Vol 5: Chapter 77 (2)

Non-san calmed her master and sat down.

「Non-san, so does that mean things will not get better even if Lark’s treatment continues as is?」I asked.

「I am afraid so… We are only able to stop her present condition from getting worse. What about the elf’s secret elixir?」

「This is it.」Asha said, and placed a bottle on the table.

Riviera-san opened the lid and checked the content before Non-san could pick it up.

「Amazing. This is the actual secret elixir…」Riviera-san said.

「Do you know of it, Master?」Non-san asked.

「I have seen it once in the past. My master’s master said, “This shall only be used if something should ever happen to His Holiness the Pope.”.」

「What kind of effect does it have?」

「I don’t know.」

「……You do not know?」

「Apparently, it can heal anything. Whether it’s a disease or a wound, or anything at all. However, it’s hard to obtain because it uses the leaves of the Tree of Life, which the elves cherish greatly. It’s commendable that you were able to obtain it.」

Asha smiled a little. She must be remembering Yuri-san.

「Anyway, let’s try and use this. You’re sure about this, right? Because I think the Church will give you enough money to spend until you die if you give this elixir over to them.」Riviera-san said.

I expected it to be expensive, but to think it was by that much!

「Of course.」Asha answered immediately.

「Hmm, how sweet. Girls who are in love are strong of will, aren’t they, Non?」

「?? That’s right, Master.」

「…Well, my disciple is still immature in matters of love, however.」

「It’s because you are too wild, Master.」

Riviera-san fell silent with a bitter look.

「Well, then– Non-san, about Dante-san…」I said.

「Right. Truth is, even I don’t know why they have not returned.」

Non-san responded in a much calmer manner than when I first met her at the chapel. I wonder if Riviera-san said something silly to calm Non-san…

Non-san knew about as much information as I did. The reason why there was a discussion about whether to dispatch a search ship was not to search for Dante-san and the others, but because the mayor’s brother was also on the ship that carried Silver Balance, and he has also not yet returned, it seems.

「—Alright. I shall go visit the mayor right away. I’ll ask him to send out a ship.」I said.

「I, too would like to–」

「Non-san. If possible, I would like to ask you to take care of Lark…」


Non-san is probably the person who wants to go look for Dante-san the most. But she agreed to stay behind.

「Well, it can’t be helped. Even if you go, you’ll just be a hindrance, after all.」Riviera-san said.

「I-I know that better than anyone else.」Non-san said.

As Non-san glared at Riviera-san with tears at the corners of her eyes, Riviera-san smiled softly at her — it was akin to an intimate sisterly smile.

「—If you still want to go knowing that, you just have to say please. I will look after the patient.」


Non-san was taken aback, probably noticing the true meaning of Riviera-san’s words.

「Are you sure, Master?」

「It’s fine. You should learn to rely on your master at times such as this.」

Non-san stood up and bowed to Riviera-san in response.

Then she turned to me.

Looking at her expression, I can already guess what her next words will be, and I will not be able to refuse her.

However, I am a little worried about leaving Lark in Riviera-san’s care. I hope this person is not attracted to girls…


Non-san parted ways with us to prepare for the journey, saying she would join us later. Whereas Asha and I headed for the mayor’s residence.

「Reiji-san… umm, you probably would not like me for asking this, but…」

「W-What is it, Asha? You can ask me anything.」

「Just now, what were you talking to Riviera-san about?」

「Ahh, that……」

When we were leaving the church, I was stopped by Riviera-san. Non-san had already returned to her room, and Asha was not near enough to hear the conversation between the two of us.

——I am relieved that you are not the dangerous person I suspected you to be. You can leave your sister in my care.

That’s what she said. When I heard that, I noticed that from Riviera-san’s viewpoint, I was an abnormal existence who was always next to her disciple.

I have the ability to cure petrification that even high-ranking priests could not cure, and I even achieved outstanding results in the “Red Gate Battle”. Moreover, I am still 14 years old… I suppose people would naturally be suspicious when looking at me objectively.

「Riviera-san was simply worried about Non-san. So she asked us to be careful.」

Regardless of her behavior, Riviera-san seems to be in a fairly high position within the Church, and her skill in【Healing Magic】is said to be top notch. The reason why such an individual came to Zackerhafen, a port town on the outskirts of the Saint Knight Kingdom, was because she worried for her disciple’s wellbeing.

Though, she doesn’t seem to openly say that to Non-san.

「So she is a good person who cares for her disciple?」Asha asked.

「It would seem so.」

When we arrived at the mayor’s residence, my arrival had already been announced, and the mayor came out to meet me immediately. And he promised that he would soon set out a ship to search for his brother.

「My brother is so unfair! He left me behind and went on an adventure with those wonderful adventurers!」

Apparently, rather than worrying about his brother’s wellbeing, the mayor himself wanted to get on the ship.

The knights around him tried to persuade him to stay behind, but the mayor kept throwing a tantrum that he wanted to go too.

The knight captain who was only able to watch without doing anything–

「Reiji-dono, let’s go to the harbor…」he said.

「Will that be okay?」I asked.

「We have gotten permission, so it’s a waste of time to stay here.」


The mayor’s selfishness has been treated as “waste”. I felt sorry for him, but I also wanted to get on the ship quickly.


Non-san seemed to have been waiting at the harbor since earlier, carrying a backpack. A backpack that surely carries the tools required for our adventures.

The ship we were permitted to use was the warship that we used in the battle with Umibozu.

The speed of the ship is also quite sufficient and sturdy enough to withstand battle.

「Let’s go.」

We boarded the ship.

Dante-san, Mimino-san, Zerry-san– Please wait. I’ll come pick you up soon.