"...'' It's been long since Wei Wuyin's face had expressed genuine shock, especially shock sufficient enough to render him legitimately speechless. The Endless Void Realm was descending? Soon? This should be impossible. Completely, totally, absolutely, irrevocably, and thoroughly impossible!



Wei Wuyin's thoughts began to rapidly accelerate, exhausting a considerable degree of mental energies, and he placed his hand to his chin while his eyes roamed the Dark Void aimlessly while the light of deep contemplation exuded from his pupils. Bai Lin kept steady, not interrupting his thoughts.

"Haa...huu...haaa..." Tian Lingyu held her chest; her body bent slightly, sweat dripped from her brows, staining her clothing, and dangled desperately from her fingers. The pressure of Mystic Heart Intent was despotic, and this profound will was even more effective toward those closest to the Mystic Dao, so she, as an Earthly Saint, felt the full weight of its unbearable strength despite not being its target.

Was this the miraculous power that the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor wielded? She had witnessed the Divine Emperor take action only once in her lifetime, and it still haunted her dreams, but if that was an awe-inspiring moment, then this was a total nightmare. The Divine Emperor had acted, gathering his Mystic Heart Intent outside the Aeternal Sky Starfield, so she was a mere spectator only capable of glimpsing and gawking at its power, but this time was different. She wasn't a spectator but was fully enveloped in its range.

"BLECH!" She tossed herself to the side, spewing out gushes of impure toxins and her breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the deck. The sound was disgusting to hear, the smell even more rancid. It was often believed that cultivators forgo food, sustaining themselves on the essence of heaven and earth, and that was indeed possible, but tailored-made food could be consumed and digested as a form of idle cultivation while satisfying mortal urges that hadn't faded.

Tian Lingyu regretted having a heaping pile of delicious gourmet food earlier. She regretted a whole lot of things as she saw the sludge that came out of her, especially as she wiped off the bit hanging from her quivering lips.

Tian Lingyu wasn't the only one affected; Tian Muyang had the urge to fall to his knees. How tyrannical was that Intent? How terrifying! He hadn't felt afraid in a long, long time. But he was unwilling to allow that debilitating feeling to overwhelm his soul and mind. His eyes focused on Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin, gaining a reprieve from this distracting action. They were the true targets of this oppressive will that enveloped the world!

However, the sight of Wei Wuyin's untimely end hadn't happened as expected. Instead, Wei Wuyin unleashed two equally terrifying Intents that fought against the world-crushing, sky-rending Mystic Heart Intent.

"...Elemental Heart Intent!" Tian Muyang instantly recognized Wei Wuyin's Elemental Heart Intent. Since the beginning of his rise, Wei Wuyin was rumored to possess Elemental Heart Intent, and this was later verified after his Realm World Astral Tribulation, so this wasn't too surprising.

"Saber Heart Intent!" Off to the side, the gorgeously imposing Empress of the Aeternal Sky Starfield was ashen pale, her beauty untainted by her distorted, discomforted expression. Similarly, she stared at Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin, expecting an end. She knew from the Divine Emperor that the figure behind Trueborn wasn't much different from him, and while he had been deliberately vague, she now fully understood what he meant.

Yet the scene she also expected to witness hadn't occurred; instead, Wei Wuyin had unleashed dual Intents at the 'Heart of the World, World of the Intent' level, facing Mystic Heart Intent for control of his immediate area, and remained entirely untouched by its oppressive power. If the Mystic Heart Intent could be considered a wide-area wooden hammer, then Wei Wuyin's dual Intents was an invincible steel scalpel, not a fragile nail. The hammer couldn't do anything, only get chipped with each attempt.

Tian Muyang gritted his teeth, hoarsely saying: "So he does have two Spirits." It was a heavily contentious topic of whether Wei Wuyin had dual Astral Souls or not, with many strongly suggesting that he didn't. Wei Wuyin wasn't from the Multi-World Clan, that much was obvious, but he did have a faint sign of their unique aura that was nearly impossible to verify. This was largely due to Wei Wuyin's True Void Dragon Bloodline, which made sensing his auras as difficult as plucking a specific drop of water from the depths of the ocean, and his elusiveness.

"Not only does he have two Spirits, but he's also comprehended World Heart Intent of two different attributes. Absolutely incredible." This discovery helped Tian Muyang stabilize his mental state, fighting back the instinctive fear that swelled within his heart.

When Tian Muyang glanced at the Empress again, he found her expression had become slightly unsightly, and while her nation-toppling beauty was still present, it was a level lower than before.


'The Divine Emperor's greatest strength was just rendered useless by a mortal, one that could seal thirty Earthly Saints, that could attack a Starfield's Array alone, that could plot and scheme and bait, that could rally forces, that had astonishing Alchemic Talent, and possessed unknown means. Her face makes sense.' Tian Muyang's rambling thoughts ended with an understanding yet pitying nod. Why? Because Empress Xiaocheng had lost the opportunity to make this figure an ally.

In fact, she drew a line the moment she sided with Xun Yicao. Wei Wuyin hadn't just proved his astonishing Alchemic Talent during the past two decades, but he had also shown his astonishing talent for cultivation in general. After all, he had already grasped two different World Heart Intents! As a Mortal! Beneath the age of a hundred!

He pushed the force that even the Divine Emperor was wary of to the brink, forcing their strongest figure to appear, and they STILL COULDN'T DO ANYTHING! The feelings that Empress Xiaocheng must be experiencing at the moment must be twisted with regret.

All for Xun Yicao—the Alchemist that simply couldn't shut the hell up.

Unexpectedly, killing intent surged in her eyes. The grim light was unsettling and extremely concentrated. However, after a quick side glance at Tian Muyang, the dark and malicious killing intent vanished abruptly, and she looked tired and fragile as she caught her breath and stood up, slowly regaining her imperialistic demeanor.

"..." Tian Muyang.

Wei Wuyin's eyes lit with understanding: "I see. I see. No wonder." The shock gradually faded away, and his expression grew relaxed as if he had solved a difficult problem. "So you're making last-minute fortified defenses against your fated demise? How poetic, huh? The rats can no longer hide in the shadows and have to hide behind walls."

Those words weren't met with any response from the voice, and Wei Wuyin laughed. "Isn't this your fault? You destroyed the second node, and now something must have happened that threatened the Endless Void Realm, so they'll arrive once it collapses." It was quite amusing how Trueborn's desire to collapse the Sealing Array led to this event. However, there were still certain things he didn't quite understand, even with the knowledge and experiences of debonair Wei Wuyin's life within the Void Voyage Sect.

Wei Wuyin's eyes gazed at the Born True Starfield, "Did you think telling me this meant I'd spare you? That I'd retreat? That I'd concede and focus my attention elsewhere?" A glacial chill permeated through his tone, and Bai Lin's wings unfurled to the maximum extent, and she flew! She rocketed toward the Unchained World Aegis Array! "I didn't think someone who cultivated to your level, tasked with a grand mission, would be so naive. You're not my ally."

Wei Wuyin scoffed with contempt.


Bai Lin crashed into the array, her body bursting with intense flames. She was like an unstoppable fiery asteroid, piercing into the thick barrier of the Unchained World Aegis Array. There was only a brief degree of resistance before the area that Bai Lin attacked melted, allowing her to soar directly in!

The masked negotiator's eyes widened as she screeched out and retreated hastily. She tumbled through the Dark Void, and the others also exclaimed with gasps and shouts before fleeing. If the Fire Phoenix bypassed the array, then couldn't it incinerate them all into ash? There were no longer any Earthly Saint defenders!

Those watching the scene unfold were stunned!

Wei Wuyin, however, had placed his cube away. And, as expected, the moment he breached the array, the voice immediately communicated, its tone solemn yet calm.

"I'm not your enemy."

"Enemy? You're not my enemy; you're the weed growing in my backyard, the rat hiding in the walls; you're the trash stinking up my home. You simply don't understand, do you? I don't need 'Trueborn' because you go against what I want. Whether the Endless Void Mirror descends or not, regardless of when I won't have you trying to destroy the Sealing Array." Wei Wuyin formed a hand-seal, his Celestial Eyes unleashing boundless spiritual light, and he scoured for the Spiritual Aura that belonged to the voice.

"I'll find you in twelve minutes, and then I'll kill you." Wei Wuyin's Spiritual Sense was channeled through his eyes, reflecting the entirety of the Pentastar Cluster, locating the origin point of the Mystic Heart Intent. Thanks to his own World Heart Intents and newly bestowed ocular ability to perceive Mystics Properties, this was a feat that would only need some time.

"..." The voice remained silent, but the air was turbulent, which was a sign of an incoming assault!

However, Wei Wuyin dismissed it with an arrogant chuckle. "Do you think I can't kill you? I'll tell you this: Even if you self-destruct right now, I'd not only be safe, but you'd save me the trouble of slaying you. In fact, attack. Let me find you faster." Wei Wuyin prodded and urged, his eyes searching wildly as Bai Lin flew!

Seven seconds later!

Wei Wuyin's search efforts focused on the All-Fury Starfield. There was something abnormal there, and Bai Lin instantly underwent her Nirvanic Transformation! "Found you?"

"What do you want?" The voice soon reverberated throughout the world. It was a unique spell that prevented Wei Wuyin from isolating its origins. Wei Wuyin openly laughed at their attempt to hide.

Bai Lin canceled her transformation, and Wei Wuyin sat with a faint smile on her back. They halted at the edge of the All-Fury Starfield. "Trueborn's mission ends here," Wei Wuyin demanded, with no room for negotiation. He continued, "of course, if you don't want to, then I can end it for you. Either doesn't change much for me, just a little more effort from me, but a whole lot for you."

"...Who are you?" The voice asked darkly. Just from how Wei Wuyin carried himself, his talents, his feats, his Alchemic Knights, his tools, and his knowledge, it was impossible for him to belong to the Sealed Regions and be less than a hundred years old. It was ridiculous to even believe.

"Wei Wuyin of Red Dove City's Wei Clan. Is that enough for introductions? Is it my turn? Who are you?" Wei Wuyin mockingly asked but knew he wouldn't receive an answer.

"If the Endless Void Realm descends..."

Wei Wuyin waved dismissively, "There's no need to try and reason with me; I have the bigger fist here, and I'm in the position of absolute advantage, so don't even try to worm your way out by offering an alliance to resist the incoming foreign enemies. I'll handle them with or with you. It's your choice if you want to live until then."

"Then what about the All-Ending Stellar Calamity? Do you not care about that?" The voice's tone seemed impatient.

"All-Ending Stellar Calamity?" Wei Wuyin had never heard of this in either of his lives, but his Eye of Truth instantly perceived invisible ripples in the world. The trend of the world...

"So you don't know..."

"Stop being mysterious," Wei Wuyin shook his head.

"Within the next hundred years, the Sealed Regions will collapse, and all life within will be destroyed. Are you sure you want us to stop our mission?"