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Wei Wuyin agreed! "But I have my own cauldron I've been nurturing, so I-"

"I can solve that! I'll fuse it into my main body." The Pure Excellence Cauldron's Spiritform was visibly excited. Instantly, directly interrupting Wei Wuyin, she shot into his Saint Ring and invaded its storage dimension. This immediately stunned Wei Wuyin. What type of being was this? There was not the slightest bit of rejection from his Saint Ring! The protective formations on it were useless.

"OH MY ALCHEMY! What is this?! WHAT IS THIS?!?!" The stupefied yet exceedingly awed voice resounded in the Saint Ring's space, and Wei Wuyin heard it through his spiritual connection to the ring. When he sent his spiritual sense inwards, he discovered the Spiritform hovering within the isolated dome of Utmost Purity Mist that contained the All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron.

When she sensed Wei Wuyin's presence, she 'turned' to face his direction and her eyes glinted with a soul-shaking light. She seemed fanatical, obsessed to the limits, and utterly crazed.

"I want this body! I want this body! Can I have this body?! Master, Master!" She was speaking exceptionally fast. Her desire for the All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron was so intense that Wei Wuyin's heart quivered slightly. Right now, the Spiritform was here without her main body, the Pure Excellence Cauldron.

"This body! Master!" She was touching the barrier containing the All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron with extreme affection. "The Utmost Purity Mist here is…I've never seen such monstrous levels of it. How many consecutive successes has this cauldron experienced? A million? No, more? So many ninth-grade products. My alchemy…how can this be? Ten million? No, definitely more. More! Can it even be a hundred million? And it's so diverse in quality! Pills! Paste! Pellets! And Elixirs! Not a single one missing, holy alchemy."

As she spoke more and more, her gaze became increasingly frenzied. "It's also saturated to a limit. It merely needs to succeed in concocting a Mystic-Rank Alchemical Product to any degree, and it'll transform into a true Mystic Cauldron! So many transcendent products…so, so many." At the end of her analysis, she seemed slightly exhausted as she heaved a long breath.

"Master, can I fuse my old body into this?" She no longer wanted the Pure Excellence Cauldron! She even used the word 'old' body as if shedding for something entirely new.

Wei Wuyin was amused and equally terrified. This spirit's ability to observe the properties of the Alchemic Dao was obscenely high. "Slow down; I'm not sure I'm your Master yet. We haven't done a ceremony or sworn oaths."

"Right! I almost forgot, Master." The spirit spun slightly, her excitement palpable, and she flew out of the Saint Ring. When she did, the two women watched as she touched her glabella, pulled out a mote of light roughly the size of a marble, and placed it on Wei Wuyin's.

Suddenly, Eden reacted, and its roots unleashed a sucking force, bringing that mote of light into it. Without hesitation or fear, it proceeded to refine it at its base. In the span of a few breaths of time, not even enough to fully absorb this scene, the mote vanished into the roots.

Wei Wuyin soon felt a connection with the Spirit, similar to his Spirits of War. It was more intimate, less one-sided, but he could control its life and death with a mere thought. It was a strange feeling to possess such control over a lifeform.

"Finished; can I fuse with the cauldron now, Master?" She was almost unable to hold back her urge to change bodies.

"Wait!" Tian Xiaolu didn't know what the two talked about, but she was unwilling to allow this to simply be. "I own the Pure Excellence Cauldron; You don't have the right to fuse anything." This was a genuine Mystic Cauldron! How could she possibly let it go?

The spirit's expression turned slightly unsightly. "Do you not want the legacy?" Her voice was abnormally cold, downright lethal. It was clear that Tian Xiaolu's words had spurred her dislike. She was initially willing to help them circumvent their limitations, but that was solely due to their beauty and female gender, and because she pitied them. Now?

To put it plainly: fuck them.

If she tried to stop the fusing process, then she wouldn't be able to enter that fantastical body! She would even kill, if she could, for it. Unfortunately, she was an embodiment of the Alchemic Dao, a literal spirit forged from the Alchemic Dao, and was unable to harm anyone with her power.

"...?" Tian Xiaolu was taken aback.

Qingye Ying paled to ash. She hurriedly answered, "We do! We do!"

"..." Tian Xiaolu now realized that without the spirit's consent, the legacy could not be retrieved. If so, wouldn't it belong to Wei Wuyin? She looked at Wei Wuyin, her eyes growing sharp and piercing.

Wei Wuyin was almost unable to resist the urge to chuckle. Regardless if it was due to the Bloodline of Sin or not, he seems to be naturally set against Blessed. Wasn't he just as terrifying as a Temporal Reincarnator, who possessed foreknowledge of events, if not even more so?

Right now, he was absolutely sure he could ruin Tian Xiaolu's chances of obtaining the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune that was the legacy of the Myriad Transformations. He could also snatch Qingye Ying from Tian Xiaolu through this! Of course, this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't reached the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence, a byproduct of his hard effort over the decades.

"We'll continue with the original agreement. We'll share the legacy between the three of us." Fortunately for Tian Xiaolu, Wei Wuyin wasn't so cold-hearted to simply act vicious for the sake of doing so. He didn't feel as if all Blessed were his enemy. After all, wasn't he a Blessed too?

Tian Xiaolu was once again taken aback. Her expression eased. It seemed that Wei Wuyin wasn't going to take advantage of this situation. This was good. At least he wasn't just a handsome face. As for the spirit deciding to choose Wei Wuyin over her master? She attributed it to her finding his looks heaven-shaking and was attracted to that. After all, Wei Wuyin's alchemical skills were subpar, he didn't have an Alchemic Soul, and his cultivation was lackluster.

"Hmph," she scoffed inwardly at her own joke. As if that would be the case. She truly believed that out of the three of them, Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist at a young age and had no flaws in his cultivation or bloodline, unlike them. In her eyes, he was the only candidate out of the three that could be chosen.

This was what Qingye Ying thought too! And while it hurt losing the cauldron, they just learned that they couldn't use it until they manifested the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence! When would that be? A century later? A millennia later?

"Fine." The spirit pouted. "Have you decided to form a Yin-Pairing Bond?" She asked, curious if they'll choose to do so or not!

"I-" Tian Xiaolu's expression was slightly strange as she spoke, but the spirit interrupted her.

"Oh!" The spirit ignored the two, spun, and floated before Wei Wuyin's chest with her eyes looking upwards at him. While he was covering his eyes, she knew he was looking, and she was quite cute at the moment. "Master, I can't share the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune with you."

"..." The trio went silent.

"What? Why?" Qingye Ying asked in confusion.

"The Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune can only be accessed by those who possess the Mark of Myriad Transformations on their Primal Sources. By forming a Yin-Pairing Bond, you'll both gain the mark, and she'll be able to resist the forceful spiritual infusion's burden by sharing it, allowing her flawed body and bloodline to not collapse during the process. Unfortunately…" The spirit stopped here, but they were all intelligent cultivators and could finish the rest.

Wei Wuyin heaved a soft sigh.

"That's unfair," Qingye Ying said.

"..." Tian Xiaolu.

"Well, there's a way." The spirit perked up slightly, her eyes bright and mischievous.

"A way? How?" Qingye Ying latched onto this with hope.

"After you've formed the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune, dual cultivate. With an added spell, you'll be able to transfer all the inherited knowledge within through a gradual process. You will probably need about eight hundred hour-long sessions, at least. Because of the Yin-Pairing Bond, you both can do so at an accelerated pace."

"..." Tian Xiaolu.

"..." Qingye Ying.

"Oh, that sounds fun," Wei Wuyin chuckled.