Vol 6: Chapter 11 (1)

8th Pledger

The moment when the revocation of the Covenant was declared, the skill orb in my hand broke.

As I looked up in surprise, I noticed a fluctuation in the space near the high ceiling of the cathedral. The presence of the Sage and the Vision Ogre became more pronounced in that space.

The revocation of the Covenant will surely affect the mediators too. –But nothing has happened.

…No, the skill orb broke. So something will surely happen to them too.

The skill orb in my hand had already turned into dust and disappeared.

The surroundings became noisy.

「——What happened?」

「——You can still use skills.」

「——There is no particular change outside…」

The Pledger, however, reacted differently.

All of them simultaneously looked up at the place where I saw the mediators earlier.

The look on their faces was a mixture of fright and astonishment.

「Duke Grenjido!?」

I tried to call out. But no sound came out. At the same time, however, a sudden burst of light filled the space and rang loud in my ears. Even though there was no sound.

The surroundings turned all white. Nothing could be seen.

I may have said something.

Or perhaps someone else shouted something.

But I couldn’t hear a thing.

It felt like my ears had gone crazy.


I was speechless.

We were in a complete white space.

Being able to open my eyes, I saw the Pledgers standing stock still–or perhaps fallen on their butts.

And at a distance, there were two figures; the Sage and the Vision Ogre.

Everyone was looking up at a being who–even though this entire space was white, felt even more “white”.

『————Dragon. Vision Ogre. Thank you for your long service.』

That voice which was quieter than the sound of snowfall, deeper than church bells, louder than fireworks, echoed in my head.

The Sage and Vision Ogre knelt on the spot.

I… no, not only me, but the Pledgers as well, had no reason to doubt that this being was god—the Goddess.

『————The Pledgers of the two worlds. Thank you for your long service.』

The Pledgers also knelt on the spot.

There were exactly 7 people gathered here, but there were also Pledgers in the “Back World”.

Though I can’t see them. Are they perhaps somewhere in this white space?

They didn’t know that the Covenant would be revoked, so they were unable to gather.

『————And He who holds two vessels.』

A line of sight shot right through me.

At that moment, an incomprehensible tremor ran through my body.

Why am I here, I wondered.

I, who have nothing to do with the Pledgers and the mediators.

It was because the Goddess had called for me.

『————Thank you for leading to the revocation of the Covenant before the collapse of the world.』

I thought I should say something.

Something like, “It’s my honor” or something.

No… That’s not it!

My lips trembled.

There was something I had to say, but no words came out.

『————Your role is over.』

My role?

What is my role?

My role to “unite the world”?

Then what does it mean to be “over”?

『————You are not necessary to start a new world.』

Not necessary? What does that mean?

(This existence is not the goddess.)

At that time, a revelation flashed across my mind.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Significance of the Covenant (Harumi Reiji / Reiji)

・ □□□□□□□□ □□ the mediators to □□ the Covenant, and □□.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, □□□□□□□□ will □□ to the □□.

・ □□□□□□□□ orders the mediators to □□ the Covenant, and □□.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, □□□□□□□□ will □□ to the world.

・ □□□□□□□□ orders the mediators to □□ the Covenant, and observes.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, □□□□□□□□ will descend to the world.

・ The □□□□□□□□ orders the mediators to maintain the Covenant, and observes.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, the □□□□□□□□ will descend to the world.

・ The Trans□□□□ orders the mediators to maintain the Covenant, and observes.

・ Should the Covenant be revoked, the Trans□□□□ will descend to the world.

・The Transcendent orders the mediators to maintain the Covenant, and observes.

・Should the Covenant be revoked, the Transcendent will descend to the world.

This is a preparation for the “Transcendent” to come down to the world.

Light gathered around the transcendental existence.

I… can’t move!!

That thing is trying to get rid of me.

It is saying I am not needed anymore.

In the new world, there is no more need for a holder of two vessels—the Overlimit Skill Holder.

『————At the very least, sleep peacefully.』

The light surged at me. But just before it hit me, someone jumped in front of that light.

It was a rabbit.


Words finally came out of my mouth.

The light hit El-san. His body was destroyed and scattered to bits. I was surprised to see his insides — metal, screws, gears, cylinders.

Jewel-like—or maybe it was a real jewel—eyes looked at me.

——Eh, run.

It felt as though that was what the eyes were saying.

The light did not stop after destroying El-san.


The light came in contact with my body. Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, HOTTTTTTTT!!!!

My body burned. As if I was on fire.

I was blown away.

I felt as if I was flying.

I tried to activate magic, but it didn’t work.

However, the next moment, the scenery completely changed.

It felt as if I alone was transported to another pocket of space.

「–What is this!?」


I was free falling from far above the sky.

Now able to use magic, I used【Healing Magic】to heal my body and regained my balance mid-air.

I was in a place I had never seen before. It was a strange unnatural land, mottled with wasteland and dense jungles. No house-like structures can be seen anywhere. Numerous birds were flying over the skies of the jungle. A large earthworm-like monster jumped out of the desolate land and gobbled the birds in the skies.

At the same time, a super huge mountain moved forward while knocking down giant trees in its path. My【World Ruler】determined that it is a “slug”.

「Gigant Slime!」

One of the giant species of the “Back World”.

For a moment, I thought that this was the “Back World”. But then I recalled that the two worlds were already united.

「【Wind Magic】!!」

Before crashing to the ground, I activated magic and glided through the air.

I didn’t know where I was in the world, but thanks to seeing Gigant Slime, I had an idea. In the “Back World”, the giant species lived in the undeveloped land “Canion”.

「In other words, I am somewhere in Canion!」

Clouds of dust kicked up as I glided over the ground of the wasteland. Behind me, the large earthworm monster earlier popped out of the ground and chased after me.

「…Which way am I supposed to go now?!」

I have a ton of things to think about, you stupid worm!

What was that being from earlier! Was El-san a robot?!


There was a vast sea in the direction I was heading in—no, according to【World Ruler】, it seemed to be a lake. I flew there at super high speed. The earthworm chased from behind.

「…Let’s go!!!!」

I dived straight into the lake.

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