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"WHAT?!" The two beauties' expressions became slightly unsightly, with shock decorating their eyes, lips, cheeks, and eyebrows—their entire expressions were bursting with surprise. What was this?!

Wei Wuyin stood upright, his spine as straight as a heaven-stabilizing pillar, and his breathing was steady, strong, and impactful. Despite his covered eyes, his posture exuded the bearing of a young hero. It wasn't wrong to refer to him as such, but this was his most innate bearing, a natural air of elitism and exceptionalism that was born from the strong pride and willpower within his bones, fostered after surviving Hell itself.

However, this stiffness wasn't voluntary. Wei Wuyin was as natural as can be! Solely because he was unable to focus on his current demeanor, he was exerting his all to resist the showing of Eden; even the three other Astral Souls were utilizing their strongest spiritual strength to contain Eden's light. He didn't even hear anything before, be it Tian Xiaolu's threat, Qingye Ying's panic, or the Pure Excellence Cauldron's question.

The cauldron floated silently for a long while but got no response. Despite being ignored, she didn't go into a rage or show dissatisfaction. It lowered itself to Wei Wuyin's chest. The Pure Excellence Cauldron wasn't very large or small, roughly the width and length of Wei Wuyin's chest. It tipped its edge his way as if bowing its head.


A single word, yet that one word caused the two women to experience the greatest shock of their lives! It was begging?!?! Moreover, its voice was meek as can be, as if it was willing to do anything for Wei Wuyin to accept it!

Wei Wuyin felt something near him, so he directed his Second Mind to take control while firmly suppressing Eden's erratic changes. While he didn't remove his hand from his eyes, his spiritual sense immediately discovered a familiar auric signature.

Wang Yutian?

"A Spiritform?" Wei Wuyin subconsciously said. The cauldron quivered slightly, and then its top began to erupt with spiritual light until a cyan-colored figure manifested. A young woman with short hair, a slender figure, and large limpid eyes appeared. She was dressed in a long-sleeved, seven-colored hanfu, and her lower face was covered in a white veil.

She genuinely resembled a young princess of a mortal kingdom, exploring the world freely—the cherished soul of an entire dynasty. The only difference was that she was at scale, roughly a tenth the size of an average person, and was thus a mini-person. Compared to Wang Yutian, she seemed like a pixie fairy of myths and stories rather than a former human.

Wei Wuyin's spiritual sense expanded and encapsulated the young woman, and his heart began to throb intensely in his chest out of surprise. It was a Spiritform!

The Pure Excellence Cauldron had a Spiritform within it? He didn't know much about those life forms, but he knew that Wang Yutian, a former Worldly Saint, had suffered tremendous damage to his existence, and the King of Everlore had somehow transformed him into a Spiritform. From what he could gather, Wang Yutian was nigh-immortal, but he lost his means to cultivate along the typical cultivation path.

Wang Yutian had been tasked with handling various trials for geniuses and the future of the Everlore Starfield. The Myriad Dao Palaces were constructed with Wang Yutian as its overseer and operator, including some secret realms meant for trials, such as the Devil War Realm's Elementus Chosen Trial of Divine King Han Xei.

"As expected of a young hero of your caliber, you're familiar with my kind." The Spiritform of the Pure Excellence Cauldron spoke politely and respectfully; her expression was lively as she revealed a bright, kindhearted smile. It was dazzling to the eyes, extremely gentle, and heart-snatching. It was hard not to feel good emotions.

Unfortunately for the Pure Excellence Cauldron, the facade was shattered as Wei Wuyin's sensitivity to mental fluctuations and emotions was particularly strong towards beings like her. The slyness of her thoughts didn't elude Wei Wuyin, including its urgency. The urgency part was highly apparent.

'Kind? Is Spiritform a type of race?' Wei Wuyin thought for a moment before asking: "You're the Spiritform of that cauldron, right?" He hadn't heard anything she said prior. Just before this, the current controller of his body, the Second Mind, was deep in studying the materials of knowledge in the Palace of Eden.

"..." The Pure Excellence Cauldron was a little taken aback. Wasn't that obvious? However, she kept her frustrated thoughts to herself and replied with a curt nod: "I am."

"..." Wei Wuyin's Second Mind was rapidly trying to figure out what was happening. It wouldn't be incorrect to say that this portion of Wei Wuyin was entirely ignorant of his current situation. The last thing this part of Wei Wuyin was actively aware of was leaving the Sacred Library with Liu Suyin. But Wei Wuyin's Primary Mind was extremely occupied, so there was no way for him to exchange knowledge and memories.

Within the range of his spiritual senses, he was shocked to find that Tian Xiaolu and Qingye Ying were also there. Also, why was this room so barren? What the hell was all this?! It was a little much to take in. Fortunately, the Pure Excellence Cauldron intended to repeat itself.

"Will you become my Master? I assure you, I won't disappoint you." She guaranteed, but those words caused Qingye Ying and Tian Xiaolu's eyes to bulge slightly out of their sockets.

"Wait! Why?" Tian Xiaolu swiftly regained herself, shaken enough for today, and spoke out in questioning. In truth, she was still reeling from the fact the cauldron had a consciousness within! She'd never heard of a thing like that before. "Aren't you the Cauldron of the Myriad Transformations Alchemic Saint?" This was a genuine Mystic Cauldron! A cauldron formed through natural evolution; even Qingye Ying said there were only eighteen in the stellar cluster outside the World Between the Fold!

"Hm?" The Pure Excellence Cauldron's adorable expression changed slightly, causing her to turn and face those two, her eyes now containing that type of disdain and contempt she held in her tone earlier. A complete one-eighty shift—INSTANTLY! Her gaze caused Tian Xiaolu's heart to quake continuously, feeling a type of suppression down to her Alchemic Soul.

Qingye Ying saw the stifled look on Tian Xiaolu and spoke up, "You're my Master's cauldron, so how can you accept another? Moreover, someone without an Alchemic Soul. Don't you think that's inappropriate?" Her thought wasn't meant to take this opportunity away from Wei Wuyin, but she felt that this needed to be said.

"Without an Alchemic Soul?" The Pure Excellence Cauldron's spirit furrowed her brows slightly, then remained silent for a long time. This type of response somehow caused both women to heave small sighs of relief. If Wei Wuyin was acknowledged as its master, wouldn't that be too ridiculous? Moreover, why even do so?

The spirit turned and stared at Wei Wuyin for a long time. At this time, Wei Wuyin's Second Mind was overwhelmed with everything, understanding that this might be an opportunity for himself, but he was operating on incomplete information. So, he urgently sent a message of assistance to the Primary Mind.

Wei Wuyin was aware that the outside was likely chaotic, so he and his Second Mind acted swiftly. They swapped positions, King and Ori assisting them with their spiritual strength by working overtime to suppress the changes to Eden, and in a split second, Wei Wuyin had returned! During the switch, the Second Mind was mindful of transferring what he heard and saw, feeling in the gaps.

"What?" The spirit was stunned for a moment, feeling as if the spiritual sense enveloping her underwent the subtlest of shifts. It was extremely swift and difficult to pinpoint, so she thought it was her own misperception. Eventually, she ignored it.

"I'll correct your misconceived thoughts: I belong to no one, yet. I'm simply here to deliver the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune to the disciple who bears the Mark of Myriad Transformations." When the spirit spoke, she was blunt and flat in vocal cadence. It was clear that whether it was Tian Xiaolu or Qingye Ying, the possessor of the Mark of Myriad Transformations, she considered them insignificant in her eyes. They both had their issues, so she honestly looked down on both of them. Moreover, neither could accept the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune, so she had to devise an unconventional bypass, which was already beyond her job description.

If it wasn't for the fact that both these girls were beauties and females, she would've denied them. That's right! She truly only did so because they were females, and beautiful ones at that! If not, she would've left them in the lurch, unable to touch her until they resolved their issues. And if it wasn't for Wei Wuyin's presence, she would've never revealed herself before these two.

"But…" Qingye Ying was slack-jawed and unable to say anything else. What could she say?

"You either form a Yin-Pairing Bond and accept the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune, shared between you two, or you wait until you properly ascend. But until then, don't think you're qualified to even use me," the spirit said impatiently.

"Why not?" Tian Xiaolu clenched her fists tightly. If she could use a genuine Mystic Cauldron, her chances of concocting transcendent products would reach unimaginable levels. As a mortal, she could grasp the benefits of the Mystic Dao. Her entire foundation might experience unimaginable benefits!

"Hm? Why not? Fine. You're not qualified. Only those who've grasped the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence can activate my true powers. And you two? One hasn't formed Alchemic Stars at all, while the other has only recently formed their Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality. Moreover, it's tainted by the auras of other Daos." The spirit didn't hold back, but this was already a kindness to explain.

"Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence?" Qingye Ying was ignorant of this. What was that?

Tian Xiaolu's eyes widened for a brief moment before settling, seemingly accepting that entire explanation. She was calmer than before, her fists loosened, and her eyes grew serene.

"My Master's Alchemic Stars has evolved to that level; she can use you," Tian Xiaolu offered. Whether it was obtained by her master or her, it made no difference. A true Mystic Cauldron with a spirit was bound to bring incredible benefits to their future paths.

"Master?" The spirit was intrigued.

Seeing this interest, Tian Xiaolu elaborated excitedly: "My Master is an Earthly Alchemic Saint, a pure Alchemic Soul cultivator, and a genuine Ascended being. If anyone can use you, she's the best choice."

The spirit grew absentminded for a moment, slowly murmuring, "Best choice?" Then, she shook her head. "She's a choice, but the best choice?" The spirit turned around, looking at the silent and observing Wei Wuyin, and continued: "I've found my 'best' choice."

Wei Wuyin finally grasped the full extent of the situation, his thoughts rapidly considering things from various angles. Just as he was about to speak, Qingye Ying interrupted and asked in disbelief: "Is your Master the King of Everlore?"

Tian Xiaolu glanced at Qingye Ying; she shook her head, "No, but she's studied under his tutelage. She can be considered a half-disciple." Unlike others, she was fully knowledgeable of her master's past with the King of Everlore. And the belief or rumor that she was the disciple of the King of Everlore wasn't entirely accurate!

"King of Everlore…" the spirit slowly said, nostalgia flashing across her eyes and face. In the end, she broke out of her thoughts and offhandedly said: "Has your Master formed an Alchemic Rune?"

"Alchemic Rune?" Tian Xiaolu was confused. She had never heard of that before.

"Huh." The spirit sighed softly in disappointment, "then she's trash. Already an Ascended being with an Alchemic Soul yet unable to form an Alchemic Rune? Why bother? She might as well give up on the Alchemic Dao."

"...!" Tian Xiaolu was startled. What type of brutal words was this? Moreover, she didn't know if her master formed one or not!

But the spirit knew that if she genuinely was her master and that master had formed an Alchemic Rune, then she'd have signs of it on her or at least know of it. If not, then it was extremely unlikely that this Earthly Alchemic Saint had one.

A tinge of rage flashed across Tian Xiaolu's eyes. She said through gritted teeth: "Then, why him? Why select him as your Master?!" She wasn't saying this to insult Wei Wuyin, but in terms of the Alchemic Dao, how could Wei Wuyin compare to her, let alone her Master?!

Wei Wuyin could no longer maintain his silence. If the spirit continued talking, her habit of speaking too much might reveal some of his secrets. "You want me to become your Master?"

The spirit was about to respond to Tian Xiaolu, wanting her to know the true immensity of heaven and earth, especially in comparison to her paltry skills, but when Wei Wuyin spoke, her entire attention shifted, and she paid them no mind. She bowed slightly, her eyes lively and excited. She no longer held any contempt or disdain.

How could she?

This was a Mortal with the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence, and he lacked a bestowed Alchemic Rune, so this was all by his own efforts! No easy mode there. Moreover, when she inspected his innate alchemic talent, she found it to be among the highest she'd ever seen! Only two others felt comparable in her long, long lifetime.

Unfortunately, she didn't know who was higher or who was lower, but they were all at the Overlord-level at the very least! Only beings of this level could break standard levels, becoming Saint Alchemists at the peak of the Mortal Dao, the Star Core Phase!

However, Wei Wuyin was different! He had the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence, so he concocted ninth-grade transcendent products by his own efforts and obtained the Alchemic Dao's approval. This wasn't just rare; it was almost unheard of!

"I do, young hero." The spirit said pleadingly. Her cyan-colored eyelashes batted themselves sweetly his way.

Wei Wuyin didn't have time to figure out what or why the spirit wanted to become his so urgently. He could only accept the Heavenly Spirit Egg's advice.

"No matter what, obtain it!"

Five words, yet it was said with such a powerful strength that Wei Wuyin's entire Sea of Consciousness trembled!

"Okay. I agree."