Vol 6: Chapter 15 (2)

Not all heads of noble houses can participate in the “assembly” — because there are many nobles who hold their own territories. Therefore, a majority vote will be made based on the total number of participating nobles.

Many nobles started to stand up. Not only the high-ranking nobles on the first floor, but also the nobles on the second floor.

(They got me–)

There were no plans for such an important agenda to come up in this “assembly”, thus Duke Ebene did not invite the nobles in his faction to join.

Grenjido easily violated the unspoken agreement that important matters should be notified in advance. He should know that using such a foul move will increase friction between the nobles and cause an internal rift.

(I cannot believe this!)

What surprised Duke Ebene the most, however, was that three of the Five Great Dukes stood up; Duke Rozier, Duke Reese, Duke Lamer. Duke Ebene was shocked by the fact that he did not even detect that these three had been pulled to Grenjido’s side.

As he looked up at his last ray hope, the Holy Queen, she sat unmoving with a grim look. His gaze met the Holy Queen’s.

(Are you telling me to “stay quiet”, too? We can’t stop Duke Grenjido’s reckless behavior like this. Keeping silent at this moment is a poor move, Your Majesty!)

Duke Ebene knows very well that if this proposal goes through, Grenjido’s ridiculous demands will escalate further. He could not understand how Grenjido pulled the three dukes to his side.

The retired predecessor Holy King acting as a representative of the country was fine. Him having a following of low ranking noblemen under his control was also fine. However, when it comes to having a grip on the Duke Houses–.

(It is a threat that cannot be ignored!!)

It is as if, while standing on a sandy beach, the tide level had reached your feet before you could notice.

「It doesn’t need to be counted. The majority have spoken.」Grenjido said.

「Wait, Duke Grenjido!」Duke Ebene called out.

「Duke Ebene, it has been decided. It is over—」

「—It is not over.」

A smooth but strong voice echoed in the “assembly”.

The nobles were discomposed because no one expected that person to appear.

Clear blue hair and eyes that are proof of the Holy Royal Family. A person who was as old as the Holy Queen but did not ascend the throne—the brother of the Holy Queen and still the first in line to the throne, the Holy Prince.

Next to the Holy Prince was another person who has the same “blue” and is the second in line to the throne — Prince Kluvshrat.

And behind the two of them stood a giant wearing a bear pelt.

「You seem to be doing a lot of crude work, Duke. But crudeness should only exist on the battlefield. You need to be smart in places like this.」Border Earl Mule grinned.


Duke Grenjido’s wishes did not come true due to the request from the Holy Prince to suspend the proceedings. The next debate at the “assembly” will be tomorrow. Duke Ebene and Duke Luciel, the last of the Five Great Dukes, will gather fellow nobles, so even if a majority vote is reached, it can be countered.

The suspension of proceedings is like a privilege of the Duke Houses, who carry the blood of the Holy Royal family. However, it cannot be used excessively, and it cannot be exercised if the other dukes oppose it. And since Grenjido has pulled three dukes to his side, Duke Ebene could not use it. However, now that two Holy Princes have joined in, the situation is overturned.

The first prince is supposed to have gone away to a territory in order to avoid being involved in the political dispute if he stayed in the Holy City. That is the reason why Grenjido also tried to proceed with a coercive debate.

It was the work of Border Earl Mule that the first prince appeared at the “assembly”.

The two Holy Princes and the Border Earl were all summoned by the Holy Queen.

Mira, who accompanied the Border Earl, met Eva.

「—D-Do we really have to meet in such a place?」

「Yes, we don’t know who might be watching us.」

The Altar Management Bureau for the First Altar is also located in the same district as the Assembly Hall, the “1st Holy District”. That organization has already been deconstructed and the building used by the Altar Management Bureau has also been closed.

Earl Sillys, who was the “Special Assistant Secretary” of this organization, had the keys to the building. A secret meeting was conducted in that empty building.

Mira and Eva faced each other in a dusty corridor.

There was no waiting room, let alone tea.

It means that the time they can stay here is not long.

「That’s how bad the situation is, huh…」

「Much more than you can imagine, Mira-sama. Duke Grenjido is moving so flashyly that the nobles are worried and watching each other.」

Eva said, and then glanced behind Mira.

There was another person in this place.

「The last we met was at Lake Brunstalk. Isn’t that right, Eva Sillys-sama?」

「Yes… Anastasia-sama.」.

Anastasia was here.


The two stared at each other. Mira, who does not know what kind of exchanges have occurred in the past between these two, did not understand this silence.

——Asha, this is Lady Eva, from an Earl House of the Kruvan Holy Kingdom. I used to work as an escort for their House in the past…

——I see. Your former employer, right?

——I am still willing to hire. Reiji, you can always come back.

——That will not do. Reiji-san said that he would travel with me…

——Hmm… That’s the first time I am hearing it. Reiji, is that true? Didn’t you promise to take me on a trip around the world?

——Eh? Wait a minute. Why do I feel like the situation is getting tense?

——Not at all~. It’s just that… your previous employer is quite a beautiful person…

——No, everything is alright. I am just confused to learn about this person since you did not write it in your letter…

Mira wouldn’t have known what to do if she was there during that exchange. From her point of view, she was simply thinking that Eva was looking cute and Anastasia looked beautiful.



The two relaxed their facial expressions.

「We have to look for Reiji.」Eva said.

「Yes, let’s work together for that.」Anastasia replied.

For the time being, the search for Reiji was the highest priority, so the two found common ground.

「I am using all of House Sillys’ information network to find Reiji’s whereabouts, but so far I haven’t received any information.」

「I am secretly in contact with one of my brothers in the Sylvis Kingdom, but he doesn’t have any information either. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the Keith Gran Federation.」

「Is the Sylvis Kingdom functioning smoothly?」

「No… it’s having the same problems as posed by Duke Grenjido. But it shouldn’t affect the intelligence gathering.」

「I see… Only the Saint Knight Kingdom and the nations west of the Federation are left.」

「What about the Lev Magic Empire? Their land is quite small, but they have magic airships.」Anastasia said.

「Actually, the first prince was in Lev until the other day. I heard that there was no notable information.」

Eva and Anastasia started exchanging information as soon as they reached a resolution. Mira could only look at the two as they threw out information in quick succession.

(A cute girl and a beautiful girl are talking… To see them up close like this, I am so happy!)

A wide grin appeared on Mira’s lips.

「——Cardinal Thomason is in the Saint Knight Kingdom, right?」Eva asked.

「Yes. I am checking it through Non-sama from Silver Balance. Non-sama knows that I am currently in the Holy City, so I think she’ll get in touch soon.」Anastasia said.


「What’s wrong, Eva-sama?」

「I… don’t think Reiji is in the Saint Knight Kingdom.」

「Well, I think so too. If he was, I think we would have heard some news by now.」

As Anastasia said so, Eva met her line of sight.

「Which leaves us with…」

「Reiji-san’s whereabouts is…」

The two nodded at each other.

「Undeveloped land “Canion”.」

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