Vol 5: Chapter 79 (2)

Everyone seemed to be counting the number of stars while squinting their eyes. I covered the skill orb partially, as the light was quite blinding.

「This is mindblowing… What does it do?」

Zerry-san’s eyes, surprisingly, did not turn into gold coins. Probably because she intuitively understands that a skill orb with more than 8 stars is not something that can be sold or bought.

「It provides the complete understanding of the Covenant that connects the two worlds and… it can also revoke the Covenant, apparently.」

I explained the eight articles of the Covenant, and also regarding the mediators.

The world is divided into two by the goddess, and the mediators manage the two worlds. The mediators are the dragon and the Vision Ogre.

Dante-san seems to have recalled the memory of fighting a dragon in the Achenbach Dukedom. The dragon was obsessed with finding and destroying skill orbs.

I had explained these things to Asha to some extent, but everyone was surprised to find out that Asha’s family was one of the pledgers. And so are the Librarians in this town.

And they were also surprised to learn that the “Sage of Medicine” is the dragon.

His mansion has a door that leads to a different space, which may be similar to the black dome used by the mediator in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom in the past. And then I told them of the conversation I had with the Sage and the Vision Ogre. That the world is in danger of collapse.

All five of them fell silent.

They seem to have fully understood the reason why I was partly sad when I returned from the mansion.

「Is it not possible for the Librarians to revoke the Covenant? I don’t think Reiji-kun has to carry this burden on your back.」

The first person to speak out was Non-san, who was deeply anxious for me.

「It seems that only items related to each article can be destroyed… The Librarian can only revoke the structure of the Covenant. But if the structure is revoked, the balance of the world may be greatly disturbed, so they are not considering that option.」

On the other hand, the Holy Blue Human—the Covenant in which the Holy King of the Kruvan Holy Kingdom is the Pledger is related to the “maintenance” of the Covenant. By revoking this, the mediator can begin influencing the other pledgers and revoke the Covenant one by one – or so the Vision Ogre thought.

However, it is said that the risk is great because it is an unprecedented thing that no one has ever done before.

「Revocation through【World Alliance】is the safest thing to do because all the Covenants can be revoked simultaneously.」

Saying “safest” is quite an extremely serious self-contradiction, as terrible things could very much still occur.

「Reiji. Are you 100% certain that revoking the Covenant will connect the two worlds?」


I told them that it was clearly stated so in the article related to “Revocation” of the Covenant.

And also that I couldn’t understand the last article even with【World Alliance】.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Significance of the Covenant (/)

・ □□□□□□□□ makes the Covenant’s □□ the mediator □□, □□.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, □□□□□□□□ will change □□ to □□.

Regarding this article, neither the Sage nor the Vision Ogre knew. They didn’t even know that such an article existed.

Since the skill orbs were not created by them, which includes【World Alliance】, I wonder if they don’t 100% know what the Covenant is?

However, even if I told everyone about this, it would be akin to information overload, so I elected to not talk about it.

「Reiji-kun. It makes no sense that you should carry this burden on your back. You should forget what you heard today and think about your sister’s treatment first.」

「I agree with Mimino-san. This is just too much.」

Mimino-san and Non-san told me that I didn’t have to do anything.

「Hmm, I think Bocchan should just do whatever you want to do. If you know for certain that the world will collapse, let’s use all our money and drink to our hearts content!」

Zerry-san was as usual. I have a feeling that she is never going to pay back the debt she owes me.

「I think we should talk to His Majesty King Sylvis about this. I feel that this is something that all the Pledgers should bear.」

Asha gave a positive suggestion.

I do not have the power to call upon the leaders of every country, but it may be possible to create a place of discussion for the parties involved. I could talk to the High Elf King, the Librarian, and the Holy King of the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.


Dante-san finally called out.

「Do you want to avoid the destruction of this world?」

「Of– of course.」

「If so… then you have to revoke the Covenant. And you’re the only one who can do so at the moment. If push comes to shove, do it.」


Dante-san gave me a push on my back.

「The rest is the responsibility of adults. Lady Anastasia gave a good suggestion, but we’ll have to do what we can. So you just focus on “revoking the Covenant in the event of an emergency”.」

What Dante-san was saying was, “We will take care of the rest, so push the red button if the world is in danger of collapse.”

I didn’t have to choose.

The warmth from this person is just so!

His words washed away all my worries.

「Thank you, Dante-san.」

I have made my decision.

「But I will still act. I will do everything I can! Please, everyone– Will you lend me your help so that this world will not disappear?」

「Understood. If Reiji-kun says so.」Mimino-san said, with a big smile.

「I don’t think Reiji really needs to carry this on your shoulders, but… leave the Church to me.」Non-said, sighing.

「We just left, but now I have to go back to the Sylvis Kingdom.」Asha said, with a serious look.

「There’s nothing much I can do~」Zerry-san said, looking puzzled.

「No, you will go to the Adventurer’s Guild with me.」Dante-san said.

「Eeeeh…? Dante boss, there’s really nothing I can do, ya know.」

「You are fast on your feet. That is very important.」

「You’re planning to make me run around!?」Zerry-san cried out.

「Zerry-san, you worked hard this time around, so I’ll pardon your debt completely once this is over.」I said.

「Dante boss! I’ve actually made a name for myself known as “Running Zerry”! I can run anywhere!」

Zerry-san’s mood changed in the snap of a finger. It’s a pity that I can’t use the “debt” trump card against her anymore, but… I’m sure she’ll be in my debt again. We’re talking about Zerry-san, after all.

「Well, there you have it, Reiji. Focus on treating your sister first. We can start moving once she has recovered to the point you don’t have to worry anymore.」Dante-san said.

「……Got it.」

「Leave everything else to us!」Mimino-san said.

Everyone’s kindness was so warm that I was about to tear up again.

We decided to move on two fronts: “Discussion between the pledgers” and “Sounding the warning bell”.

★ Mysterious Space ★

「So they chose to revoke the Covenant? That child seems to have been blessed with good friends.」

Earlier, Reiji, the “Child of Disaster”, conveyed his intentions to revoke the Covenant and left. He said he will work together with his friends and do his best to find a way.

As the Sage murmured so, his figure changed to a giant dragon from an old man. The body was stout and gray, but the mane growing from the back of his head to the back was pure white. The scales were dull.

「Hmm. You’re quite whimsical too. What “Sage of Medicine”?! You are so deeply involved in this world. Which part of that is a “mediator”?」

《Vision Ogre. Isn’t your approach of sitting still for many years and only now sending out puppets to do you bidding after the world has become unbalanced worse…》

The Sage’s voice, who had transformed into a dragon, shook the atmosphere.

「In the first place, all this began because the races in your world did not circulate the skill orbs and began to accumulate them.」

《It is something no one can comprehend… Do you think the Goddess knew that the two worlds would eventually become one?》

「…You didn’t say that if the two worlds were to become one, we might disappear.」

《Was there a reason to say it?》


The dragon and the Vision Ogre are the observers and mediators of the two worlds.

These two races were elected by the goddess, but surely, if the two worlds disappear, their role will be dismissed.

《I didn’t want that child to carry unnecessary burden.》

「How very kind of you.」

《Isn’t that the case with you? The reason why you created puppets to do your bidding was because you didn’t want to burden the lives living in your world to bear the burden…》

「Fool, that’s not true. I just didn’t want to be counted as a force to get rid of monsters after the worlds were rejoined.」

《Really? The eight giants will play an active role in your place. If you release their souls and give them wisdom…》

「Hmm. Almost all of them are dead. Good grief, it took almost everything I had to create them… but, oh well.」

The Vision Ogre muttered and then said.

「He is strong enough to beat the giants, so… the “Child of Disaster” will surely take care of things once the two worlds are rejoined. At that time, the “Child of Disaster” will surely become the “Child of Hope”.」

《I wholeheartedly agree.》

The two remained silent for a long time.

It was as if time itself had stopped, but it was only a blink of an eye compared to the eternal years they have lived.