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"..." Wei Wuyin remained silent, including Liu Suyin. The entire world might go crazy if they knew that Wei Wuyin wasn't under any oath at the moment! But Wei Wuyin realized what she meant by having an official position! All those of relevance must have oaths to serve the Endless Voyage Realm, the World Between the Fold, and thus the greatest benefits were strictly reserved for them.

If Wei Wuyin wasn't a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist brought into the academy by Cao Cuifen as the entire academy was busy with the clash, it was unlikely that he'll be allowed in without swearing tens of oaths. If Liu Suyin wasn't with him when arriving at the City of Guardians, if Liu Yinlan didn't have her own intentions and needed time, if Liu Suyin hadn't forgotten…he didn't want to know how many oaths would've nestled themselves in his soul by now.

By this point, Wei Wuyin would be a complete fool to not realize that the Heavenly Daos were actively acting to prevent him from swearing anything binding. That said, it was merely an opportunity. He could've let it slip or agreed to Liu Yinlan's terms at any point. He was exploiting the openings the Heavenly Daos were creating.

This must be the result of his over 3,000 Karmic Surge still in effect.

'I wonder if the oath-heavy society of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region was influenced by the World Between the Fold's society. If King of Everlore's theoretical product could truly erase Mythical Oaths, wouldn't the entire society break down? It seems impossible to check if a person has sworn one without bearing witness to it or inspecting their soul. But who would allow that? And if you could do so freely, you can just enslave that person forcefully.' Wei Wuyin casually thought about this as Zhangjie Wushu began to explain the layout of the section.

The entire layout was quite simple, but Wei Wuyin didn't need all the explanations she gave of what was where. He just needed to know if he could read freely and for how long.

"You can inspect everything here, and indefinitely. The alchemical legacies of every successful and renowned alchemist since the inception of the World Between the Fold are here. This includes special concoction methods of specialized products, theoretical journals of concoctions, actual recordings of peak-quality concoctions, and much more."

Zhangjie Wushu couldn't help but think, 'What is Liu Yinlan is planning? Is she trying to give birth to a super-scholar? To what end? She must know that the materials here can't be copied through any medium, only taught, like all other materials of knowledge in the Endless Voyage Realm. Haaaa…is she going to wait thousands of years for this man to comprehend everything and pass it along? Can he even do so? Would this waste her True Destined Voyager?'

She really didn't understand why Liu Yinlan would invest so much in a single person. What was her scheme? In her mind, all the products Wei Wuyin brought were sufficient to purchase the entirety of the Alchemy Section. It was too coincidental, and he was a mere mortal younger than a hundred. How could he offer this himself?

Of course, Zhangjie Wushu would never understand because her initial thought process was entirely wrong. Wei Wuyin glanced at the three beauties by his side. Then, he looked at the thick books, heavy scrolls, and levitating jades.

He couldn't help but feel a ray of long-existing hope Surge in his heart. "What about the secrets of the Alchemic Stars? Their powers? Their weaknesses?" This was something he wanted more than anything. It was like having the ability to use Void Force yet only to look at its grayish sheen!

What was the point?

More importantly, Wei Wuyin didn't have the time to explore bit by bit!

"Secrets?" Zhangjie Wuhsu was stunned for a moment. She mindlessly shook her head, "There are many journals of Mortal Sovereign Alchemists and even some Earthly Saint Alchemists regarding how they use the three core powers of the Alchemic Stars. But secrets? If others found out any secrets, they certainly wouldn't share it casually here. That'll be a part of their main legacy meant for descendents or disciples."

While she had shaken her head, Wei Wuyin wasn't the least bit disappointed after hearing those words! Three core powers?!

He could no longer hold back. He turned to Liu Suyin, "This'll take a while." Without any hesitation, he moved swiftly to a shelf and began reading. The words were first blurry until they swiftly became clear! As for others, unless Zhangjie Wushu gave permission, even Ascended beings can't read these words!

Liu Suyin stood there, her eyes grew increasingly brighter. Unlike the two other women, she knew that Wei Wuyin was looking for something! Who in the Sealed Region prepared this? The more she felt she knew about Wei Wuyin, the more confused she became of his origins, existence, purpose, and abilities.

In a faraway distance, Liu Yinlan was in a lotus position with a spherical orb that contained a bloody scent and yin mist gloating above her head. She was continuously performing hand-seals. Each seal that was form caused the room to tremble violently. The spherical orb throbbed like a beating heart, as if it was alive.

Suddenly, her eyes unleashed a strong spiritual brilliance. "The Alchemy Section? The entire thing? No wonder he rejected the Time Vortex! Doesn't matter what you're here for or who raised you, since Liu Suyin allowed you to become a True Destined Voyager, your path has been chosen. But to swear their oaths, but refuse ours? Whatever, you're still our True Destined Voyager—no one can change that." After saying this, she continued performing world-shaking hand-seals.

Several hours later, Wei Wuyin was between two shelves of books and scrolls, and within his hand was a hardcover tome with the thickness of a baby's fist. From the sheets of its pages, a rich alchemical aura diffused into the surroundings. The light within his silver eyes as he stared at the title was extremely intense.

"The Will of the Alchemic Dao: Mortal Spirituality, by Zhao Yun - the World-Light Alchemic Sovereign."