Vol 6: Chapter 3 (2)

When we returned to the inn, Kook-san and his friends were overjoyed to learn that Lark had recovered. They cheered and planned to throw a banquet, but–

「No. I’m leaving town today.」

Lark shut them down.

「It will take too long, so I will explain it along the way.」Lark said.

「B-But you just met your brother again…」

「So what? You don’t wanna follow along?」Lark asked.

Kook-san and his friends looked at each other.

「Oh, you want us to follow you? We thought you would be traveling with your brother from now on… or is he coming along too?」

「Don’t be stupid. Reiji has things he needs to do. He’s a man now.」


「So… Are you coming or what?」

「Of course we’re coming!!」

Their facial expressions turned bright and cheery.

Kook-san and the others must have thought that they no longer had a place in Lark’s life now that I, the younger brother, had appeared. I didn’t realize they felt that way until this moment.

「I’m gonna explode in happiness! Let’s throw a banquet!」Kook-san exclaimed.

「Idiot. We’re leaving. Start packing!」


Kook-san and the others ran to their rooms. They were yelled at by the inn’s proprietress to not run in the hallways.

「Alright, I’m gonna get going.」


「Take care, little brother. You tend to overdo it too.」

「Okay, I’ll be careful.」

「That’s a good boy.」

Lark smiled and tried to reach for my head, but then she stopped.

「You’re not a little boy who needs head pats anymore.」

So she stuck out her fist, and I bumped my fist onto hers.

「See ya later.」

「See you.」

Lark ran up the stairs. And the landlady yelled again.

It felt quite light-hearted for a farewell.

However, that’s fine. It was a very Lark-like farewell.

We will be able to meet again.

「It’s time to go.」

I left the inn with a much lighter heart than when I arrived.


「She is healed??」

A beautiful woman will remain beautiful no matter what kind of face she makes. Riviera-san had an utterly confused face when I reported that Lark had recovered.

I went to the church to meet up with Non-san. Riviera-san was also naturally there.

I didn’t say that I had to destroy a 6-star skill orb.

「Yes, the treatment method taught by the Sage was enough to restore Lark’s condition to normal.」I said.

「But even the Elf’s elixir didn’t have that much of an effect…」

Riviera-san had a doubtful look. But since I have no reason to lie, she believed me.

「Alright, then. So can I stop Lark-san’s treatment now?」she asked.

「Yes. Thank you very much.」I bowed down.

「Well, as for the cost of treatment–」

「I’m sorry. Can it wait for a while? I’ll try to raise the money somehow…」

Is it expensive after all?

After giving most of my money to Lark, I realized I don’t have a way to pay the treatment costs.

Riviera-san smiled bewitchingly as I scratched my head.

「You don’t have to worry… There is a way that doesn’t cost money.」

「Eh? There is such a thing? Is it some sort of voluntary service?」

「Indeed. But the service includes using your body to–」

「Please stop that, Master…」

Non-san said with an astonished look.

「This is a valuable treatment research, so I was told that the treatment wouldn’t cost anything in the first place.」Non-san said.

「But what about the cost of medicine… The cost of a precious Elf elixir…」

「It was Reiji-kun who brought it here, right? You say it like it was yours…」

「Mmm, you’re a naughty disciple. But I was thinking of getting Reiji-kun’s knowledge instead of his service.」


Is there knowledge that only I know of? To talk about the treatment method taught by the Sage will be impossible, though. I would inevitably have to talk about Lark’s 6-star skill orb.

「As I have previously asked before, the method to cure petrification.」Riviera-san said.

Aah… I told her before that I can’t reveal that.

It’s dangerous because it uses Mithril.

「Reiji-kun, there are more people who die from petrification than you can imagine. Until now, we could only cure minor injuries. But if we can cure it completely with the knowledge you possess, then…」


「If it’s a method which uses a dangerous substance, then I’ll announce that the cure was found in my name. I’ll make sure that the cost of the medicine will only equal the cost of production, and that the church will not make any profit off of it. Is that not enough?」


If this person is willing to go that far, then it can’t be helped. And I am indebted to her for prolonging Lark’s life… She came all the way to this town for Lark, after all.

「Alright… But you must definitely keep my name a secret, okay?」

「Of course, I always keep my promise with a boy.」

「What about your promise to your disciple?」Non-san asked.

「That promise is worthless, worthless.」

A vein popped on Non-san’s forehead. But I thought I could trust the friendly relationship between the two. Since Non-san trusts this person, I should be able to trust her too.

Thus, I talked about how I cured Dante-san’s petrification.

Double maple (Leaf of Life Tree) where the tip of the leaf is like a maple but it is further divided into five at the tip. The white worm thingy. And — Mithril.

「Mixing the Leaf of Life Tree with Mithril, huh… I wonder if it’s the Kinda Worm that mediates that.」

Apparently, that worm is called the Kinda Worm.

「Although it has been known as a kind of medicine for a long time, Kinda Worm was used after being dried. The idea of using it alive is quite interesting. How did you get the knowledge of this medicine? …Is what I would like to know, but that’s outside the topic of our conversation.」


I have no intention of talking about my【World Ruler】.

Non-san’s face turned pale when she learned that I used Mithril to cure Dante-san.

「Ara, Non. You don’t have to make that face. Even if he had secretly obtained Mithril and used the most important metal managed by the country, there is no one who can judge him after all this time…」

「M-Maybe, but… is that why you disappeared that day, Reiji-kun?」

「It’s one of the reasons.」

「How… How can I ever repay you…」

As Non-san’s was about to start crying, Riviera-san hugged her.

「No need to cry. Reiji-kun did it because he wanted you to be happy. You too should participate in the research of the petrification antidote and save a lot of people. That would be how you repay him.」

I nodded in response. I thought it was true.

「Then this is the end of this problem.」

Riviera-san clapped her hands. And Non-san wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes with her fingers.

「Well– the next problem is more serious.」Riviera-san said.

Yes. It’s not just the petrification antidote, there’s another reason why I’m here.

「The story of the world collapsing is just something unbelievable. Because unlike the healing of petrification, there is no other precedent to it.」

「I suppose that’s right. It is unbelievable.」

「But you see… Once I reported it via long-distance communication, the Cardinal responded. Do you understand? The Cardinal himself. The direct advisor to the Pope.」


A big-shot among big-shots.

It wasn’t just me who straightened my back unconsciously, but Non-san as well.

「Let’s go see him. This kind of thing can’t be conveyed with words alone, so it’s better for involved parties to talk directly~.」

Riviera-san said with ease, as if we’re just going for a short walk.