Vol 5: Chapter 63

You could do more things if you have an extraordinary amount of mana. Matvey-san’s mana was as impressive as Asha’s mana.

「This is amazing. I have never seen【Flower Magic】on this scale.」I said.

「Well, this is about the best someone like me can do…」

Matvey-san’s hands are shaking? Is he pushing himself too much?

I was not sure if the trees were walking or the branches were stretching out tremendously, but after a while the movement stopped.

We were still a distance away from the “World Tree”, but we stopped in front of a mansion supported by multiple giant trees.

White painted walls with window frames and roof intricately carved with animal and flower designs. It seems that all of them are made of wood.

「Matvey!! WIth whose permission did you decide to bring a human here?!」

A large trunk in front of the mansion was designed perfectly like a road, which may have also been created with【Flower Magic】.

A handsome guy who looked a lot like Matvey-san appeared, but his eyes were pretty sharp.

「That’s my third elder brother, Holobrit.」Matvey-san said.

「I’m guessing the people hiding from sight are also your siblings?」I said.

「You noticed them?」Matvey-san asked.

I nodded.

「——We were not hiding.」

Handsome men and beautiful ladies started to come out from here and there. There were 17 of them in all.

「The one wearing the yellow hair ornament is the eldest brother Yaroslav, the blue bangle is the second brother Svyatoslav, the third brother you’ve already met, the fourth brother is Andrey, the one wearing his hair in a bun, the fifth brother is the one with short hair Alexandre, the sixth one is——」

「I-I think that’s fine for now.」

I could surely remember all of them due to【World Ruler】, but this is not the time for introductions. The problem is that all of them have tremendous mana.

「Is that human able to sense us based on presence alone?」

The fourth brother, Andrey, asked.

It was not quite how Andrey surmised it. I was exploring a new way to use【World Ruler】on the way to the Third Forest.

And I found a certain new usage.

「…Your mana is not something you can hide even if you wanted to, right?」I said.

【World Ruler】is able to acquire new abilities by combining the skills that I have already learned.

【Eyesight Enhancement】,【Mana Control】,【Orb-See】… By combining these, I acquired a skill I would like to call【Mana-See】, and now I can visualize the amount of mana of others.

Their mana was rising up like steam. It was several tens of times greater than general elves who are already said to have more mana than other races.

Therefore, even if they are hiding somewhere, I can see the mana leaking from them.

「Hou, you can feel mana. Then you should know that this is not a place for a lowly human like you.」

Because I can see it, I can understand it very well.

This person, among the 17, towered over the rest in terms of mana.

Asha was amazing, but this person is in a different league.

「That’s Yuri. My twin sister… a genius.」Matvey-san said.

「Lowly human who was brought here by the failure Matvey, leave this place.」

Twin sister, huh…

I don’t know what kind of life High Elf royals lead, but… with a twin sister who possesses that kind of mana, I can see why Matvey-san would be called a “failure”.

Matvey-san’s mana was certainly less than the people here, only about half of theirs. Even so, in a human society, he would be called a “great mage” for the mana he possesses.

「I simply came to meet Asha.」I said.

「That child won’t see you.」

「Please, I just want to meet her once and talk a little bit.」

I bowed my head, but–

「Don’t push your luck, lowly human!!」

Yuri-san became furious, and mana started gathering around her like a whirlpool.

「Stop that. Are you really going to use magic here?」

「She is just like the humans who lose their cool and start shooting magic everywhere.」

「Oh, dear. And this is supposed to be the first candidate for the next king.」

The High Elf brothers started complaining one after another.

Yuri-san is the next King… Queen? Hmm, these siblings don’t sound so friendly with each other…

「Shut up! I am compensating for all of your lack of mana!」

Yuri-san stretched out her hand towards me and shot a wind blast.


If it hits me, I would be blown off this tree and fall to the ground.

But I noticed a certain something.

In order to confirm it, I have to do something about the wind blast coming my way first.


I also developed【Wind Magic】.

「How foolish. A human going against the mana of a High Elf?」

「A vain struggle.」

I heard such murmurs from the surroundings. My mana is certainly not at all comparable to Yuri-san. It’s like pitting a tricycle against a dump truck.

However, I have【World Ruler】.

The small tornado-like wind blast reached me— but just before, the【Wind magic】disappeared like it never existed.


Taken by surprise, everyone froze on the spot.

It seems that Yuri-san herself was the most surprised.

I alone was grinning.