Vol 6: Chapter 3 (1)

A New Journey

Lark stretched her body and started hopping lightly on the ground.

I was feeling worried because no matter how much she has recovered, she was bedridden until just a while ago. And just as I feared, Lark tripped over her own leg and fell on her backside on the grassy plain.

「A-Are you okay!?」I asked.

「Yeah. I’m not perfectly healthy, but I think I should be able to live normally after this.」

「Are you sure you’re not pushing yourself?」

「Of course not. I think I could start working in a bar or at the harbor even today.」

Lark smiled brightly, but my【World Ruler】gave me different information. She was pushing herself quite a bit. Of course, her health is much better than when she lost her vision, but she’s still far from having a “healthy body.”

(She doesn’t want me to worry.)

It somewhat feels like there is a distance between us. Even though Lark and I are siblings. No, perhaps she is putting on a brave front exactly because we are siblings.

「It’s all thanks to you, Reiji.」

There’s nothing more I can say now.

「Lark. What do you want to do from now on?」

The problem is the future.

I have to unite the two worlds and prepare for the turmoil that will occur after that.

It will surely be full of difficult journeys and negotiations.

Lark wouldn’t have the physical strength to deal with it.

「I’m thinking of going to the Sixth Mine.」


Her answer was completely unexpected to me.

「Even though it was for the sake of escaping, I killed a lot of mine soldiers. They must have had families…」

「Are you trying to atone for your sins?」


Lark kept silent before answering.

「…My dad was a soldier. He died in a war. Normally the bereaved family will be paid money, but that wasn’t the case because the battle was lost. My mom couldn’t accept my dad’s death and disappeared somewhere. And I was sold to the mine by distant relatives.」

I learned of Lark’s past for the first time.

「It’s a common story that you hear anywhere.」

She jokingly said and sat down next to me.

「I might have caused more children to go through the same thing I did because of my actions. That is why I feel like I have to do something…」


「But don’t get me wrong, okay? Even if I’m put in the same situation again, I’ll still take in that skill orb and cut through a path. I do not regret the action I took at that time.」

We were working under the illusion of Contract Magic.

I don’t think that the mine paid a fair reward for our work. And I don’t want to accept the privilege and right of the Lord to use slaves.

Now that I know exactly what was happening when Lark and I were working in the mine, I think their method is wrong.

I was about to be killed just because I had black hair black eyes and the myth of the “Child of Disaster”. So if the same thing happened again, I would run away again.

But, surely, as Lark said, if there are children who were subjected to a cruel fate due to the cave-in accident and the subsequent riots, I understand her feeling of wanting to save them.

「Lark, I witnessed old man Hinga’s final moments.」

「I see. That geezer died, huh.」

「I met his granddaughter according to his wishes.」

Because of him, I think I was able to come to terms with what happened at the Sixth Mine.

However, Lark rushed out of the mine in that riot right away.

The events at the mine might still be an uncomfortable memory in her mind.

「I realize I’m just going for my own self-satisfaction, but I still have to go.」Lark said.


「And you have something you must do right, little brother?」


In other words, we are saying goodbye again.

「Lark, take this.」

I took out a stone that emits blue light, wrapped tightly in a leather bag and cotton, from the tool bag.

「It’s beautiful.」

「It’s called Phosphorus magic stone. It’s beautiful, but it was stuffed inside old man Hinga’s mouth.」

「Geh! Filthy…」

The way Lark said it was the same as when we were studying with old man Hinga before. I laughed out unintentionally.

「Why are you laughing? Is this really that geezer’s teeth?」

「Yes, that’s what it is. I think you should take it, Lark.」

「But this is yours…」

「Yeah. I hope you will return it the next time we meet. It apparently multiplies the mana supplied by 3 to 4 times. But it may not be too useful at this size.」


Lark seemed a little hesitant, but she took it. Because if she refused to take it, then it might mean that this was our final farewell.

「And this too.」

I took out a leather pouch. It seems that Lark recognised what was in it by the sound of it.

「I-Idiot. I don’t need money.」

「Don’t be flustered. In the first place, do you even have money to give to the bereaved families in the mine?」

「As I said earlier, I can work at the harbor or the bar.」

How long do you think that will take… Hah…

「D-Don’t sigh! I’m the older sibling! Don’t get cheeky with me.」

「This has nothing to do with who is older. Here, just take it. I’m just giving it as a loan, so be sure to pay it back.」


Lark accepted the money, but she put on a much more disgusted look than when I gave her the magic stone. She may not like it, but she understands that it’s necessary.

I’m not a millionaire, but I’ve earned more than an average adventurer. All I need is travel expenses for the time being.

「I’m just borrowing it. I’ll return it soon.」Lark said.

「Of course. The interest rate will be annual, okay?」

「Hah!? You want interest!?」

「There shouldn’t be any problem with interests, right? You’re going to return it soon, after all.」


Lark gritted her teeth. But I’m just happy that she accepted the money.

「I’ll return it soon enough. Just watch! I’ll head to the Keith Gran Federation today itself.」

「Oh… Lark, there’s one more thing.」

「There’s more!?」

「Yes.」I nodded.

「Just say it already! Wha–」

Lark’s eyes widened as she looked at my hand.

What appeared in my hand was a jet-black blade—a sword that stretched freely.

「【Shadow King】can be reproduced even without the skill. Right now, I’m using the power of【World Ruler】, but if I take the time to train, I can reproduce it without【World Ruler】. Since you’ve used that skill for over 4 years, I’m sure you can reproduce it. It shouldn’t suck your vitality at that time.」

「……Are you serious?」

「It depends on what kind of life you choose to lead after going to Sixth Mine… I think it’s worth it for you to know this.」

Lark nodded while staring at my now empty palm.

「I understand. Thank you, little brother.」