1496 Chapter 1489: Hegemon: Demonic Abyss Master (4)

The activity beneath the chilling mist and hardened ground of the Stellar Nest was not insignificant. As the eyes stretching an ungodly distance opened, nearing closer to the surface, the violet radiance emanating from it highlights several regions

The phenomenal sight caused the partying residents of the Outpost to halt. They gazed into the distance with awe. This wasn't the first time violet radiance had erupted from the surface. Since they arrived in this strange realm, there had been continuous news of fissures appearing across the ground and that faint violet-colored light leaking from time to time during their collection efforts of Stellar Rain. When this was first reported it caused fear to sweep the hearts of these workers, but after a long while of nothing too scary occurring and the Ascendants not giving them an order to cease operations or seek refuge, they soon grew familiar and numb to this phenomenon. However, the intensity of this violet radiance was considerably higher than any time prior

The group of demons all went silent as they observed the radiance. This included the Demonic Abyss Master and Long Tingyu, otherwise referred to by the Demonic Abyss Master as Gao Tingyu. Na Xinyi was taken aback as well. She stared out into the distance and analyzed the light. She concisely deduced that the light was harmless. Additionally, this was likely due to Wei Wuyin's actions

The thought of that caused any type of fear to be removed from her heart. While she believed firmly in her own strength and means, with Wei Wuyin on the scene, not even the destruction of the world felt too impossible to prevent. This was an unshakeable degree of confidence that was cultivated over a long period of time, a heart constantly basked in Wei Wuyin's feats and displays of egregious strength

This was trust

Long Tingyu murmured, "For the Demonic Sovereign

Her words seemed to induce a cascading effect as reverential words from the lips of each demon resounded: "For the Demonic Sovereign!" Their voices were in harmony. Not a single one was missing, even Long Tingyu repeated her words in a clearer voice the second time

Na Xinyi frowned. Each of these demon cultivators had their eyes glow a violet light. The resemblance to the violet light in the distance was eerily similar. As for the Demonic Sovereign, she was clueless about this individual. She only knew that there existed three Ascendant Sovereigns in the World Beyond with unimaginably profound cultivation bases, and they ruled what Wei Wuyin called the 'galaxy'. As for their known world, it was only a very small part of that 'galaxy'. Was this another cultivator on the same level

Her frown deepened

Suddenly, Long Tingyu's violet eyes shone strangely as she realized that Na Xinyi was here. Moreover, they had all said 'Demonic Sovereign', and not 'Lord Progenitor' as agreed upon when communicating potentially in the presence of others, especially strangers to their cause. This was obviously to restrict knowledge of the Demonic Sovereign's name from leaking

The Demonic Abyss Master's tall stature shook slightly. Slowly, he turned to Na Xinyi. For a split second, the gaze beneath his hooded figure exuded a murderously viscous light

Na Xinyi's pupils constricted for a brief moment, and then her gaze sharpened as her sword exuded a light of Extreme Yin. Directed by the Demonic Abyss Master, Na Xinyi's aura seethed. She was ready

Long Tingyu noticed this change and her heart raced. "Sister Xinyi…" She wanted to speak out words, but she also understood the importance of their task. As for the Demonic Abyss Master, while he had agreed to inform Na Xinyi why she was taken and any questions that he feasibly 'could', this obviously did not include details about the Demonic Sovereign

The Demonic Abyss Master's intent to murder slowly faded as he sighed. Eventually, he lifted his hood that had mostly concealed his appearance throughout this entire confrontation. What was revealed caused Na Xinyi's eyes to widen slightly.

The Demonic Abyss Master, outside of his absurdly tall stature, looked strangely human. To shockingly add, he was young, roughly in his late twenties, and extremely handsome in a youthfully roguish fashion. This was completely unlike what she expected. He had skin of a similar tone as Long Tingyu, almost like white jade. It was smooth to an excessive degree, but it did little to diminish that type of masculine energy of his.

Moreover, how he towered only added to that type of domineering presence of overbearing weight, as if he was an unassailable mountain that reached beyond the sky and into the depths of the earth. Unlike Da Shan, whose skin was violet-skinned, bearing the genetic traits of her Violet Mountain demonic lineage, or Bo Kay's unique demonic qualities, the Demonic Abyss Master appeared more human than demon.

There was even a type of bottomless charm about him that could stir the heart. Especially the bright violet eyes of his with pupils that were unfathomably dark as if it was a chasm to the world's most difficult mysteries. Just staring into his eyes felt unnerving in a difficult-to-describe way, as if staring into the abyss was met with a greeting in return.

The two, both the Demonic Abyss Master and Long Tingyu had facial similarities that were undeniable. They resembled close relatives. It was only then, when she fully saw the Demonic Abyss Master's true appearance, that she finally was enlightened to some idea as to why Long Tingyu was taken.

The other demons had also had their killing intent riled, but besides the Demonic Abyss Master, the demon once renowned as a Hegemon of her home starfield and follower of the legendary King of Everlore, was given any real consideration by Na Xinyi. It was simply a fact that these demons' cultivated foundations were pitiful. They could only trouble their enemies and fight beyond their typical cultivated standard thanks to the corrosive and mutating effects of Demonic Energy, Demonic Force, and Demonic Power. Without this insidious power, they would be no greater than the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region's former standard.

The other demons also remove their hooded concealment. An array of gorgeous and handsome human-like figures revealed themselves. They all had violet-colored eyes. Moreover, they all looked oddly related if one were to try to grasp a little about their features.

Suddenly, Na Xinyi's eyes widened as a possibility sparked in her mind. The Demonic Abyss Master was said to have been an Original Demon born from the heavens. If so, then…could Long Tingyu, an abandoned girl with no clear origin…also be an Original Demon?!

The thought was difficult to grasp due to Original Demons all being absurdly irregular. Some were Titans that could Tower against the True Titan Race. The Violet Mountain was over forty feet tall and couldn't enter into a human state. However, he still passed along his seed through various methods after gaining the right to exist as a 'living being' who could reproduce. This was the case for every Original Demon.

Anu's Grandmother was an Original Demon born from the corpse of a Spatial Dragon. She then gave birth to an entire draconic lineage by mating with other dragons. This spawned Anu and a host of others, all of who had traces of demonic energies within them. Although the True Dragon lineage that was sparse within Anu's bloodline largely reduced the outward aura of his demonic presence to an almost insignificant degree. After all, the True Dragon lineage was simply too dominant. Even a single drop could change an existence entirely.

Wei Wuyin was a living example of that.

Bai Lin, similarly, was a living example of that.

The phoenix lineage wasn't as dominant, but it changed Bai Lin, a white crane, into a Fire Phoenix!

When she thought of this possibility, she gazed at Long Tingyu. The young woman was sighing with relief, not noticing her thoughts in the slightest.

"I said it before," the Demonic Abyss Master said, "I won't repay kindness with enmity. Since you're Gao Tingyu's sister by spirit, I won't make things difficult for you. What questions do you have, Extreme Yin Saintess?"

Na Xinyi's gaze shifted oddly as she lowered her sword. Still, she found the Demonic Abyss Master's confidence a little frustrating. He had been captured and freed by her, yet he still talked as if he could defeat her with only the intention to. Not only has she fought against Earthly Saints, but she killed one! But for Long Tingyu's sake, she held her tongue.

"Why did you take Long Tongyu away?" She asked the most crucial question.

The Demonic Abyss Master gazed out into the violet radiance, and then he said slowly and clearly as if afraid a single syllable might be misunderstood or mistaken, "This is a part of her destiny. She's a part of something far greater than herself, born from the Lord Progenitor, the one who created us all." He paused here as if trying to gather his thoughts.

Na Xinyi didn't interrupt.

The Demonic Abyss Master faced Na Xinyi and continued, "I'll assume with your cultivation and strength, you understand the Impartation of the Heaven phenomenon that births demons. Those born this way are referred to as Original Demons. However, we—" The Demonic Abyss Master moved his right hand to gesture toward each of the demons present, "—were not born from the will of the heavens. We were born from the will of the Demonic Sovereign. We can be considered as Aberrant Demons. It's an unseemly name, but one long since decreed by the heavens as our existence."

When the Demonic Abyss Master mentioned this, Na Xinyi recalled a casual conversation she had with Wei Wuyin during their periodic meet-ups away from the public eye. He had mentioned that regardless if the Everlore Ascension Pill was created now or a billion years in the future by someone entirely ignorant of the King of Everlore's existence, if by happenstance it was made the same way using the same materials and concoction method, then it'll always be known as the Everlore Ascension Pill.

This is the same for his own products. Each Neo-Dawn Alchemical Product was the first in all of heaven's known history, at least by the Alchemic Dao's knowledge. This was also why several of the King of Everlore's products that he had 'invented' in the Everlore Starfield were not given the 'Ever' or 'Everlore' prefix.

As such, the terms 'Aberrant Demons' and 'Original Demons' were titles that were conceived at their creation and could never be changed. That said, it could be given secondary designations by societal standards. After all, certain things like 'Mana' were often referred to as World Qi or other names by the Myriad Yore Continent. This was only due to the preservation efforts by the King of Everlore, keeping it largely ignorant and forcing its inhabitants to make do with what they could.

"Aberrant Demons are beings born from the soul of an Original Demon by a process very similar to the Impartation of the Heavens. We call this process: the Impartation of the Progenitor. There are many like us throughout the vast world, but the Progenitor in question changes every time. In this cage of a world, only one Progenitor exists.

"I didn't take Gao Tingyu—her true name—from her home. She returned to her home." The Demonic Abyss Master strongly stated. The sight of those looking similar to Long Tingyu only provided evidence of that fact. They had the same progenitor! So they were of the same family!

In this way, Long Tingyu was the brother of the Demonic Abyss Master! And this so-called Demonic Sovereign? Both her Mother and Father!!

"I see." Na Xinyi didn't react too intensely. Instead, she gazed at Long Tingyu, no, Gao Tingyu. Since Long Chen no longer existed in this world, and Gao Tingyu's last encounter was sufficient to ruin all relations with him, there was no need to keep that name.

"Each of you has the racial features of a human. If you were created by this…process, what were you born from? Corpses?" Was Gao Tingyu born from the corpse of a human?

The Demonic Abyss Master, or Gao Zi, shook his head. "We were all born in much the same way as you. We are not like Original Demons that are born from a drop of water or a pebble blessed by the heavens' will, perhaps even a Solar Star; we undergo the gestation process of humans, the most compatible race with every energy and essence. The only race that can reproduce with every race."

Na Xinyi was somewhat taken aback by this answer. "But then, who are all of your mothers? Your fathers?"

Gao Tingyu's eyes grew a little sullen.

The Demonic Abyss Master's facial expression was as flat as his tone: "We are our mothers; we only have the Progenitor as our father."

The two sentences were confusing to the ears immediately. Na Xinyi couldn't understand at all.

"What in the fu-" She had the urge to demand the Demonic Abyss Master to be clearer with a direct curse, but her eyes widened in realization. Could a soul be created so easily? From nothing? Was the Progenitor a god?

NO! So…

"Oh…" Na Xinyi's eyes softened as she gazed at Gao Tingyu. She had realized that Gao Tingyu had given birth to herself, and the soul was then cleansed and transferred…

She was her own mother.

That sentence was utterly harrowing yet undeniably true. Somehow, that sounded extremely cruel.

She reached out and grabbed Gao Tingyu, bringing her into her embrace. In this world, there are individuals who often never hear certain things they should. A hardworking man might spend his entire life providing for his family and never hear the words of recognition for his sacrifices and efforts; a loving mother might never hear thanks from her successful children or their children's descendants; an obedient child might never hear that they're loved.

With a single tight hug, Na Xinyi encapsulated everything into a single sentence: "I'm happy you're here."