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I needed to first make sure of something before I head to the Under Void, it was simple and brilliant at the same time. When I was in that world, I was able to come back with my memories intact, meaning that I was fully capable of using that knowledge to my advantage and I have a pretty damn compelling reason to head to where I'm heading right now instead of going out to the outer space.

It was to get a resource that was so precious that it could cause an endless war to burst.

The Stone Aged Milk.

Though it should be close to impossible to find it still there since so much time had passed before the Ancient Sect perished, if by some stroke of good fortune, that place was still there, and untouched, there could still be some of that Stone Aged Milk.

Even a couple of drops would be more than beneficial to me.

My speed kept increasing as I crossed vast distances with every step, though I could use my hoverboard to get there faster, the Saint Qi signature it would release would probably get me exposed if someone was close.

My own Qi however was different and wasn't easy to detect, so I would be slower but safer.

After half a day of travel, I finally arrived at the same open area that the Ancient-Sect sect Master had shown me. And it was pretty different than I remembered.

Some of the mountains that were once there no longer existed and some new hills had grown out. But the open field was still there, simple and plain, full of casual and normal weed, and didn't give off any aura of specialness to cause anyone to even bother looking twice at this boring-looking place.

I scanned it thoroughly with my divine sense as soon as I got down and in a matter of moments I found what I was looking for, it was a small unturned stone that was too plane to even be considered of any value.

It was a simple rock, that I picked up, and to my pleasure, the formation that was covering the entirety of this place lit up like fireworks in a dark night.

The opening to the cave inside was soon revealed and I was able to enter it without a hitch.

My heart raced with every step I took, hoping that even a single drop was still there.

And once I arrived to the depth of the cave and where the stalactite that dripped the Stone Aged Milk was, I was completely and utterly shocked.

There wasn't a drop there, no, the whole damn hole was full to the brim with that rich-looking milky substance.

There was enough here to have a literal dip inside it.

Since only the Sect Master knew of this place, and after his passing or capture in the Under Void, no one else had come here to collect the Stone Aged Milk, and it gathered here into a small pool.

I pulled out a small gourd and filled it with the substance, then I called the Automaton from my Lord of Lords pagoda.

The puppet showed up in front of me and bowed.

"Get all of this stone-aged milk into the pagoda, place it within the garden," I said.

The puppet nodded and opened a small portal that sucked in the entirety of the liquid.

The puppet went back into the pagoda and I followed after.

Since there was time dilation here, drinking the Stone Aged Milk will not take much of my time if I were to fall unconscious.

And thus I went into the main pagoda building and took off my clothes, then drank the substance.

The removal of clothes was for a very good reason.

The liquid went down my throat as if it was the nectar of gods, and suddenly heat began surging from inside me and into every limb and fiber of my body.

The pain of having all of my muscle mass and bones destroyed and reconstructed was all too familiar so I didn't faint but it was still painful as hell.

Yet what I didn't expect was the fact that the hole I had in my right eye seemed to also be affected by the milk, and with it able to reconstruct the whole body, my sky pearl was immediately ejected out as a new eyeball was being rebuilt from scratch, and my god was that painful.

Blood poured out of that opening as it was used as a conduit to rebuild a literal eyeball from scratch causing so much discomfort and agony that I regretted even drinking this damn thing.

Thankfully, it didn't last for a long while and my body began regaining its composure.

An hour or so later, my body was fully rebuilt, and I ken what was going to happen soon.

My stomach rumbled as a surging tide of vomit came out of my mouth painting half of the room I was in dark slimy scum and sludge that was too smelly that even a sewage dweller would have to close their nose from the stench.

The impurities from all the poison eating I had done with my real body were far more concentrated than in the body of Ling Cao, so the stench and the volume were on a whole other level.

And soon after the vomiting fit was over, I ordered the automaton to clean up while I dipped myself in cold water and washed up.

I wore my clothes once again, thankfully I didn't have them on when I drank the liquid, they were a tight fit, and the sudden growth of muscles from the Stone Aged milk would have destroyed the clothes, but now that my muscles returned to their former size, although slightly more inflated and more chiseled I was able to wear my robes without wearing them, and they looked far better now that they're tightly hugging my body.

My skin's pale color didn't seem to change, but it looked slightly better, more glistening, though it had a sickly pale look, the sheen from the Stone Aged Milk somewhat gave me a look of nobility if that even made any sense.

And looking at a mirror I was surprised to see that each of my eyes had a different color.

One of them was the color of the Poison God's Book, a flamboyant green, while the other was the color of the sky, a blue crystal clear color, almost the same as the sky pearl, only far more... beautiful for the lack of any other term.

Clenching my fist caused me to smile, as the sound of thunder seemed to come out of my joints. This meant that this body had reached the peak of what is humanly possible and is more than capable of Body Cultivation, though I'm not a fan of muscle building or becoming bulked up. The greatest weakness of Poison Cultivators is their own body, since usually, they are all very weak in combat prows, but extremely deadly when it comes to using poison.

I on the other hand am able to use poison cultivation, and the power of the Golden Titan's manual, the Fist of Roaring Ki to its utmost ability for my current cultivation level.

I seem to have also reached the bottleneck of Soul Formation and I'm at the cusp of climbing to the next rank. But it would be too risky to attempt and galvanize my cultivation right now to climb since I still have a long journey to take. I wouldn't want to go to the Under Void after going through a Heavenly Tribulation.

I headed to the third level of the pagoda, where the white room was, and began amassing massive amounts of ammo and weaponry. Since nice I have Y back, I'll need to do some maintenance on him and arm up for the upcoming venture.