Vol 5: Chapter 73




Two of the five people were hit directly and were sent flying, two were injured partly, and one completely evaded the attack and closed the distance with me. The ax that he swung down was a sharp blow, but I activated【Earth Magic】and erected an earth wall from the ground.

「His magic activation time is too quick!」

「People without a skill have quicker activation time, it seems.」I said.


A lump of mud extended from the earth wall and sank deep into the man’s belly, sending him flying too.


I caught the sound of air being cut by arrows flying at a tremendous speed.

(3 in total. I can dodge them all, but…)

I developed【Wind Magic】instead with the intention of showing off my prowess. The arrows were sucked into a layer of wind that surrounded me like a dome. The arrows circled around me as if a satellite orbits the earth—and were shot towards the people who initially fired the arrow.




The arrow did not pierce anyone, but it seemed to be enough to surprise and warn them.

「W-What is that magic!?」

Polina-san was incredibly astonished.

「I told you. People who don’t have a skill have quicker magic activation.」

「That’s impossible!【Wind Magic】,【Fire Magic】, and【Earth Magic】being invoked naturally!?」


To be precise, it is the result of learning from【World Ruler】, making it invocable even if【World Ruler】is removed.

「Everyone, prepare large-scale magic! It doesn’t matter if the forest is damaged a little!」Polina-san exclaimed.

I felt the mana of the Secret Service, including Polina-san, swelling up.

The amount of mana was high, probably because elves have a long lifespan. They excel at close combat and can also use magic. These people would make great adventurers if they ever choose to change professions.

「That is no good, Polina-san.」

If you are fighting against a monster, you have to anticipate its behavior.

If you are escorting someone, you have to repel human attackers.

Each of those scenarios require different ways to approach them. But these people have no strategy to defeat me. They are just throwing out attacks randomly.

「You can’t spend so much time preparing your attack.」I said.


I closed the distance with Polina-san instantly just before she was able to invoke her magic. I was able to put “Shunpo” to practical use.

「Wha– goho!」

My punch sank into Polina-san’s stomach. She fell unconscious onto the ground.

It is not my hobby to hit women, but she was trying to kill me. I can’t pull my punches.


Another elf shouted. A storm of【Earth Magic】and【Wind Magic】loomed on me from above.

「This is also not good at all.」

I created a strong wind that blew the whole thing away. I countered the【Wind Magic】with my own, and decreased the momentum of the stones hurled at me, and dropped them on the ground in front of me.

Even if you combine magic, there is no synergistic effect between wind and earth. It would have to be something like “Sandstorm”. Although, that magic has no killing potential.

「Do you still want to fight? If you’re not going to change your mind, then I will start attacking everyone.」I said.


The Secret Service was silent. They hold fast to the “High Elf is supreme” belief and are willing to sacrifice themselves if necessary. I am sure they will continue to fight.

Which means… I need to fight too.

(Vain and barren…)

I felt the loneliness hidden in my chest growing.

This country was barren. Abundant in fruit but it was superficial. Elves worshiped the High Elves, but the High Elves live bound to the past.


One of the Secret Service members screamed.

Right then, I heard the sound of an engine. Light filtered through the tree canopy illuminating the surroundings, but it was soon covered by a huge shadow.

Everyone looked up at the sky and noticed the large presence in the sky.

「”Owl Wings”!? Why is it here!?」

The huge magic airship slowly descended and stopped right above the tree canopy. Strong gust of wind blew due to the propellers.

「——The Secret Service is ordered to return to His Majesty the King. This is His Majesty’s decree.」

A voice echoed from the magic airship via a magic tool that amplifies voice–the Elves froze in response to the word “decree”.

I immediately recognised that voice.

『Reiji. Asha. Sorry I’m late… I’ll hang down the rope. Grab on to it.』

Matvey-san said.


Although “Owl Wings” is an airship built in the Lev Magic Empire, it seems that many improvements have been made for the elves.

Elves dislike metal, so that has been reduced as much as possible, and the airship was given a simple wood grain finish.

We met Matvey-san in the lounge inside the airship.

「Matvey-san! Why are you…」

「Well, obviously the Secret Service wouldn’t let you walk away freely, would they?」

「…I suppose.」I said.

「Matvey onii-sama, you must have gone to great lengths to get the permission to fly this magic airship…」

Asha was worried. Apparently, this ship, which is the only airship in Sylvis Kingdom, is always being operated with great care.

「It’s not a big deal. It’s the day my cute little sister is departing on a journey, after all.」


「That said, Yuri kicked my ass and made me move the airship.」

Matvey-san said while rubbing his ass with his right hand… Was he really kicked in the ass?

「Haha… I can’t match up to Yuri, after all. I didn’t understand a single thing, about His Majesty, or about Asha…」he said.