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The Yin-Pairing Bond involved an intimate process and exposed bodies, so Wei Wuyin was soon kicked out of Tian Xiaolu's residence. There wasn't much he could do, especially since the process could take weeks, and it wasn't the slightest bit simple, and adding the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune transference, it was estimated at several months.

Before leaving, Wei Wuyin released an exaggeratedly disappointed sigh as if the world was unfair which caused Tian Xiaolu to grit her teeth in sharp anger. Did Wei Wuyin really expect them to become his women? Expect her to? Regardless of his earlier words of refusing, she knew that no true man with the right sexual orientation would ever refuse such an opportunity.

Inwardly, Wei Wuyin found Tian Xiaolu's reaction funny, teasing her a little more by suggesting they can still try the method, and they might both come out better from the experience. To which her World Pressure was exerted and forcefully pushed him out of the room. Left with no choice, he slinked away with a playful chuckle.

Wei Wuyin wondered what would happen if Na Xinyi or Jiang Feilan, possessors of the Yin Physiques, were to perform this bond with other women. Would the benefits be different? What was the exact purpose of a Yin-Pairing Bond, anyways? It surely wasn't meant to help cultivators partake in shared legacies. After all, cultivators were notoriously selfish.

If Tian Xiaolu could take the legacy herself, she certainly would've. Qingye Ying's choice, unbeknownst to Wei Wuyin, was out of life-and-death gratitude. If Wei Wuyin was in the position of being able to monopolize the legacy, he would do so, but share it with his future Alchemic Corps which was still in its developmental stage. If Qingye Ying or Tian Xiaolu wanted to partake, they'll be forced to assist him in the future.

Fortunately, Tian Xiaolu and Qingye Ying accepted the Pure Excellence Cauldron's change of ownership after the process was over. If they hadn't, Bai Xiu wouldn't have agreed to the process. Left with no choice, she forced them to swear subsequent Mythical Oaths to not try to retrieve her. In fact, she played a trick that involved her being the Pure Excellence Cauldron's spirit. How it was worded meant that if she actually fused with the All-Elemental Cauldron, they would never be able to obtain her from Wei Wuyin without shattering the oath, unless she chooses herself.

When Wei Wuyin left, he saw Cao Cuifen. She had reapplied her make-up, lightly yet delicately, and it elevated her charm once again. She wore a figure-hugging dress of pink and violet colors, her slim physique, eye-catching curves, and modest twin peaks were accentuated.

Beside her, a few meters away, was an indifferent-eyed Liu Suyin whose posture was upright and tall yet exuding an annoyed air. When he left, countless spiritual senses descended like a raging storm. His clothes fluttered without wind, and he faintly furrowed his brows.

Cao Cuifen stepped forward, her Soul of Mysticism cultivation base was exceedingly high, and she exerted a spiritual pulse that blasted those spiritual senses. A series of pained grunts resounded from afar. She brightly smiled, staying in close proximity to Wei Wuyin, yet mindful of any intimate contact.

Liu Suyin frowned slightly; she couldn't act as aggressively as Cao Cuifen could in the academy. While she wanted to teach those nosy cultivators a lesson, any act by her could justify her imprisonment for several years or expulsion from the City of Guardians, perhaps even barring her from entering given the level of the academy's sway.

Even Cao Cuifen wouldn't have acted if she wasn't supported by a Dao Instructor, and since Wei Wuyin was one too, she had two supporting figures that were peak-level authorities. While Wei Wuyin was ignorant of his power in the academy, ignorance did not mean he lacked them. Those cultivators knew this and could only accept their punishment even if their cultivations were higher.

Especially since offending alchemists was the most horrific thing to do in the academy. It was easy for Creationists in the same vein to band together, capable of making your life a living hell. And each Mortal Sovereign Alchemist was a Dao Instructor, an even more hellish experience awaited those foolish enough to do so.

Liu Suyin walked over as Cao Cuifen quietly waited by Wei Wuyin's side. She gave her a narrowed glance before asking Wei Wuyin, "The other two?"

Wei Wuyin stretched slightly, exuding a relaxed and carefree bearing as he shook his head with a light breath. "They're in there, accepting the legacy in full."

Those words sparked a light in who knows how many figures' eyes. While their spiritual sense wasn't overbearingly watching, they were all cultivators of the highest degree, so hearing a branch snap from ten thousand miles wasn't difficult should they focus.

Cao Cuifen's eyes were likely the brightest. But Liu Suyin frowned, "And you?" Since Qingye Ying was so insistent on Wei Wuyin sharing the legacy and he defeated Tian Xiaolu, shouldn't he be participating in whatever ritualistic spell that was needed to do so?

Wei Wuyin shook his head, "There are some secrets involved, but long story short: I'm not fated to have anything to do with this legacy." While he spoke, he didn't seem very disappointed. But many felt that was a facade of his, a strong front, and they pitied him greatly. It seems the thought of having a third party that hadn't defeated the in-name disciple or was rightfully the in-name disciple could share the legacy was wishful thinking.

Why else would Wei Wuyin be the only one leaving? Furthermore, he won against Tian Xiaolu by pure luck. It only served him right!

That said, almost everyone was already thinking of making an offer for the transcendent Yin-Yang Essence Pill.

"Where's the academy's library for alchemy?" Wei Wuyin turned his attention elsewhere as he asked Cao Cuifen. Why did he not care about losing the legacy? Because he still had a legacy untouched! The academy's alchemical legacy!

From the beginning, the only form of upper-tier legacy he had acquired was from the King of Everlore; his nascent Mortal Sovereign Alchemist legacy was left behind shortly before his departure from the Everlore Starfield, and even the True Element Sect's depository of records and concoction methods barely exceeded that. And that period was definitely the King of Everlore's most impoverished state, yet the fact he was barely inferior spoke volumes to his might and those other Mortal Sovereign Alchemists in the Elementus Domain.

Cao Cuifen's expression was absent-minded, shrouded by a contemplative air. Wei Wuyin guessed that she was making calculations regarding the situation. Fortunately, she caught herself after Wei Wuyin stared at her for a bit. She revealed a gentle smile and answered with, "I can bring you there."

Wei Wuyin was all for it, so he and Liu Suyin followed behind her as she led them there. Her walking ahead was clear that she was thinking of a lot of things, absorbed in her thoughts, and a formless type of distance was slowly developing. Wei Wuyin couldn't quite understand Cao Cuifen; if he obtained the legacy, how would she have gotten it?

Through dual cultivation? But he was a mortal and she was an Ascended being. There were simply too many difficulties in that regard. Did she know about the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune? Was it common? He really didn't know. Why? Because if she or anyone else did, wouldn't they suspect Qingye Ying's ability to obtain the rune? Or perhaps elves never receive such a high-level cultivation tool so it's an obscure obstacle that few knew of.

"It's disappointing you didn't acquire the legacy, but if it's not meant to be yours, it'll never be." Liu Suyin said flatly. Her words seemed to be directed at Cao Cuifen and consoling Wei Wuyin. However, Wei Wuyin was consoled by her words and only chuckled.

He was an Exploitative Blessed with the Bloodline of Sin and had taken many fortuitous fortunes from Blessed that belonged to others. The latest example was Jing Jiu's entire fortune set up by the Heavenly Daos in the Nexus Battlefield. It wasn't just his materials needed for a true Origin State, but likely all the relations he was meant to gather in the Nexus Battlefield for his eventual adventures in the Azure-Prime Galactic Region. Others might believe that, but how could he?

Cao Cuifen's ears perked upwards after hearing Liu Suyin's words. She was thinking for a long, long while in silence as they trekked the long path through the academy. While doing so, Wei Wuyin had his Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality on full display, causing countless students and typical instructors to pause and instinctively greet him with respect. They became slightly confused after, especially given his mortal aura.

After a while, they appeared in front of a building with an almost identical layout to the Sacred Library, only lacking the three independent towers. Intrigued, Wei Wuyin saw all sorts of figures go in and out, their expressions thoughtful or disappointed.

Cao Cuifen was still a trained Dao Instructor's Assistant, so she gave a rough overview of how the library works. "Everything from the lowest, most practical, and fundamental knowledge to the most advanced forms of knowledge in the academy is all located here."

She explained that the library's name was the Myriad Miles Library, named after the Myriad Miles Heavenly Scholar. A renowned scholar that existed in the World Beyond the Fold. It was said he had trekked a myriad of miles, learning the 3,000 Daos and inscribing the heavens' secrets. It felt more like a mythological figure.

Unlike the Sacred Library, inside the Myriad Miles Library was a different dimensional space that expanded for hundreds of thousands of miles. While people entered and exited, they did so through special transportation formations that physically moved them for miles back to the entrance. It wasn't a form of spatial shifting, and the process could take a long time.

Regardless, it had everything.

Unfortunately, similar to the Sacred Library, knowledge has a cost. In the Academy, there exists a metric of contribution called Myriad Points, and each material of knowledge has a value that must be paid for before reading.

"Myriad Points?" Wei Wuyin was intrigued, but Liu Suyin was unsurprised. According to Cao Cuifen, Myriad Points can be earned through completing missions set by the academy, earned through third parties like the City of Guardian's Seeker or Destined positions, and traded for armaments, talismans, alchemical products, uniquely offered materials of knowledge such as certain arts, cultivation methods, spells, formation structures, and array designs.

It was practical, like a business of exchange. As long as you had sufficient wealth, everything within the library was yours to study. Of course, much of the material knowledge was duplicates of the Sacred Library.

While Seekers and Destined can acquire points, it is typically extremely difficult to find success doing so. It was better to go to the Sacred Library instead.

Wei Wuyin thought about it for a moment, asking: "What about the materials on alchemy?"

"Oh right! While the Sacred Library and the Myriad Miles Library have duplicates, when it comes to Creationists, the Myriad Miles Library is almost an exclusive hub for knowledge. The Sacred Library is severely lacking, so most Creationists, be it Architects, Forgers, or Alchemists, all come here and enter into the academy." Cao Cuifen's words were tinged with a little pride.

Liu Suyin's eyes narrowed, "He meant: what limits of the Alchemic Dao do the materials in this library have? Mortal Sovereign Alchemist personal records and notes? Or have Alchemic Saints left anything behind?" Liu Suyin's words shocked both Wei Wuyin and Cao Cuifen. When did she become so good at understanding Wei Wuyin's intent?

She realized their gazes were odd, but she kept her emotions concealed and silently waited. But inside her heart, who knew how she felt?

"Of course, there are all sorts of notes on specific concoction methods left behind by certain Earthly Saint Alchemists, but they're all absurdly, unrealistically expensive. Essentially, no one can or has earned enough Myriad Points to read them in the last hundred years. That's how high they cost. But they are there. There are also custom concoction methods for pills, elixirs, paste, and pellets ranging from the first-grade to even the Mystic-Earth grade!" Cao Cuifen's excitement was palpable for a moment until she recalled how disgustingly difficult it was to obtain those high-level concoction methods and notes. Her face fell.

The gatekeeping of knowledge was commonplace amongst cultivation societies. An air of selfishness polluted it all, but this restriction forged the strongest powers and allowed them to maintain their might. Places like the Sacred Library and Myriad Miles Library that allowed you to pay for anything were god-sent in such circumstances.

But much to her shock, Wei Wuyin's eyes brightened considerably instead of feeling disheartened. In her mind, when he learns of the cost, he'll definitely think differently.

How could she know that Wei Wuyin didn't care about cost? Wei Wuyin was interested in only alchemy, nothing else. If it can be obtained, he intended to obtain it. And he only had a few months before his time to enter the Time Vortex was approaching. He didn't want to miss it.

"Let's see what they have," Wei Wuyin said as if he was a billionaire entering a rural clothing shop, his bearing carefree and interest piqued.