Vol 6: Chapter 9 (2)

Duke Grenjido half-rose to his feet, placed his hands on the table, and bowed.

「I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to disrespect the Pledgers. But if we didn’t get the consent of the countries right away, moving forward with “World Union” would have been difficult.」

「Wise Gnome Elder. We, the people of the forest, are also angry about this matter. However, my father, the King, judged that we have to move forward. Please look towards the future. …It also leads to the well-being of the Gnomes.」Yuri-san backed-up Duke Grenjido.

The gnome elder snorted, and backed down.

He knew that this situation couldn’t be helped.

This is because the revocation is a predetermined article woven into the Covenant.

However, it is also true that some individuals will not be satisfied unless they express this anger.

「Why don’t we recompense the Librarians, Beast King race, and Gnome, who are not incorporated as a nation, in another way?」

Representative Holiday interjected into the conversation.

Windle Republic did not participate in the distribution of the skill orbs, and is also willing to revoke the Covenant — actually, it is “super positive” on that aspect. If it comes down to it, they might even revoke the Covenant on their own.

「It’s a good suggestion. Is there anything the three races need?」Duke Grenjido asked.

「Nothing in particular. We only live according to the teachings of the Sage.」the Librarian responded.

「I hope Duke Grenjido moves to our village.」Her Excellency Minminshen said, with a loud eye-wink.

Duke Grenjido turned pale and began to sweat. Behind him, Earl Sillys was struggling to contain his laughter.

「As for us, we want the distribution of Mithril, which is stopped by those bigots over there, to be released into the market normally.」the gnome elder said, glancing at the Crown Prince of the Dwarves.

Huh? Is the Dwarven Kingdom involved in the distribution of Mithril?

「Oi, oi, bigots? Who are you calling bigots? The most bigotted race is the Gnomes.」

The Crown Prince of Dwarves started firing back. His attendants laughed mockingly at the gnomes.

「Earl. The distribution of Mithril is…」Duke Grenjido asked.

「…Distribution between nations was originally restricted, but due to the location of the gnome settlement, they have no choice but to rely on dwarves. Gnomes and Dwarves who pray to the land each have a strong attachment towards Mithril. And Dwarves, who excel in strength, do not easily hand over the Mithril.」

Aren’t the Dwarves the bad guys here?

「On the other hand, it has been 200 years since Gnomes blocked what is called the Sanctuary of the Dwarf’s Earthen Faith.」

They are both the bad guys.

「I think it’s better not to have requests related to a specific race. We shall leave this matter up to the Church.」

Duke Grenjido seemed desperate to fend off the demands directed at him.

「When is the day the Covenant will be revoked?」

The Librarian’s representative asked, completely ignoring the gnomes and dwarves who were glaring at each other.

「Two months after the conclusion of the treaty. The preparations will be completed by that time, it seems. If possible, I would like to have all the Pledgers themselves gather here at Lake Brunstalk and revoke the Covenant together.」Duke Grenjido said.

「What if they do not assemble?」

Representative Holiday interjected again, with a slight grin.

「We will still move forward as planned.」

Duke Grenjido did not waver. He shot a fleeting glance at me. As if saying:

——If push comes to shove, be ready.

If I use my【World Alliance】, I should be able to do the same thing as declaring the revocation even if all the Pledgers are not assembled.

So many people were preparing for the “World Union”. Even this talk between Pledgers serves that purpose. People were gathering, discussing, arranging, and coordinating so that the revocation could be carried out smoothly.

But if everything fails–

I believe that’s what Duke Grenjido’s glance meant.

The Sage and everyone from Silver Balance said that I didn’t have to shoulder everything on my own.

However, when that time comes…

I have no choice but to do it.

I was resolved for that.

「……I see.」

Representative Holiday smiled slightly. …What does that smile signify?

「Then, I would like to ask two questions. One is that there are eight articles in the Covenant, but there are only seven Pledgers. Is this enough to revoke them properly?」Holiday asked.

「The eighth Pledger is blank. There’s supposed to be no other than the seven races here right now.」Duke Grenjido answered.

「Then the second question. Why didn’t you say at the previous meeting that the skill orbs will disappear with the revocation of the Covenant?」

That remark elicited gasps throughout the small conference room.


「Did you not hear me? The Covenant also mentions skill orbs. If the Covenant is revoked, naturally, you should consider that skill orbs will also disappear with the Covenant. How would the countries that agreed to the revocation of the Covenant in promise to the distribution of the skill orbs from the Third Forest react if they learn of this fact?」

Whispers could be heard from here and there in the small conference hall.

The possibility could not be denied.

But they didn’t want to think about it.

Because they think it would be almost impossible to fight and win against the monsters from the Back World without skills.

A big smile was plastered on Holiday’s face.

It is because the Windle Republic is a nation that does not rely on skill orbs.

But it’s strange… The Windle Republic entrusts its security to the army of other countries.

And isn’t that army established by skill orbs?

If that army was weakened, the Windle Republic would also be in danger.

Holiday surely understands this.

「——The skill orbs will not disappear. Well, to be precise, the skill orbs may disappear, but the skill orbs taken into the body will not disappear.」

A familiar voice echoed. The door of the small conference room opened. And a rabbit in priest attire stood at the entrance.


「It has been a long time, Pledgers. Nice to meet you. I am El-Gu-Larun, a special priest of the Altar Management Bureau of the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.」

The people’s reactions were divided.

The people who knew El were surprised, but somehow understood his appearance in that place.

People who didn’t know, however, had looks which said, “Why is a rabbit here?”, “Beast King race?”

「It seems that the results of my research that I have spent many years on, eh, can finally be revealed. It took such a, eh, long, long time. After all this, what is going through my mind right now is that the world which was divided into two should rightfully be one. Eh, and the period that the world was divided into two was just a “preparation period” until it was united once again.」

El-san walked around and came to a stop next to the Librarian.

「It has been a long time, El-Gu-Larun.」

「Yes, my role is about to end.」

「The Sage was also worried about you.」

「My, oh my.」

El-san looked around the people at the table and finally stopped at me.

「El Gu-Larun. He is…」

「Eh, I know. I think it’s wonderful that the Pope stopped the usage of absurd names such as “Child of Disaster”.」

「The Sage calls him “hope”.」

「Hope ……」

El-san’s eyes squinted in response.

「It’s a nice word. Much better than someone like me who symbolizes “stagnation”.」


Duke Grenjido called out admonishingly.

Perhaps he didn’t want El to speak self-deprecatingly.

In any case, El-san cleared his throat and moved forward with the discussion.

「Then I would like to make a guess about what could happen after the “World Union”, based on all the Covenants that have been observed to date.」

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