Panic struck the heart of Servant Mao like thunder. How is this happening he thought?

The man he was sure was nothing but a random unfortunate acolyte who had a background that was steeper than Mount Tai.

Not only was he related to Master Rain enough for that lone and estranged eccentric person to come all the way to the base of his most hated foe to save him. Even the Prince of the Wind Realm was enraged by the mere fact that such a stupid and lowlife acolyte was hurt.

Her ladyship called him a Low-Birth, and it was obvious, he didn't have any talent root. And was nothing but a walking sac of poison. After all, no one knows of this man's body better than Servant Mao since he spent years testing and probing his body with all kinds of tools.

He did have an interesting body construction, his muscles and veins were pretty sturdy for someone below the ascendant realm, but it was nothing too impressive. After all, only when the body reaches the Ascendant Stage can it fully elevate itself from the shackles of mortality.

As for the Poison arts on him, they were scarce. Nothing too useful even, many of the acolytes that Servant Mao had hunted had various tattoos or spells cast on their bodies to protect them in case of capture, it was a pain to deal with, but this person had none, even to the point that Servant Mao thought him to be nothing but a novice at the art of the Poison God.

Still, what the hell is going on?

How come a man is able to consume a King Class cultivation pill when he was not even an ascendant, not to mention being a Saint Class cultivator?

That is nothing but pure madness, the willpower it takes to absorb such Qi is nothing short of godly. Not to mention how much damage his soul should take if anyone were to ingest such evil Qi.

Yet, for some reason, he never seemed to care or worry about the potency or vileness of such a Corpse Pill.

No, in fact for a moment it seemed that the eyes of this filthy Poison God follower had changed, they changed from the confident and arrogant eyes of a cultivator to those of a meek weakling for a moment, then soon changed back.

How come this is possible? No in a sense, how is he even sane? After five years of constant pain and torture, even the Soul Sealing Stakes didn't do their job in restricting his soul. He was still moving about as if nothing had happened to him.

Still, he couldn't be a sane man, because who in their mind would ever dare utter the words 'Fuck Off to the heavens and not even care or break a sweat. Someone not even afraid of Heavenly Punishment it is.

For a second Servant, Mao had hope that this stupid idiotic man had ended all of his worries because cursing the heavens it is nothing but sealing a person's fate to eternal suffering

Heavens are proud and they give as much as they take. They never forget or forgive. So he will die here and now since he cursed the Heavens.

Yet. Against servant Mao's hope, the thundering skies seemed to calm then recede as if they truly were not interested in sending down divine punishment against such a blasphemer.

Not only that even Master Rain seemed to laugh heartily as if he had expected such an outcome. What is this person?

What kind of secrets is this man holding?

Yet, that's not the most important thing here, the most important thing is for them to escape.

Even if he had to die, Servant Mao had to help lady Xuan Su escape, even at the cost of his own life. Though her family is supportive to the Wind Realm, the fact that their actions had harmed the friendship between lord Zhang Tian and this accursed person will have catastrophic repercussions.

It wouldn't have mattered if it was even a powerful person with great connections, the problem was that this man, unknown and without any solid background was able to assist Lord Zhang Tian once, and that was enough to cause this man to go in an enraged mood, the man who wouldn't bat an eye if the Heavens and Earth were to switch positions, is now in a mood that could spill nothing but doom.

They needed to escape, now that everyone is still confused. They'll have to escape to the Xuan clan's main planet. Erect the protective formation then pay a tribute to defuse the situation. Though it will cause enormous damage to the Xuan Clan, it is better than having him and the daughter of the Xuan clan die here due to an enraged prince.

Just as the thought of escaping crossed Servant Mao's head.

That wretched person spoke.

"Now, you can't be thinking that I've forgotten about you now?"


Just as I finished my words, Servant Mao's energy seemed to bolster up to incredible heights.

"Oh, burning his Blood Essence," Master Rain said lazily.

I tilted my head, is this man stupid enough to actually try something like attacking me?

Yet against my expectations, he didn't burn his blood essence in order to attack, but he immediately teleported toward that whore on the ground, grabbed her, and flew like a lightning bolt toward the palace exit.

In his way was Master Rain who seemed to stretch his hand in an attempt to grab him, yet I saw something interesting Master Rain grinned and then removed his hand allowing the man to escape.

Even Servant Mao was surprised but he didn't have time to be surprised. He even burnt more of his own Blood Essence to increase his speed in escaping.

I cracked my neck, "Man being in the same position for years is bad for one's bones," I said as I turned to the rest of the people in the hall.

"Seems like I intruded on an important event," I said.

Zhang Tian, the man who seemed to have power capable of turning -Literally- a world upside down. Approached me and grabbed my shoulders.

His body trembling as he spoke, "I've been a negligent older brother," he said.

Well, this is awkward...

"With all of this power and might, status and riches, I was still unable to do anything for the person who saved my life and changed my mindset. I'm undeserving of having you as a brother," he said.

"Don't sweat the small stuff," I said then turned my head to the side, "Seems that a lot of people are here, what's going on? They're wearing different attires..." I said.

"Ah, it's my birthday," he said.

"Oh, then happy birthday," I said then began rummaging through my Poison Book's internal storage.

I grabbed a bottle and handed it to the prince, "What is this?" asked Zhang Tian.

"It's a small birthday gift," I said.

Then I heard someone speaking in the room, "Hah, with all due respect to Lord Zhang Tian's friendship, how could a low-birth have anything that could have anything of value to the eyes of the Royal Family, whatever you present the lord would be nothing but an embarrassment and awkwardness towards him because he'll have to accept a lowly gift from a lowly person."

Looking at the man who spoke, he seemed to be confident in his words, since he was adorned in treasures of metal I'd never seen or heard of before. Not to mention that his mere servants were of a cultivation class that I couldn't even see through.

"Oh, you're giving him that," Master Rain said as he rubbed his beard. "I thought you said you didn't have more," he grinned.

"Well, that's the last of it, honestly it really is the last of it," I said shrugging.

Zhang Tian grabbed the bottle and was about to place it inside his pouch. But Master Rain grinned once more, "Kid, you better be thankful to your younger sworn brother," he said, "I can promise you that what he had given you is far more valuable than anything you've been given," he said.

Everyone in the room was now interested because even the elusive Master Rain spoke highly of it. Not even Zhang Tian who wanted to hide away the gift fearing it will cause ridicule to Shen Bao could do anything but open it.

And just as he opened it, a heavenly scent permeated the area.

The scent was not something many knew, but for the people who were able to recognize it, most of them stood up in shock.

"H-how?! How can you even have something like that!" one spoke.

Even Zhang Tian was shocked at the treasure in his hand and said, "I cannot accept this, it's too much of a good gift to take, shouldn't you take it? it should help you."

I shook my head, "I already took a bath in it, enough that my body is saturated, the rest of it I handed it over to close ones. That's the last of it. Also if you all think greedy thoughts as to try and extract information from where I have gotten it, you better forget about that," I said "It's already gone," I said.

Zhang Tian tightened his hand on the bottle and since my words were spoken he seemed to have remembered the fact that Servant Mao had escaped.

"By the way Master Rain, I've yet to settle the grudge between us," Zhang Tian said, "Not only did you imprison me for a thousand years, you even let that bastard who harmed my sworn brother to escape," he said.

"Oh, the first accusation was your own doing, you took from me something you shouldn't have, as for the second one if I were to grab him, I'll probably have to deal with that old hag because it's her prey," he said.

Zhang Tian frowned, does Master Rain knows no fear, calling the Queen an old hag? But what does he mean by her prey?

"Since you're all wondering, a few years ago, for helping you escape, that old woman gave this brat her true name, calling upon it thrice to help. Yet that stupid servant, instead of verifying the Name Vow and who the owner of it was, sealed Shen Bao's words and soul with the Soul Sealing Stakes. So how do you think your dear mother will feel when she had given her words to assist someone, but she couldn't?" Master Rain shrugged and then said, "Oh, should be about time," then he placed his hands on his ears.

The moment he did that, I immediately slapped both hands on my ears and used all my divine sense to block anything from piercing through my ears.

I took a glance at master rain and saw him grinning gleefully at the fact that I acted immediately.

Then a sound of a scream, more like the roar of a dragon that shouted right next to my ears sounded through the palace.

It had enough force that many of the people around us fainted frothing at the mouth. Then the ground of the palace began shaking and shuddering even against Master Rain's protective formation it still shook.

I feared for the innocent people outside since such a loud scream was bound to indiscriminately harm everyone mortals and immortals included. Yet thanks to the formation that seemed to stop vibration which includes sound, nothing of the sort happened.

Suddenly, the wall in front of me broke as a person slid through the ground cratering it all the way until that person reached Master Rain's foot.

Master rain got his face closer to that person, who seemed to be the Wind King, he then said, "Is it that time of the month for her?" Master Rain said.

"Thankfully it's not, otherwise I'd be dead," The Wind King said. "She is angry, I suggest we all step away from her path," he said.