Vol 6: Chapter 22 (2)

「…You have discerning eyes, Your Majesty.」

「Earl Sillys. If it is something I can discern, then you would have discerned it too. Do I need to make it simpler to understand?」

Grenjido approached Earl Sillys imposingly.

「Did you know about the appearance of the monsters?」

「I did not.」

Earl Sillys raised his head, looking straight at Grenjido.

「Then why were you silent?」

「There wasn’t a need to say it. The monsters appeared in the sewers. It is likely that the sewer just happened to channel near the church.」

「In all three places?」

「In all three places.」

「…Earl Sillys.」

Grenjido seemed calm, standing in front of the Earl.

However, it was akin to the calm before a storm.

「I am disappointed in you. Because you are trying to prevent the construction of the Goddess Temple this late in the game.」

「…Your Majesty, I–」

「Shut up. If it happens once or twice, I can give you the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t overlook it if it happens at every single turn.」

「What are you saying?」

「Didn’t the priest say he couldn’t get the rare catalyst needed for the renovation?」

「Yes, I arranged it.」

「Of course you did. Because you’re the one who pulled the strings to hinder its acquisition.」


「Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. The trade of magic catalysts is not in your control at all. In that case, I can only assume that you directly pressured the catalyst company to “sell”. But in the same vein, it is also possible for you to “not sell” it.」

「…There is no such thing, Your Majesty.」

「As I said earlier, everything is circumstantial evidence. But if that continues, the truth will eventually come to light. This could’ve been solved easily by using your “eye”, but it seems that I have been over reliant on it.」

「Your Majesty.」

「One more thing…」

Grenjido raised his finger and pointed to the aisle on the second floor.

The girls had already pulled back their heads.

「…There are rats on the second floor. Catch them.」

「Y-Yes, sir!」

The guards started running confusedly, and rushed to the passage on the 2nd floor.

「——Wait, Anastasia-san.」

Eva stopped Anastasia, who was ready to shoot her magic.


「You can attack them later too.」


The guards pointed their blades at them saying, “Don’t move! Come here!”. The four girls obediently followed them down to the first floor.


「…Sorry, father.」

The father and daughter of House Silly were reunited at such a place.

The Earl suspected that Eva had something to do with the monster attack, but he was completely caught by surprise to see her here.

He instinctively resisted running up to her.

「That reaction… Did you really not know that your daughter was in this church? I knew there were rats hiding around, but I didn’t think it was Miss Eva either.」

「Your Majesty, my daughter has nothing to do with this. If someone must be charged with treason, then it is my responsibility as the head of the House.」

「Do you admit it? Your sin…」

「That is not it. But if Your Majesty does not believe me, then it doesn’t matter what I say.」

「–So you say. Miss Eva, do you have any excuses? Can you explain to me what good reason could you possibly have to sneak into the Church?」

「Your Majesty.」

「Shut up, Earl Sillys. If your House is charged with guilt, then it is reasonable for you to take responsibility, but if it’s your daughter’s crime, then your daughter will have to pay for it.」


In response, Eva took one step to the front.

「——Duke Grenjido.」

Most people there were taken aback by the title. Only Grenjido stood emotionless.

「First of all, I apologize for not greeting you after leaving the Holy City for a while. However, in comparison to Your Highness’ conduct towards Her Majesty the Holy Queen, to whom I have pledged undying loyalty towards, my rudeness does not seem so significant.」

「…So? Why are you here?」

Ignoring criticisms of the coup d’etat, Grenjido urged her to continue.

Eva squinted at Grenjido, who didn’t react at all.

「I am here to unravel the sorcery that was about to be applied to the entire temple.」

「…As I expected. And why would you do that?」

「Anything that randomly affects the public is not allowed.」


The Earl raised his voice, but Eva did not stop.

Eva was closely observing Grenjido’s reaction.

There were too few emotions reflected in his eyes.

Earl Sillys is a capable subordinate and a reliable friend to Grenjido.

Grenjido is a fierce and rowdy soul. Yet, he did not get upset when faced with the Earl’s betrayal.

(He must be under some kind of mental interference.)

On the other hand, it can be seen from the previous exchange that his spirit has not been completely taken over.

Grenjido seemed to want Earl Sillys to confess his sins and ask for forgiveness.

「Our Kruvan Holy Kingdom is the number one nation on the continent and at the same time the wealthiest nation on the continent. We accept people into our nation without racial discrimination, nor stigmatizing those who choose to leave. Are you truly going to permit a sorcery which can alter the consciousness of our entire country?」


「Are you… going to allow such a sorcery to stain the country that you have dedicated your entire life to? Do you wish to relive the suffering you endured as a “Pledger” once again due to deceptive sorcery?」

Eva came in contact with the foundation supporting this world at the Skill Orb Awarding Ceremony.

She heard Grenjido deeply suffered when he was forced to offer his own son as a sacrifice.

Still, Grenjido decided to sacrifice his son, but at the last minute, Louis offered himself to receive the 8-star skill orb, and died.

There is no way he would have forgotten the pain of that suffering.

(No… he has not forgotten.)

The incident that is still entangled in Eva’s heart.

She keeps thinking if she could’ve done something differently to change the outcome.

Surely Grenjido must feel the same.

「It’s not deceptive sorcery. The goddess… the perfect goddess… not the sorcery… this is… the god…」

The expression on Grenjido’s face was distorted.

Cold sweat formed on his forehead. His face turned pale.

He held his forehead with his right hand and walked towards the altar.

People tried to move in response to the change in the situation, but Earl Sillys controlled them with a gesture of his hand.

「Quiet. Right now, he is fighting something within.」

Grenjido started breathing roughly as he held the altar.