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The Myriad Miles Library was as Cao Cuifen had described; an independent dimensional space immediately upon entering the doors. The feeling could be described as utterly seamless, almost unnoticeable, unlike other spatial relocations or entry points. When Wei Wuyin looked back after entering, the entrance reflected the outside area, and one could even see various figures walking to and fro.

If one had said this wasn't a separate dimensional space and the library was simply a typical building with a standard doorway, both inside and outside occupying a single space, Wei Wuyin could've been fooled in the beginning. However, Kratos would've immediately shattered the lie. It was raging with excitement, roaring softly with short bursts of invigorated roars. It resembled a tourist's exclamation upon experiencing something new.

"The world here isn't conjoined! Isolated, strange—distortions are everywhere here, but it's not chaotic. This isn't ordinary!" Kratos' words were as jumbled as always. If Wei Wuyin was trying to grasp any semblance of sense from this, he would find himself lost in the depths of this nonsense forever. Still, he understood the magnitude of the profound application of segregated space and integrated space in place here.

As someone with the Grand Convergence Spatial Resonance, formed a Law Seed of Space and possessed the True Void Dragon Bloodline, he was extremely well-versed and knowledgeable in the typical forms of space. Liu Suyin was similarly invested, her eyes shone as she looked back and analyzed the doorway. She was so engrossed that someone had nearly bumped into her as they entered.

Cao Cuifen smiled; the Myriad Miles Library was one of the most mysterious locations in the entire World Between the Fold. Not even the Sacred Library could describe the depths of the spatial formations and arrays in place that could accomplish such mind-blowing feats. Her smile didn't last, however.

Wei Wuyin soon arrived at the front desk at a brisk pace. Beyond the front desk was a series of mile-long shelves of books that stretched an unimaginable distance. There were scrolls and books on these shelves, organized and clean. At certain locations, platforms were present with levitating spiritual jades that others could step on, then experience the images, sounds, and feelings etched into the jades.

Most of these jades contained recorded Dao Lectures from renowned figures of the academy. Not even the Sacred Library had these recordings. They might, however, have written down records of their words that others could read. But there was a drastic difference between reading a textbook and attending a verbal lesson with practical examples, every student would tell you this was the case.

After seeing the Sacred Library, Wei Wuyin's levels of awe weren't very high. So, he reacted in a much more subdued manner that resembled an appraising old man filled with experience and the vicissitudes of a thousand miles than an excited and fresh tourist. At the front desk, the librarian was a gorgeous mature woman with round glasses and a ponytail of sleek brunette hair. She sat with a thick book in her hands, her eyes reflecting each character as they swept the pages.


She turned the page with her slender fingers, her trimmed eyebrows furrowed slightly as if a disturbance was sensed. Eventually, she lifted her gaze upwards to find a patient-looking young man and her indigo-colored eyes froze in their tracks. Slightly widening, those eyes of hers found themselves glued to this young man's impeccably masculine facial features. His silver eyes were like the most mystical pair of full moons that absorbed one's attention, sucking in one's soul like a celestial being, and seven different colored stars inhabited each. They were alluring to every Spirit of Cultivation, and as such, instinctively evoked feelings of desire in most cultivators.

Wei Wuyin was outwardly calm, but he was shaken internally after his Enlightened Scholarly Mist trembled within his Sea of Consciousness. Since obtaining the Palace of Eden, his Second Mind's production of this unique mist was increasing by the second. At this point, his entire Sea of Consciousness was immersed in its presence. However, this was the first time it had reacted in his life.

He had traversed the entire coliseum, passed by many so-called 'scholars' at the level of a Dao Instructor, yet he hadn't experienced any type of reaction. But here, towards this beautiful woman, he felt it resonate strongly. If the Enlightened Scholarly Mist had similar characteristics as the Utmost Purity Mist, then it was only generated when one's level of comprehended knowledge received some form of acknowledgment.

As such, this woman must've consumed an equal or greater degree of knowledge and fully understood their profound principles and intricacies. This woman was an Ascended being, but she was concealing her exact Cultivation Base through some concealment spell, and Wei Wuyin's Celestial Eyes couldn't see through it. It was abundantly clear that she was certainly far older than him, so her achievement wasn't as impressive.

"..." The woman's eyes widened slightly more."You're a Mortal?" There was a sound of barely contained disbelief in her tone. Wei Wuyin didn't need to confirm this, his aura was drenched by the Mortal Dao. There was no denying it. However, he nodded with a slight smile.

Cao Cuifen soon walked to the desk beside Wei Wuyin. When she saw the librarian, her eyes glinted for the briefest of moments that even Heavenly Saints wouldn't be able to catch. Unlike the typical Heavenly Saints though, Wei Wuyin was extremely sensitive to mental fluctuations of the most minute degree. His spatial awareness was also unimaginably high, so he observed this change entirely. That shift of emotion was similar to disbelieving recognition-induced shock.

°Don't tell me this is another Tuo Bihan-incident?° Wei Wuyin was amused by this discovery. In the Myriad Monarch Sect, Tuo Bihan had been hiding away in the Alchemic Dao Pavilion, far away from his residence and office on the Eighth Level of the Sky Layer. Wei Wuyin had inadvertently met him, mistaking him for someone else, and was promoted to Heavenly King after showing him his talents in alchemy. This was an opportunity from the Heavenly Daos, and it eventually led him to obtain the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity Method.

But considering Tian Xiaolu's recent acquisition of the Inherited Spiritual Wisdom Rune, she was bound to come to the Myriad Miles Library. If not that, then just her presence here was enough to eventually lead her here.

To test this, Wei Wuyin asked innocently, "Are you new here?"

This question stunned the gorgeous librarian and Cao Cuifen. The latter couldn't help but be deeply shaken by Wei Wuyin's deductive abilities.

The librarian furrowed her brows slightly for a long while, "How did you know?" Her curiosity inevitably got the better of her and she asked. Her voice wasn't gentle or rough, but it carried a reverb of quieting comfort that was strange to find innately in a sound. It was soothing yet energizing; every word she said made one focus, unable to pry away their focus until she finished.

It heavily resembled a charismatic leader with a laid-back attitude, witty and quick.

Wei Wuyin tried to keep calm, but he increasingly felt that this woman wasn't ordinary. Moreover, the Principal of the Academy was a female, a well-renowned scholar, and extremely segregated from trifling affairs, so only the top-tier figures of the academy knew of her appearance, cultivation, and location. It was possible this might be her, if not an equally as terrifying figure.

"Your reaction to my approach was a little delayed. That's all," he said his reasoning and chuckled lightly. But internally, he was rapidly thinking about Tian Xiaolu's Karmic Luck Path, and how to grasp this opportunity should one exist.

The two women were stunned initially. That was an extremely simple observation, and it did reek of unprofessionalism, a sign of inexperience. As such, they both accepted this explanation without much thought.

"It seems I've embarrassed myself, Dao Instructor." She swiftly regained her composure as she closed her book, stood up, and revealed an apologetic smile. When she stood, Wei Wuyin's gaze subconsciously focused on her curves, including her busty chest which was mesmerizing. Her body was as foxy as a vixen of legend despite her mature appearance, completely drawing in one's fullest attention.

Wei Wuyin only did a cursory glance, and then met her eyes without a sign of chaos within. How could he? Wasn't Da Shan, Yue Songli, Xue Yifei, Na Xinyi, Qing Qiumu, and his other Valerie's not all world-shaking beauties with features no less inferior? Even if he wasn't restrained due to her unconfirmed identity, he still wouldn't be shaken the slightest.

Liu Suyin arrived at this moment, and she was astonished by the librarian's beauty. What type of woman was this? Moreover, her heart grew vigilant. Since she began traveling with Wei Wuyin, he's been having non-stop meetings with unparalleled beauties. Wasn't this too coincidental?

Besides Higheater, there was no male figure that he had interacted deeply with since arriving. The only exception might've been that male guard that violated his privacy, but that figure was already in the Eighteen Hells experiencing his samsara. Was he simply a magnet of female beauties?

"Just a little," Wei Wuyin teased with a smile. This caused the librarian to reel slightly, not expecting that response. "So, how do I offer things for exchange?" Wei Wuyin changed the topic swiftly, giving the mile-long shelves a look. There were hundreds of rows and columns, and there were stairs that led upwards.

At the sides, whirling sounds resounded as cultivators were enveloped by a faint glow of light energies, and then they zipped across the shelves. They were being transported to certain locations. In the background, comets of light were an almost constant sight. It was clear that there were hundreds of thousands of cultivators here.

Were the materials of knowledge here unable to be withdrawn?

"You can do so here." The female librarian stated as she brought out a small tray. It emanated a faint spatial aura and above it was a spiritual projected number: "0." The sight intrigued Wei Wuyin. What was this?

The librarian continued: "You can transfer your offerings here. Most things have a fixed price, and the formation inside will gauge its value."

"Gauge its value? Will this work for custom-made materials of knowledge too?" Wei Wuyin was surprised. Was there another Spiritform within this thing, judging the value of things?

"No, that'll require me to send it to the Scholars for observation and judgment. Of course, they've all sworn Mythical Oaths to not practice or spread the custom-made materials unless the academy buys them. So you have no fear of it propagating to others. If you want to review the wording of the oaths, you can. As for acceptable materials for this here: only armaments, talismans, and alchemical products. We don't accept raw material." While the librarian might be 'new', she was still displaying her understanding of the library in an articular and easily understood manner. Moreover, she answered questions before Wei Wuyin could ask them.

"Hm." Wei Wuyin hummed slightly in thought. He was trying to find the best way to maximize this encounter!