san handed something to Asha in wrapped clothes, and she offered it to me.

A small leather… belt?

「You’re gifting me this?」

「Yes. –Well then, Reiji-san. I will be leaving now.」


The bonfire illuminated Asha as she turned around to leave.

Before I knew it, the sun had set and the curtain of night had appeared.

Illuminated by the light of the flames, Asha looked magically beautiful.


I wonder why.

I felt that Asha was slowly separating from me.

There were many things we had to talk about… Like what she would do from now on, what happened to the dark elves, her liberation from the Lev Magic Empire, etc…

「I have to find a cure for my sister at the moment… but when that’s over, let’s go on an adventure together.」

For some reason, I could only say let’s go on an adventure.

Asha stopped and turned around, showing only the side of her face.

「It’s a promise.」

She said with a smile.