Vol 5: Chapter 59

There are eight places in the world that produce skill orbs.

One of them is the “Third Forest”, which is managed by elves. Little is known about how skill orbs are produced in the Third Forest.

In the “Sixth Mine”, the mine had transformed into a dungeon, and the skill orbs grew from the walls. At the “First Altar” in the Holy Kingdom, the altar shone brightly, and skill orbs popped out like bubbles.

The way skill orbs manifest is different depending on the location.

The Third Forest is located almost in the center of the vast Keith Gran Federation, and the forest itself is vast enough to completely fill the land of the Saint Knight Kingdom. Though, it seems that skill orbs only appear in a small part of the forest.

「This is amazing…」

15 days had passed since I left Zackerhafen. I rode on a horse-drawn carriage from the federation’s capital, Valhalla, and arrived at the Third Forest.

Huge trees stood in front of me. The boundary between the forest and the grassland was so clear, as if there was a clear line.

Birds were constantly singing from the trees which were more than 10 meters tall.

「——We’re selling fruits from the forest~.」

「——Would you like to buy a special elf potion?」

「——Those who wish to enter Sylvis Kingdom please come over here.」

「——The guild has made a request for adventurers.」

The road that sewed through the undulating grassland ended once in front of the forest. It seems that there is the same examination of entry into the Third Forest.

There were small settlements, inns, shops, cafeterias, public institutions such as guilds, and various other buildings around.

(If the forest is this wide, you can smuggle in from anywhere.)

As expected, the poaching problem seems to be serious – there is no end to poachers targeting the rare beasts unique to the Third Forest and the skill orbs – and the Adventurer’s guild regularly posts “Patrol Requests” in the Third Forest. The lucrative rewards seem to be due to the inevitable physical clashing with poachers and the unattractive nature of this border settlement, which makes adventurers unwilling to stay.

(Even so, there aren’t many elves in sight.)

Only humans were selling at stores and running the inns. The Keith Gran Federation is generally prejudiced against sub-races, and there were no beastmen or dwarves here either.

Only the building that examines applicants for entry into the Sylvis Kingdom was different.

Two elf guards stood at the entrance, staring sharp-eyed at the immigration applicants lined up in front. The guards were clad in leather armor hardened with a special chemical, and carried wooden spears. The tip of the spear was a highly sharpened ore rather than metal. They would certainly blend in as residents of the forest when viewed from outside.

Their blonde hair, long ears, and beautiful appearance matched the expectations of the elves I had.

As the examination was done one by one, I had to line up outdoors. This process would be quite grueling during the winter season or on rainy days.

「Next person, please.」

It was my turn next. Inside, there were 5 elves. Three were armed and the other two stood behind the counter. The two were dressed in beautiful indigo attire and looked like civilians. Unlike the armed elves, their eyes exuded gentleness, but they were still alert.

「Please present your Identification card. …Hmm, the Adventurer’s guild certificate? The name is… Reiji. Unfortunately, you can’t enter the kingdom.」


「W-Wait a minute. Why? I haven’t said anything yet.」

「Because you are an adventurer.」

「Sorry, I don’t understand, but the Adventurer’s guild certificate should be fine as an ID card.」

「It is not a problem of not being able to prove your identity, it is that you are an adventurer.」

Of the two elves at the counter, one had an annoyed look, but the other explained it to me.

The poachers seem to be the cause for this problem.

Most of the poachers seem to be adventurers, and they claim to have accepted the guild’s request. The guild’s request sometimes specifies to submit something that can only be obtained at the Third Forest.

The cost is too high if you try to get it from the marketplace. However, poaching in the Third Forest is free.

The guild does not specify how to obtain it, and since it is not possible to confirm the market price of the requested item, the request will be posted as requested by the client, and the adventurers will accept it.

「But that is the Adventurer guild’s problem, not ours. We have to protect the interests of our country.」

「That’s true… but poachers are also cracked down by adventurers, right?」

「Yes, that’s even more of a problem.」

Apparently, it seems that it is none other than a poacher who accepts the request for the “patrol”. Which creates an absurd situation where poachers can legally enter the Third Forest and even receive the reward for the “patrol request”.

The Adventurer’s Guild also thinks this is a problem and is trying hard to confirm the identity of the adventurers who accept the “patrol request”, but the number of things that can be done are limited and the situation has not improved much.

「So, do you think we should allow adventurers into the country?」

「I… suppose not.」

「Then, please go home.」

「Wait. What if there is something else to guarantee my identity?」

「What do you mean?」

If I can’t enter as an adventurer, then I just have to present another ID card.

I didn’t think it would get an opportunity to play an active role so soon.

「Here it is.」

I presented the ID card issued by the Lev Magic Empire at the counter. The two elves had puzzled looks, but their complexion soon changed.