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Elders in black robes flocked the Advent Tower, confusion clear on their faces as they were unable to determine the cause of the disintegration of every corpse from the Ancient Sect at once.

Every disciple was pulled out of their rooms to wait outside while the elders were investigating. And once one of the elders came into my room, he immediately excused himself, "Shen Bao, I am sorry but please leave this room, we need to investigate the source of this problem," he said politely.

I don't know who this elder was but I remember seeing him at Master Rain's sermon.

"Of course," I said as I left the room entirely.

"Wait, do you perhaps have any idea why this happened?"

I shook my head, though I have some doubts I don't wish to speak about them in case I get in trouble.

"You may leave then, we'll ask the disciples a few questions before we can excuse them out of the tower," he said.

No one was allowed to leave the tower from the people who were in, and soon after, the elders came out of the rooms shaking their heads, unable to find anything worthy of note in any of the chambers.

A few elders then began asking questions to the disciples, such as, what do you remember, and what were you doing in the Ancient Sect at the moment of being pulled out?

No one could remember anything, and I was glad I didn't speak a word because I appear to be the only one who clearly remembers what I was doing and my earlier doubts were now closer to reality.

When it was my turn to be asked what I remembered I simply shook my head, "I can't remember anything I was doing."

The elders sighed and soon we were let off with the condition of reporting anything in case we remember something in the future.

It was already dark when I left the advent tower, alongside several thousand students I was jolted back in my place as I saw something I shouldn't be seeing.

The disciples, not many but a fair few of them had something latching on to them, something that looked ethereal, intangible and from the nonchalant of the many disciples here, they didn't seem to notice it.

I frowned and as I was about to approach someone to ask them, an elder in purple robes suddenly appeared right next to me.

"Shen Bao," he said, turning, I saw the elder and remembered seeing him back when Master Rain woke me up the first time from the Ancient Sect's memory lane.

I remembered being told by Xiao Feng, the patron who gave me funds to enter the Heavenly Academy, that this person was bad news, and he almost killed me without me knowing.

"I would like to have a word with you in private, it's something regarding Master Rain," he said.

"No, I'm busy," I replied instantly.

This caused the man to look aback in slight surprise.

I would have probably thought twice before straight out refusing him, that is if there wasn't a monstrous-looking creature peaking at me from behind this man's back.

This thing was the same as that ugly muck of a creature that was inside Cao Ling, and the same thing that was inside the Under-Void, it was also a larger form of the same creature latched to many of the disciples.

And I would definitely not trust a person who tried to kill me while unconscious, nor would I even dare and go in private with him especially with that creature looking pretty terrifying and drooling ethereal invisible saliva.

I did my best not to act as if I was able to see it.

"Why do you refuse? It is only a discussion, or do I look like a monster to you or something?" the elder spoke, and the moment he spoke those words, the little monstrous fuck behind his back jumped me.

By some ungodly will, I managed to not flinch or move a muscle as the creature's mouth clumped up on my body, dealing no damage or anything to me.

This caused the elder to frown.

"No matter, you can leave," he said waving me away.

Perhaps this man had some doubts that I was able to see those things. I don't fully understand why he is acting like this, perhaps he is in cahoots with that creature, or maybe being controlled by it. No matter, I need to leave this damn place.

After the elder left, the first thing I did was open the letter I was left with from Master Rain, which immediately made my face turn white from its content.

"God damn it, you old geezer!"

The old man has left for the Under Void alongside his attendant, and from the looks of things, it seems that what happened in the Ancient Sect, and what's currently going on right now is somewhat of a repetition of the past.

I remembered that there was a rumor about the calamity hitting this damn Heavenly Academy soon, and this is probably what's happening right now.

I managed to leave the Ancient Sect's memory lane not because I was ejected by the Sect Master, no, it was because my actions in the Memory Lane had somehow affected the calamity. My action caused the masked man to die, and since I wasn't present in the past, he probably survived and caused the calamity to happen.

And now, Master Rain is going there, and he doesn't know this. Though I trust his ability, I don't think he'll be able to handle what's in there. Not that I can even help, but he needs to be warned, messing with the remains of the Imperial Sect is a damn death sentence, and from the looks of things currently happening in the Heavenly Academy, the calamity had started once again.

First things first, I'll need to head to Liang Yu, she's probably unaware of the current situation. Those things consume the host's ability to cultivate and steal their knowledge and slowly suck the life out of them, if she is infected I'll need to manage it quickly. But mostly I need to do it in a way that won't expose me. I just hope that she is safe.

I headed out through the gate and back to the lower areas where the Disciples resided.

Liang Yu should be in her cultivation cave right now. So I hurried to get there.

On my way, I noticed that many students were afflicted with the same creature, which caused me more worry.

How long has this thing been here, god damn it, and why is no one able to see it?

Arriving at her house I knocked and waited for her to open up. Which took moments but for me felt like an eternity.

God damn it, Shen Bao, why are you acting up, just calm down, nothing probably happened you're just overthinking.

Suddenly the door opened and I was face to face with the smiling Liang Yu who seemed far too lightly covered, "What a pleasant surprise, but aren't you afraid of rumors, I mean visiting a girl in the middle of the night is not really something anyone with good intentions does," she spoke teasing.

I was too focused on looking around her to actually hear what she said, which caused her to pout a bit.

"Oh, sorry, I came to check up on you, something ugly is happening right now," I said.

She frowned and asked, "What's going on, you're scaring me." She said.

I looked around and then entered her home.

I set up a small formation around us to block divine sense and sound then spoke, "The calamity is hitting the heavenly sect, as we're speaking," I said.

This caused her eyes to widen in shock.

"And I think I have a way to stop it…"

"Wait, wait, wait, what do you mean the calamity, as in the same thing the disciples' experience in the tower?" she asked.

I nodded up and down then began explaining.

My words seemed to confuse her more and more I spoke, but she didn't stop me even once.

And after telling her the whole tale of the Ancient Sect, she remained quiet for a long time and then said, "If it was someone else I wouldn't have believed him, and to be honest I would still have some doubts about you even if the words spoken came out of your mouth, however, you dropped a name that had me believe you," she said.

"What name?" I asked.

"The Sect Master of the ancient sect, his title, the Golden Titan, that isn't something known to everyone, especially since everyone forgets whatever they learn from the tower, that name came in very few passages, and I was told that name by my teacher since he himself was an avid fan of the Golden Titan," she said.

Her words are probably true, since her master, Old man Gin was the one who gave me a copy of the Fist of Roaring Ki, which was art made by the Golden Titan himself.

"So with that, I'm sure you're speaking true, but the problem is, and I'm not doubting your ability, what can you really do when you go to the under void considering you even have the ability to go there?"

"I can stop whatever is in there, I've seen the seals on the Jade Circlet of the Creedless," I said.

"Don't speak that name! ever!" she said

"Why, do you know him?" I asked.

"It's not one person, the Creedless is a title given to the worst of the Imperial Clan's executioners, they're nothing but mad butchers, don't speak that name unless you want to die," she said.

"I'm not sure about what you're saying, but isn't the imperial sect, like, long since dead?" I asked.

"They perished, but they still have many acolytes and followers that wish to revive the Imperial Clan, and you have a grudge against one of their acolytes," she said.

"Me a grudge?" I thought for a moment then said, "Ah… the Fire King."

"Yes, not many know this, but he too is an Imperial, though diluted of blood, he is the descendant of a bastard child of the old imperial clan, but he still has imperial blood in him. and one of the Creedless is currently serving him," she said.

"God damn it, this is getting complicated, anyway, I can't have Master Rain opening the gate to that thing, because if even a small portion of what I have seen had truly did happen, then the Golden Titan is currently trapped inside the Under Void's prison, I don't know if he is alive or dead, but what I do know is, since those creatures are currently here, that means their Broodmother, or their queen or king, or whatever that disgusting thing that's been trapped there is definitely still alive. And I can take it out," I said.

"Let me join you," she said.

I adamantly shook my head, "No, you'll have to sit this one out, I only have one way to go there, and it's a single-person ride," I said. "It's not that I don't trust your ability, but I'll never forgive myself if something were to happen to you since even I am not sure of my own survival," I said.

"You're being arrogant thinking that you can handle the Golden Titan," she said. she was pissed.

"I know I can't, and there is a good possibility that the Golden Titan is dead, but the creature is alive that's for sure, and I can manage it," I said.

She couldn't reply, for some reason, she felt left out and was angry.

"Go, do whatever you want, just don't die," she said then turned to leave.

I sighed and said, "Don't leave this house and don't let anyone in," I said I walked out of the sound formation and to the door.

"I won't die, so don't worry," I said then took a step forward, crossing a vast distance in a single Ancient Step.