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A sharp, piercing and cold sensation swept Wei Wuyin's entire body as he laughed. They belonged to two sets of two eyes, Qingye Ying and Tian Xiaoli! It wouldn't be strange to say that if looks could kill, Wei Wuyin would've been sliced, crushed, likely castrated, and hanged until he was deader than dead could be.

Sounds like fun? Ridiculous!

While sending that gaze, Qingye Ying had the faintest of blushes. Unlike Tian Xiaolu, her original intent was to share the legacy, and she owed Wei Wuyin a debt of eternal gratitude. If not for his thoughts and subordinates, she would've been enslaved and used until death. She could only breathe this air, enjoy this legacy, and reach this level of cultivation solely because of him.

To give him her Primal Yin? This was her most cherished part of her, the only true thing that was solely hers to give. Moreover, from what the Pure Excellence Spirit had said, she and Tian Xiaolu will be inexplicably linked via their Primal Yin. It wouldn't simply be hers given, but Tian Xiaolu would be forced to do so under the threat of death.

"Hmph!" The Pure Excellence Spirit scoffed disdainfully. These two women acted as if she suggested they murder their parents. From what she saw of Wei Wuyin's Saint Ring, containing an absurd number of materials, high-end alchemical products, and his own alchemic talent, they'll be fortunate if he decides to let them service him on their knees.

She turned to Wei Wuyin, her eyes bright. They were now connected, so she could feel Wei Wuyin's cultivation to a certain extent. This was especially so towards Eden, and she was deeply fascinated and stunned by what she witnessed.

Eighty-one centimeters Astral Core!

Thirteen Soul Rings!

Grand Convergence Spatial Resonance!

A Cosmic Dual-Singularity!

A Domain Seed infused with Soul Light?


Her entire spiritual body began to quiver as she grasped more and more about Wei Wuyin to the point her thoughts went blank. A sliver of uncontrollable fear began to course throughout her entire existence. Initially, she wanted to tether herself to Wei Wuyin because his Alchemic Talent was sufficient enough to accomplish some of her plans, but all thoughts of those nefarious intentions were suppressed upon seeing the cauldron, and they were eradicated after sensing Wei Wuyin's foundations! She subconsciously looked at Wei Wuyin, whose eyes were covered, yet she was fully aware of that stifling, warning gaze behind it.

She gulped heavily despite not having actual saliva, reminding herself not to speak carelessly and to remove all thoughts of any ill-intent. The magnitude of this discovery could move those mighty beings in the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone! This wasn't just a fortune cultivator, or a demonic talent, or a heaven-defying genius, but an impossibility that had never been seen before! At least, by her.

Furthermore, this belonged to a cultivator who was younger than a hundred, was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist with the Alchemic Eyes of Spiritual Transcendence without a bestowed Alchemic Rune's support, and was merely at the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Realm World Phase!

She obediently arrived closer to Wei Wuyin, cutely showing a pair of sweet eyes. She knew that she made the right choice! When she glanced at the two women looking at each other, exchanging obvious spiritual transmissions in argument, she resisted the urge to coldly laugh. If they knew what she knew, they might prostrate themselves before Wei Wuyin and beg for his seed!

She sent over through their newfound spiritual connection, "Master, there really is no other way." When it came to the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune, there was no way to transfer it to someone that hadn't met the requirements. This was unless Wei Wuyin could grasp the power of a Heavenly Saint, then he could forcefully refine the rune and extract it little by little.

Wei Wuyin lessened the intensity of his warning thoughts towards the spirit. While he was a little dissatisfied by the inability to obtain the rune and its contained legacy, it wasn't as if he was meant for this fortune. Some fortunes were designed by the Heavenly Daos in a way where certain cultivators simply can't benefit from it besides the Blessed.

In this case, as he wasn't a virgin or a female, he couldn't acquire this fortuitous chance for himself. He was a part of those cultivators who simply 'can't' benefit no matter what. Still, it's not like he'll walk away with nothing; the Spirit of the Pure Excellence Cauldron had accepted him as its master and wanted to fuse itself with the All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron.

This was definitely taking the long-term benefits of this Karmic Luck event designed by the Heavenly Daos. After all, when Tian Xiaolu unlocked the Alchemic Eyes of Spiritual Transcendence without an Alchemic Rune, whatever that was, since her master didn't have one, then she would possess the qualifications to wield the Pure Excellence Cauldron.

Since Qingye Ying had barely any chance to beat Tian Xiaolu in a clash of any type, she would forever be tethered to Tian Xiaolu, and thus the Pure Excellence Cauldron would be connected to them. This would and the Yin-Pairing Bond would benefit their relationship and who knows where they'll be in a thousand years.

But now, he had taken the Pure Excellence Cauldron and extracted the greatest long-term benefits of this Karmic Luck event.

"I'm sorry, Wei Wuyin." Qingye Ying strolled over and apologized. It was clear their discussion led to them being unable to come to any agreement. How could someone as prideful as Tian Xiaolu ever agree to be with a man for his sole benefit? Even if it was under the threat of losing the chance at this legacy, she would never agree.

More importantly, Qingye Ying had no true leverage to bargain with. Even she couldn't refuse the legacy. It was her only chance at improving herself, gaining a glimmer of hope of rectifying her issues with her flawed bloodline and race's limitations. If she gave this up, she would have to work a thousand times harder, and likely never achieve anything towards changing that.

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled, "It's the thought and the effort behind it that counts." While he didn't know why Qingye Ying was so insistent on sharing the legacy with him, her disheartened emotions were genuine. She felt guilty and frustrated. He added with a playful chuckle, "I wouldn't have agreed to it anyways."

Tian Xiaolu scoffed softly. As if any man would refuse to bed them, two heaven-toppling beauties of their respective races, for an ultimate legacy belonging to a Worldly Saint Alchemist! What utter bullshit. She rolled her eyes.

But in truth, Wei Wuyin wouldn't have committed to such a one-sided exchange and forced Tian Xiaolu into doing something she didn't want to.

"Is there something wrong with your eyes?" Qingye Ying finally found the spare thought to ask this question. Since the beginning, Wei Wuyin had covered his eyes and stood in one place without moving the slightest. He seemed oddly still. Given his spiritual sense, he should know she had clothed herself fully.

Tian Xiaolu frowned slightly. She noticed this peculiarity too, but she originally thought it was because he knew where Qingye Ying's mark was and her intentions to remove her upper clothes. Why else would he do so?

"..." Wei Wuyin's smile froze. He sent a spiritual message to the Pure Excellence Spirit to ask if there was a way to prevent the eruption and exposure of his Alchemic Core or at least halt the power causing it. When she heard this, the Pure Excellence Spirit's eyes widened with shock.

Right! She hurriedly returned to the cauldron, and its seven-colored lights dimmed considerably. As if given a breath of fresh air, Wei Wuyin felt his entire body relax as the tight hold his Second Mind and four Astral Souls maintained had lost its strength. No longer affected by that bizarre power, Wei Wuyin dissolved his Alchemic Stars manifestation, removed his hands, and revealed her silver eyes.

Qingye Ying's heart quivered intensely as those two gorgeous silvery existences, like full moons in the vast night sky, brilliant and beautiful, focused entirely on her. She felt her thoughts become ensnared.

"No, nothing's wrong." Wei Wuyin smilingly said as he glanced at the Pure Excellence Cauldron. If his secret had been exposed, he would've had to resort to forceful means to ensure it was protected. Similar to how Tian Xiaolu was warned about her power, Wei Wuyin would be equally in trouble if others knew he had Eden and all his combat strength as well. With his talent, and his ambitious nature, chances were even the Ascended Sovereigns would take notice, either to recruit him or eliminate the future threat.


Because that's what he would do as a leader of an entire cultivation society.

"Master," the Pure Excellence Spirit returned with a meek pair of eyes and a sullen expression. She now realized how urgent the situation was, nearly exposing Wei Wuyin's foundation. "I can start the transfer of this legacy, completing my duty, and then I'll have my freedom again."

"..." Tian Xiaolu and Qingye Ying were silent; they had decided to do the Yin-Pairing Bond! This was their opportunity to obtain a bonafide legacy of a genuine Worldly Saint Alchemist. While it might not be too in-depth, it'll definitely benefit them to an endless degree.

"Also," the spirit said softly, continuing: "you two will have to swear a set of Mythical Oaths." She looked at Wei Wuyin, the light of apology overflowing in her eyes, "To protect yourself and the Myriad Transformations Alchemic Saint's legacy."

It didn't need to be stated that Qingye Ying's intentions of sharing the legacy through oral transmissions were now impossible. The Myriad Transformations Alchemic Saint definitely wouldn't allow such things to occur. Besides the King of Everlore in his early years and the alchemists of the Everlore Starfield bred out of his 'kindness', no other alchemist freely spread their legacy to others. And if they did, extreme layers of protection will be placed to ensure it didn't get out.

After all, besides the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint and the Everlore Association, no other force or alchemist had the King of Everlore's legacy in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region.

Wei Wuyin internally shrugged. He expected this. But this caused him to recall Cao Cuifen. There was no way she wouldn't have expected this sequence of events. It was clear she intended to obtain the legacy, but if she didn't intend to obtain it through oral, because this was bound to happen, then how would obtain it? He was genuinely curious and ready to ask her this.

"Spirit, do you have a name?" Wei Wuyin transmitted. The Pure Excellence Spirit shook slightly, then replied: "No, Master. I have been unnamed since my creation, mostly referred to as the Spirit of whatever cauldron I inhabited." She was currently referred to as the Spirit of the Pure Excellence Cauldron or the Pure Excellence Spirit by those who knew her. Even the Myriad Transformations Alchemic Saint called her the latter.

Names had incredible power, and they formed a type of karmic link that was inexplicably miraculous. Wei Wuyin named Bai Lin, and she became a Fire Phoenix through his Karmic Luck.

Wei Wuyin thought for a moment and said, "From henceforth, you'll be Bai Xiu."

The Spirit's body burst with unimaginable brilliance, her eyes wide and her body shivering slightly. This caught the two women off-guard, unable to fathom what was happening. Fortunately, it lasted for the briefest of moments.

When Bai Xiu dimmed to normal levels, her eyes were no longer just a flat cyan color. Her pupils seemed to gain life, and they gained a silvery color that resembled Wei Wuyin's! She turned to Wei Wuyin and bowed deeply with sincere respect, her smile barely contained.

"Thank you, Master."

Wei Wuyin wasn't too shaken by this development. He could feel wisps of his soul aura gather into Bai Xiu when he gave her a name as if evoking a strange, natural force of the world. She now seemed more similar to the Spirits of War that had been refined by his Soul Light in the Nexus War Flag.

"You named it…" the Heavenly War Spirit's egg trembled slightly, her voice filled with shock and disbelief. Wei Wuyin's Second Mind was right there, resting with a barely ethereal mental incarnation. It seemed as if a single soft gust would shatter its body.

"What?" The Second Mind's incarnation frowned.

"You named a Spiritform!" The Heavenly War Spirit repeated, its voice slightly agitated.

Wei Wuyin's Second Mind immediately connected with his Primary Mind and grasped the events. Then, he frowned. "Is it bad?"

"Bad? No. Good? Absolutely not. It's…you'll find out in the future. Us Spirits of Dao can't be casually named by others. It won't matter now, but when you attempt to resonate your True Soul with the Heavens, entering into that great realm, you'll understand the world-shaking significance of your action today." The Heavenly War Spirit said this and went completely silent, refusing to expand on it in the slightest.

"Us Spirits of Dao?" Wei Wuyin's true body stared at Bai Xiu who was instructing the two women on how to form a Yin-Pairing Bond. While doing so, he couldn't help but realize that…Bai Xiu and the Heavenly War Spirit…were the same type of existence!